Is it difficult to be a husband like this? (1)

It was dark tonight because clouds covered the moon.

The only thing that illuminates the spacious bedroom is a small sleeping lamp at its feet.

Nevertheless, Ezet could not come to her senses because of the flash of light in front of her.
It was as if a bolt of lightning struck her body.

“Ed! Now, wait! Wait…”

“No, I can’t wait.”

“Ugh! No…”

When he grabbed his wife’s waist, trying to run away, and pulled her down, the man’s genital*a, which was hanging at the entrance, penetrated the cramped inside.
Ezet shook her head and tried to push Edmond away with a chilling sensation piercing through the bottom.

However, the body of a hard man has become more entangled as he pushes it away.
Exhaling a heavy breath, the connected genital*a made a thud whenever Edmond crushed her back, and the intervertebral fluid splattered.
The excited male coveted the woman’s flesh as if to eat her.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Ezet’s scream broke short, and her head went back.
It was as hot as fire in her throat.
Ezet gasped with her mouth open.
She was so thirsty that her tongue felt prickly.

She wanted to breathe out loud as if she were throwing up the heat, but it didn’t even go as she wished it to because Edmond was holding her body.

The man’s arms were so wide that Ezet couldn’t see the scenery outside even if she tilted her head.

If it weren’t for the cluttered bed sheets and the floundering thin arms and legs, one wouldn’t even notice that there was someone under the broad back of a man full of nail marks.

“Yeah, Ed! Please, let go… ”

“I can’t let you go.
You’re the one who ignored my warning.”

Ezet said Edmond had been obsessed with satisfying her without inserting it these days.
She probably thought, ‘He’s become more patient than he used to be.’

But that’s the wrong idea.

It was the opposite.

Edmond’s patience began to wear off.

It’s not that he didn’t have sex because he could tolerate his desires.

He didn’t have sex because he couldn’t stand his desire.

He used to be able to protect himself.
He could control his desire when he saw his wife, who was committed to him and was sobbing wildly.
When Ezet felt satisfied and fell asleep, Edmond could only beg and stop once.
He was able to control himself.

But it became harder and harder to bear.
No matter how delicious a dish is, one gets tired of eating it every day, and no matter how wonderful the scenery is, one is not impressed by it, but the more he hugs his wife, the more lovely she becomes.

He’s cherishing it because he knows that she might get hurt if he commits it greedily, but he’s getting so impatient that he can’t control himself.
So he avoided insertion sex as much as he could.

The hands and mouth were enough to make Ezet feel good.
Ezet was satisfied just by hugging and stroking her whole body and kissing her.

Looking at her face, which culminates in pleasure, and is happily asleep.

That was the last line Edmond could persevere with.

But today, she shook his mind saying that she wanted to have sex all day long, so she lit up his body to make him feel good enough and sleep.

If he moves himself, he can control it, but the wife who rides on top of me and shakes her hips is insanely sexy.
Every time the soft skin covered his pen*s and rubbed it, he felt faint in front of his eyes.

Edmond lost his cool.

Even if someone tries to break in and stab him in the neck at this moment, it’s hard to defend.

So he was angry.

“Did you do this knowing what would happen if I was distracted by desire? Huh?”

Edmond, who was putting his teeth on his wife’s slender neck like a beast trying to cut the captive bird’s breath, looked up.
Even though he held his wife’s shoulder with one arm and supported her body with only the other, the man’s upper body was very stable.

Unlike his gentlemanly upper body, his lower body was moving shamelessly.

“Oh, no…”

Ezet’s white neck, sobbing and shaking her head in a wet voice, was full of red marks.
Every time she breathed out loudly, her slender waist bent round, and her coveted breast shook.
Edmond felt his blood rushing down again when the red cutting edge, which rose sharply, shook up and down.

“Ouch! It’s so, so deep…”

“Don’t be so harsh.
Because I didn’t even put it in until the end.”

“Ugh! You’re so mean…”

“Who’s too much to say? You’re the wife who did the most.”

As if admonishing the wrong child, Edmond looked with his eyes at his wife’s body, which was swaying like wild grass.

Ezet, who was unable to distinguish his vision due to the overflowing pleasure, could not see the eyes of an animal that had been driven by desire.

There was no reason or morality left in the rutting beast.
An obscene sound came from the lower body, entangled like a snake in the fruit of greed.


Would this be the same as the sound of wild animals who do not know table manners chewing and swallowing their prey?

The starvation in Edmond only added to the woeful wife’s pleas.

He raised his upper body after biting and swallowing a low sleeper to buy a molar.
Suddenly, the angle poking inside changed, and a scream burst out from Ezet’s lips.

“Ah! Ed! Ed! Ed! Don’t…!”

“Stop? You tell me to stop, but you tighten your walls very tightly and won’t let go.”

Edmond lifted Ezet’s waist, rolled her legs in a circle, and flipped them over.
When the pen*s of a ferocious man turned violently in the tightly sealed walls, Ezet stretched her arms and legs out in a crackling sound.

“Yeah, Ed! Please, I’m sorry! Stop…!

“What are you going to do if you don’t get punished if you say you’re wrong?”

“Well, I’ll do anything! Everything, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do! Please stop… Oh, yeah!

“If you’re going to do anything, you can keep doing what you’re doing.


Edmond lifted Ezet’s body, which had been lying on her face, to lean against her chest.
Edmond sat on the bed and shook his wife’s body, sitting on his thigh.

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