Is it difficult to be a husband like this? (2)

Every time the male’s genitals, which had only primitive instincts, rubbed and poked the tender flesh, honey flowed from the red-colored entrance.
Still cramped inside, she crumbled helplessly under the tyranny of a violent intruder but did not intend to escape.

On the contrary, it has become hotter and more tightly attached as if it is trying to bring the angry pen*s closer inside.

Contrary to the words of resistance, she is very greedy.
Edmond sighed with courage at his insatiable wife’s eagerness as if she didn’t want to miss the savior of pleasure.

“How can I not punish you for lying like this as soon as you praise me for being so honest.”

“Oh, my god!”

Edmond, who held Ezet’s waist with both hands, raised her scream as she lifted powerfully.

The man’s hand passed through a slim waist with a large hand mark and held it as if it were supporting the lower part of his voluminous chest, and rubbed the cutting edge with his fingertips.
When I rubbed the upright red papilla slowly with the belly of my finger, my slender body cramped.

Ezet loved the caress over the nipple, but she also loved the touch over the tip of the nipple.

Especially when he hugs her backward, she can’t see Edmond’s face, so she wants to put their whole bodies together so that she can feel him with her entire self.

Does she know that it is unbearably lovely?

“You don’t know, do you?”

“Hm, yeah……! Ed……!”

Ezet called Edmond’s name with a tongue-twitching pronunciation even when her mind was blurred from being eaten with pleasure.

That look is also insanely lovely.

“Yes, Ezet, this Edmond.”

“Ah, Ed…… Ed, Mond……”

“Yes, Edmond Jaxen.
He’s the only man who can satisfy you.”

And he’s the only husband.

As he swallowed the last breath inside, Edmond shook his back roughly and shoved.
The woman’s body, sitting on her husband’s body, bounced up and down like a ball.

As the thighs soaked in body fluid slid, and the body leaned forward, the thick pen*s gently bent and dug deep using the drooling liquid as a lubricant.

As his round glans pressed against the erogenous zone at the back of her cervix, Ezet’s eyes widened, and her mouth opened.


The emotion that humans feel when the waves of pleasure swallow them is fear, not joy.
As if she had forgotten to speak out, Ezet opened her mouth wide and shuddered and fainted.

“Oh, my… ”

Her skin tightened to see if it was completely black.

This is why he can’t take it out.
He could pull it out if he wanted to, but he thought he’d leave a scar on her delicate skin.

“So I gave a warning.”

Edmond carefully hugged Ezet and lay in bed.
The connected genitals were still wet with moist sorrow.

He’s fine with himself, but Ezet will have a hard time getting up tomorrow.
Edmond laughed with a low voice as his heart tickled again at the thought of his wife, who would be embarrassed as soon as she woke up.

“I can’t help it, Ezet; it’s the punishment that bothered me.”

Who really bothered who? Ezet, who fainted, could not protest her husband’s brazen remarks.

Edmond gently hugged his petite, cowering wife and covered her with a blanket.
Whenever she inhaled, he could feel the regular beating of her heart as she leaned her cheek against his shoulder, which was going up and down lightly.
Despite such harsh punishment, Ezet’s sleeping appearance was calm and warm.

He felt like he could sleep well tonight.

Ezet opened her eyes with a feeling of numbness in her lower abdomen.
The bright sunlight from the window was dazzling because she fell asleep without closing the blackout curtain.

She thought she’d wake up in the afternoon, but seeing that the sun was still east, the time seemed to be in the morning.
Her body was heavy; she wanted to fall asleep again, but she thought she wouldn’t be able to wake up again before the sun set if she did, so now she moved her heavy eyelids to drive away from her sleep.

Blink blink.
She closed her eyes a few times, and then she opened her eyes a little bit, and Ezet yawned loudly and pulled herself up.

No, she was trying to get up.


She flopped back on the bed with a dizzy feeling as if her bottom was being sucked out of her.
Her husband’s presence between her legs embarrassed Ezet and moved away from her sleep.

“This, this, this, this…”

Last night’s memory was interrupted by Edmond’s frantic affliction.
She thought her husband was sleeping with her after cleaning up after having sex as usual.

But she didn’t expect him to fall asleep with it inserted.

“Oops, ……”

As if her legs were bruised, Ezet frowned and stroked her lower abdomen.
The dull feeling filled her stomach, and she felt numb.

Ezet turned her head and looked at Edmond, who was asleep.
He seemed to be still sleeping.

‘This, this, we’re gonna have to get it out…’

If she had woken Edmond up, he would have embarrassed her with this embarrassing experience.
He might run the second round in the morning, saying, ‘Maybe it will hurt if I just take it out, so I should get wet again.’

Ezet moved her waist quietly and very slowly so that Edmond would not wake up.


With one thigh lifted, the bottom of the abdomen became sour, and the hard pen*s began to escape little by little.

Liquid began to seep out of the connected genit*ls little by little, whether it was a defense mechanism for the body that was swept away by thick and stiff genit*ls, or if it was felt again by the touch that grazed.

Ezet closed her eyes tightly and moved her waist, thinking that she had to take it out carefully so that her husband wouldn’t wake up, enduring pain and strangeness.

Rather than just sticking out her back, it was easier to pull it out by turning her back, inserting it shallowly, and repeatedly lifting it up again.

“Ha, ah… ”

It took more concentration than she thought to pull Edmond out by just moving her back out of the position she was lying on his side in order not to wake him up.
By the time his shaft had almost escaped and hung at the entrance of the earbuds, sweat had formed on Ezet’s forehead.

‘Just a little more…’

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