So Far, Not Once (1)

“Uh, Ed, slow down…”

Ezet breathed out a short breath, huffing with her face buried on the pillow.
It was frustrating that a fluffy pillow covered her cheek, but she felt ashamed words would come out when she lifted her head.

She could feel a thick pillar on her butt, so she swallowed a groan and shook her back.
There was a screeching moan in the back.
His touch became persistent as if he were getting revenge.

‘More, more…!’

He hugged her so passionately before going to sleep, but she reacts again just by taking a short break.
Perhaps there is no such thing as a reversal of pleasure.


The man gently rubbed the round bump with his thumb, rubbed it up and down between his index finger and middle finger, and when he felt pain due to severe irritation, the man’s hand was comfortable.

She is drunk with pleasure, leaving a secret place to others that is embarrassing to touch by herself.
It was a strange feeling, like a drunken dream.

“Ha, there…”

“This place?”

Edmond pressed his fingertips against the root of the clitoris, and an exclamation burst out of Ezet’s mouth.

“Hoot! Yes, I feel good…”

Gently, violently, sharply, subtly.
With the hands continuously changing and caressing, it feels like the whole body is melting moistly from between the legs.

“Are you ashamed?”

“Oh, yeah, ……”

“I’ll make you more ashamed.”

“Oh, my god!”

Every time a large hand wrapped around the entire vag*na and pressed it tightly, she could hear the sound of water filling the gap and falling.

Ezet felt joy, not shame, even though the sordid sound disturbed her ears.

“You didn’t last three minutes.
Where the hell did the woman who rejected me so much, saying it was a sin?”

“It’s all because of you!”

Edmond pulled himself up, flirting with Ezet’s words of protesting.
He laid Ezet on her side and lifted his hand that was pressing on her vag*na.

A hand large enough to cover Ezet’s face with one hand was wet with a shiny liquid that could be seen in the dimly lit bedroom.

As soon as she realized it, her cheeks flared up, and Ezet closed her eyes tightly.

“Well, put it away…”

“It’s because of you.”

In return for what Ezet had said, Edmond widened his wife’s thighs.

“You poured it out before you fell asleep, but now it looks like there’s some kind of flood.
Are you satisfied with making my hands like this?”

“Ugh! Satisfied, I can’t…”

“I’m sure you are because you are a lewd person.”

“Ah! Ah! Ah…!

The hands, which became sticky, wrapped around the thighs and spread from side to side, and the man’s head slowly went down from top to bottom of the woman’s body.
The texture of black bangs tickled the bottom of the navel, and Ezet tightened the lower abdomen to make it slimmer.

However, the next moment, she had no choice but to raise her back like a bounce.

“Ed, with your mouth… Ouch, ouch!

The clitor*s, created solely for pleasure, was vulnerable to stimuli.
When rubbed with hard hands, it makes her feel happy and happy quickly, but it has been painful when it is too stimulating.

Each time Edmond wrapped his lips around her clitoris and gently rubbed his tongue with it.
Smooth but hard skin rubs and swells quickly, but if he licks it with a moist clitor*s, it is possible to give only pleasure without pain.

“Oh, oh, oh, Ed, it’s getting weird…”

“It doesn’t get weird.
This is the right way to look.”

“Hah! I can’t… Oh!”

The two legs were limp as if they had lost their place in the air, but as the pleasure rose from the tip of her husband’s deft tongue, they gradually rose up and stretched straight.

Her cheeks were burning as if the heat of her whole body had risen to her face.
Ezet closed her eyes halfway and opened her mouth wide to exhale.
In the past, she would have bit her lips and held her breath to hold back the pleasure, but now she doesn’t have to.

It is undoubtedly disgraceful to see herself go up and down heaven alone.
But no matter how ashamed she is, Edmond never stops.
Ezet also didn’t want to stop.

The surest way to forget shame is to encroach on pleasure.
When she let go of her hesitation, she instinctively bent her back and put strength in her hips.

It’s not like anyone’s suppressing, but my toes shrank.
It’s as if Edmond sucks her body in little by little and swallows it into her mouth.

Contrary to the sensitive response of muscles and nerves all over the body to feel pleasure, the inside of the head began to loosen.

“Yeah, Ed! All right, all right!”

Boldly, as her husband sucked the bulging, chubby clitor*s from his mouth, Ezet’s sweet groans grew higher and sharper as a scream.

If someone heard it outside, they might have mistaken it as a human terminal being eaten by animals.

No, maybe she’s really being eaten.

With a shrill scream, Ezet shook her back like crazy.
Edmond didn’t let go of his wife’s hips, even though her slender back slammed the soft bedsheet, which had been bent, with a loud noise.

Inhaling all the liquid that had flowed down to the entrance, Edmond sucked in the air in his mouth as if he were swallowing all the air in his mouth with his lips wrapped around it.

“Huck… ahhh!”

Would it feel like this to be swept up by a typhoon and thrown into the sky? Ezet reached her peak in a position where both legs were raised in the air.

“You seem to be more honest than before.”

Edmond looked up, stroking Ezet’s thigh, which had been stiff and unable to scream as if his whole body had hardened.
Ezet was still unconscious and staring into the air with a blank face.

“And you still have no manners.
I can’t believe you’re leaving me alone.”

Even though the person who sent her to the sky alone talked without conscience, Ezet had no energy to refute.
He was more numb than powerless.

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