as not intended to block the man’s touch trying to dig into the private area but to capture the exhilaration of the subtle feeling blooming between her legs.

‘It’s weird.
My body, what’s going on…!’

Edmond remained calm when he saw Ezet shaking her waist against his thighs.
He pulled her black garter belt slightly.

When the elastic belt was pulled and hit the thigh with a clapping sound, a high-pitched ring broke out.

Her whole body felt like it got an electric shock.

“Spread your legs, Milady.”

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“It’s more efficient for me to help you than for Milady to do it alone.”

Edmond rubbed between the Ezet’s legs.
Contrary to the explicit touch of desire, Ezet was stunned by the way he seemed to volunteer.

Edmond’s patience was gradually limiting.
However, having already experienced a short peak and half-done by pleasure, Ezet did not notice the wild beast that was determined under Edmond’s comfortable mask.

“Is it your preference to force it open?”

As soon as the man’s hand clasped her thigh with force, Ezet unknowingly spread her legs.
Edmond, smiling at Ezet, embarrassed by why she spread her legs, swept her knees round with his palm.


“You don’t have to be nervous.
It doesn’t hurt.”

“That, that’s not it…….”

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“Oh, maybe it’s your preference to be sore.
Seeing you happy even after being slapped in the butt.”



The man’s hand held Ezet’s thin ankle as if a cat was picking up the prey.
When he grabbed both ankles and lifted them, her butt was lifted, revealing her vagina, which was soaked with her liquid.

Round droplets flowing through the butt were caught on the string of the garter belt, distorting the shape of the width, and swallowed through the string.

Edmond stuck out his tongue and licked it slightly.
Her butt also flinched and shook as his moist tongue crept up in a circle.

“But you’re still saying no.”


Ezet was forced to cry with her face dyed red.
She couldn’t figure out why she was so ashamed of herself.
And why her body is reacting like this.
Edmond’s maddening gaze as if he were observing her secrets, but a dizzying tension rose from the vagina where his gaze fell.

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