So Far, Not Once (3)

I think I know why Edmond bothered me.”

“What do you mean… Ugh.”

“It came out like this.
Now that I’m in, I feel like I’m playing a game to catch moles.”

Ezet rubbed his earbuds with his palm, caressing the pillars with her thighs.
And at that moment,



Something squishy between the thighs and hands filled and dripped down.


This time, Ezet had no choice but to panic.

Edmond was able to control the situation.
Edmond, who was associated with Ezet, always inserted only when she peaked several times and was completely defenseless.
By the time Edmund reached his peak, Ezet was almost blacking out.

So she didn’t expect him to beg for this level of stimulation.
Frustrated, Ezet could not clear her hands or move her body but wrapped around Edmond’s.

“Eh, Ed…”


Edmond, who breathed deeply, sprang up his upper body.
The wind supported Ezet, who almost fell backward.

The face was close.

Her husband’s frowning eyes were unusual.

“Stop it, I’m telling you.”

The voice was subdued, but the emotions in the way he spoke were unquenchable.
Only then did Ezet realize Edmond was angry.

Edmond, who couldn’t be relieved if he didn’t control everything, unexpectedly begged his wife’s gesture.
Edmond hated situations where he couldn’t restrain himself.

“Hey, hey, Edmond.
I’m sorry… ”

“You shouldn’t have done it if you knew you were sorry.”

“What? It’s… Oh, my God!

Edmond lifted Ezet, who was sitting on his thigh and knocked her on the bed.
His big hand suppressed her back as she tried to get up reflexively.

“Out, Ed!”

“If you like it, you don’t have to put up with it, do you?”

“You’re the first one to… Yah!”

Ezet shuddered, swallowing her breath at the touch of a violent penis rubbing against her hips.
He must have just ejacul*ted at her hand, and her husband’s penis was not dead.
Rather, it felt like he was about to ejaculate again at any moment.

“Ed, wait a minute! You just pulled it out…!”

“What did you bring out? My wife poured a lot of oil.”

“What? No way!”

“Let’s see if it makes sense or not.”

As his thick, strong pen*s rubbed against his ass, Ezet moved her waist without realizing it.

“You didn’t listen to me and shook this ass fearlessly, did you?”



Ezet screamed and shivered as his big palm hit her hip.

Every time her husband’s hawk landed on her butt, Ezet flapped like a fish on the water.

“Yes, you’re being naughty when I tell you not to touch me because you can’t stay calm for a while.”

“No! That’s what you usually do…”

“Yes, you still have the energy to make excuses, so you can be beaten more.”

“No, hah!”

When her husband’s hand, which had been pouring on her hips, came down to her thighs, Ezet was embarrassed and put her knees up.
It’s instinct to avoid hitting, but Edmond’s hand was pressing her back, so she ended up lying down and hitting her butt.

“You want me to hit you more? You haven’t gone away from a habit that you couldn’t stand being beaten.”

“No, it’s not! It’s not that… Ang!

“What do you mean no, you’re not mad at me for being soft and gentle.”

“That’s too much! I, I, for you…”

Ezet felt her peak several times, and Edmond only stroked the penis a few times because she felt sorry for trying to sleep without loosening his appetite.
It was Edmond who failed to reject it properly and showed disruption.

Edmond always came in at once when Ezet left room for him to falter.
He locked her in his arms like a beast biting the prey and shook her to the point of losing her mind.
And then Ezet did the same thing, and he got angry.

Ezet has never had a proper post-sex conversation with her lover before.
This is because she couldn’t stand the intense peak of succession and always blacked out on the way.

But she’s still at her peak today.
She has time to spare.
Edmond hasn’t released his desire yet, so she’s thinking about him.

Of course, it’s a lie if she didn’t feel bad about Edmond’s face, which is getting less relaxed after she touched it.
As much as he always did, she wanted to bother him.

But that was what Edmond wanted.
She was just trying to make Edmond feel better.

She wasn’t unconscious this time.

Ezet felt unfair.

“It’s hard to hold back! I did it for Edmond!”

“Do you know what will happen if I don’t endure it?”

“Ha, you can do it! Until your desire is relieved when you have sex… ”

“Did you say, until my desire is relieved?”

The hand, which had been pouring relentlessly on her hips and thighs, stopped, but its white skin was full of big handprints.

She was just trying to make her husband feel better, but she was humiliated.
It would have been hard not to get hurt, but it was still painful.

Ezet rubbed her lower body on the sheet because her hips were burning.

“My wife gave me permission.”

“What, what?”

“You said I could have sex until my desire was relieved, right?”


A large hand grabbed the ankle of Ezet, who had her upper body turned down, and her legs tucked to the side.
The other hand, which was pressing her back, came under her armpit and turned over.


She was lying on the bed and turned over without warning.
Like a wild beast, a sleek body came into Ezet’s legs, looking at the ceiling and spreading their legs.

“If you’re going to take it back, do it now.”

“But, what do you mean reverse…”

She didn’t expect Edmond to be this angry, but she did want to release his desire anyway.
Even after touching her hand and making him ejacul*te, if she sees that the ferocious phall*s still show no sign of calming, it might be satisfied with the proper insertion.

This was unexpected, but she was going to have sex with Edmond from the beginning.
Ezet exhaled lightly and extended her arms to Edmond.

“I don’t take turns.
It’s my side who asked you to have sex first.”

“I made it clear.”

Why does he keep bluffing when he just has to do it?

Ezet got a little emotional and put her nails on Edmond’s shoulder.
She’ll cry and beg until she faints anyway.
Getting up in the morning will be difficult, but that’s within expectations.

“We’re supposed to feel good together.
Edmond has been patient these days, so I wanted to let him do whatever he wants.”

“Did you say these days?”

Edmond’s upper body tilted over Ezet as he stepped on his elbow to raise his upper body.
Face-to-face with Edmond in a tangled position, Ezet shrugged her shoulders.

“I have never been able to satisfy my cravings.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Since the first night, I’ve spent with you, not once.”

Her husband’s red eyes shone dangerously.

(Continued in volume 5 of the Undercover Infiltration Duchess)

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