I’ll Give You Everything (7)

“Well, no way!”

“It’s a minute at the most.”

“I’ve done it before! Do you think I’m stupid?”

In the hallways of the Emperor’s palace, Edmond said, ‘Throw away everything like that to Ezet, who had to keep common sense and courtesy.’ she remembered it was less than a minute before she reached her peak on the tip of his tongue.

If Edmond is sincere, Ezet has no means of defense.

Rather than serving, it’s more accurate to say that there’s a button on Ezet’s body that reaches its peak by pressing it and that only Edmond can press it.

“Please, Edmond, I… I can’t stand it when you touch me.”

“I told you not to put up with it.”

“But I don’t like it.
Don’t do it… ”

Ezet curled up with her back turned against Edmond.
It was an expression of fear.

She’s not afraid of her husband or sex.
Sex with her husband feels good, but she’s worried she’s addicted to it.
If one is satisfied, they should stop, but they feel obscene when they wake up and put their skin back together.

Aside from the desire, it was mentally limited.
At this rate, she got scared because she thought she would become a woman like a beast who lived only by instinct.

Edmond said to abandon reason, morality, and common sense.
Yet now knows that you don’t have to meet the standards of the world.

But there was still something to be afraid of.

“Edmond, I want to be a woman who can control her desires.”

“But I heard it feels good when I touch you.”

“Yes, I mean… I can’t do it by myself, so I need Edmond’s help.”

It is said that if one feeds a dog every time the bell rings, later on, when the bell rings, even when there is no food, the dog will salivate.

Ezet thought that sex with Edmond was similar to that.

At first, she blamed Edmond for urging him to act clueless.
At the same time, she felt embarrassed while struggling with pleasure.
She thought it felt strange to touch her body all the time and speak sensual language in her ear.

But now that she’s gotten used to it, she has grown a sexual desire just to face Edmond.
Even though she wasn’t talking obscenely, her body became heated by the sensual voice that tickled her ear.

If one reads many books, there are times when the following contents are drawn in their head like panoramas just by reading the first page.
That’s precisely what it was about Edmond.

Just by facing the red eyes that look at her with passion, she feels like she wants them to overlap and covet each other.

With the addition of infinite imagination to instinctive desire, changes in oneself become uncontrollably faster.

Ezet was overwhelmed with it.

“I’m scared…”

“I see.”

As she appealed in a crawling voice, Edmond neatly said yes and covered Ezet’s body with a blanket.
Then, he cut his arm and lay on his side to widen the distance that he was close to.

It’s a lie to say that he’s not disappointed, but he got a clear answer from her.
And at times like this, he knew exactly what to do.
It was good.



She could feel Edmond’s gaze even when she had her back turned.
However, the back of the head did not sting or tickle.
Instead, it felt like something warm was covering it.

It’s like a comfortable relief.

She felt like she was hugging her husband even though she was away from him.
Ezet relaxed a little, sighed, and straightened herself.

As she turned her head, she saw Edmond looking at him with a soft face.

“Don’t you feel tired matching me?”

“Have you not guessed? I’ve always been a self-indulgent low-key, perv villain, Eromond.”

“Don’t be mean.”

Edmond chuckled as Ezet pouted and whined.

“There’s only one thing I want, Ezet.”

“What is it?”

“For you to be happy by my side.”

He loves her now and wishes her happiness but hates her when she is not with him.
He was lonely and empty.

But if she was distressed and unhappy in his arms, he was also not what Edmond wanted.

He wanted to be with the woman he loves.
He hoped she would be happy because of himself.
Sex, cuteness, pride, and recognition are secondary factors.

There’s something he wants from Ezet and something he wants to do with her, but if Ezet doesn’t want them, there’s no reason to ask for them.
Nothing exists above her happiness.

“That’s all I need.”

“Then that’s all I need, too.”


“If I can stay like this, I’m happy to be in your place.”

She doesn’t know where Erit has left, but if Erit is so fed up with the Jaxen duke, she won’t come back to this country.

Even if she comes back in the distant future, she’ll probably go in there later by washing her identity so she won’t chase herself.

Then Ezet can continue to write Erit Jaxen’s name outside.
Isn’t it quite romantic that Edmond is the only one who calls her name?

“Didn’t you say you wanted to be the real Duchess of Jaxen?”

“But realistically, there’s a lot of pressure.
After the divorce, she said she didn’t like you, and she changed her name… ”

“Oh, come to think of it, we stopped talking there that day.”

That day Edmond said the surest way was to give up his title.

But Ezet needed the status of Duchess.
She can make friends in society.

It’s not wrong to live as the wife of mercenary Edmond, but she was a little nervous about what kind of life she would live.
If possible, it was considered the best option to maintain the current state.

To do that, she thought Ezet had no choice but to act as Erit’s substitute.

“There’s one more thing I haven’t told you.
It’s so easy, to be exact, that I just put it aside.”

“What? Was there an easy way?”

“You can manipulate the marriage documents.”

…to say terrifying words without any hesitation.

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