My Sister Gave Her Husband to Me and Ran Away

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After an extended visit to her mother’s home to attend her grandmother’s funeral, Erit cried, lying down on a long sofa.

“Liberation, liberation! I’m not going home anymore!”

“What do you mean liberation? Erit, did you fight with brother-in-law?” 

“Will he fight with me?” 

“Then what’s the matter?” 

Ezet’s older sister, Erit, got married three years ago.
The person is a very handsome man who is two years older than her.
He was a man who became a mercenary and threatened the northern border as a heavenly orphan and became the adopted son of the Duke of Jaxen, who had no descendants and inherited all his titles and properties.

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He didn’t have parents to hand him the golden spoon, but since he created a meteorite spoon for himself by picking the stars, he became the winner of life by the golden rule. 

The reason why the new Duke of Jaxen, who is the epitome of a self-made man whose knees are split under the pressure of his stomach, married Erit, the eldest daughter of Viscount Herit whose only valuable possession was his title, was simple. 

Because of the strict laws of the Empire, the heir to a noble family above the count could not inherit the title unless they were married. 

Perhaps the law was enacted because people were worried that the noble family would collapse without an heir.
But it became meaningless when the deceased Duke of Jaxsen adopted his heir. 

Anyway, the new Duke of Jaxen, born as an orphan without ties and inherited the title as an adopted son, had a weak base of support.
The vassals were wary that the new Duke of Jaxen would be swayed over by his wife and issued an announcement to recruit an extraordinary bride. 

The wife’s family could not exercise any authority over the work of the Duke of Jaxen, could not visit the properties of the Jaxen family, could not visit her family, could not meet her family, except for the severe circumstances of the family, and could not divorce. 

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The first step was to cut off meetings with people. 

They’ll recruit a bride, take her organs, grind her bones into stars, and make them into constellations, and the nobles couldn’t send their daughters to this seemingly suspicious recruitment announcement. 

Erit married a duke because she was fickle and reckless, unwilling to think. 

No physical, verbal, mental violence, or abuse. No restriction shall be placed on the support of living expenses, cladding expenses, education expenses, and medical expenses. Ensure sufficient rest and leisure time.

Erit offered three conditions, and the Duke of Jaxen called.
When the deal between the two was made, things went smoothly. 

Erit shouted goodbye to Ezet and her grandmother and married the Duke of Jaxen. 

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Because her son and daughter-in-law passed, her grandmother Viscountess Herit, who had a hard time raising Erit and Ezet, was stigmatized for selling her granddaughters. 

Whenever aristocrats point their fingers at her and say things, such as “Money will do everything,” or, “An old woman will ruin her granddaughter’s life,” Ezet wanted to break their fingers in the opposite way.
Still, it was only possible in her imagination. 

Ezet’s grandmother could not properly refute the pouring criticism and lay down with stress gastritis, and eventually died in three years.
Her older sister, Erit, married, and their grandmother passed away.

However, without mourning her lonely situation, she heard that her older sister, who returned to her family home for the first time in 3 years, said, ‘I’m going to run away.’ 

Are your parents-in-law bothering you?” 

“My parents-in-law are dead, and my relatives aren’t around, so who’s going to bother me?” 

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“What’s the problem if it’s not your husband or your in-laws? Are you uncomfortable with your life? Is he trying to stop you from spending money? “ 

“It’s been a long time since I’ve lost my sense of economy because I’ve had enough money to rot.
Do you want this red diamond necklace?” 

Erit loosened her necklace and handed it to Ezet as if she was handing over a used ink bottle.
Ezet hardened her impression as she glanced at the brilliant red diamond necklace, which looked heavy at first glance. 

Do you have any mental problems?” 

“The correct answer.” 


“I think I’m going to be a psychopath.
I can’t live in that mansion.”

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