I’ll Give You Everything (6)

“Originally, if a high-ranking person makes a mistake, the subordinates will suffer.
So, the wrong ruler should strike quickly when the buds appear.”

“Since when have you been doing that for the people?”

He was just angry at putting Ezet in danger, but Edmond, who only had a plausible justification for this, was cheeky, so Ezet glanced at him.

Edmond dodged the gaze and headed back to Ezet.
A smile spread on his face, which had seemed unpleasant all along.

“Since you’re done with your worries, shall we do something fun now?”

“Are you crazy? I’m going to bed!”

“You’re full of energy.
If you don’t warm up and force yourself to sleep, it only hurts your condition.”

“Then you can exercise.”

“Yes, I’ll help you sweat in a good mood.”

“It’s obvious what you’re doing after all, right? This Eromond!” {Tn – yes, she did just call him Eromond}

“Thank you for the wonderful nickname.
There’s no sincerity in words, so I’ll thank you with my body…”

“No! No!”

At the first touch of a pervert husband who came to the same conclusion no matter what he said, Ezet collapsed.
He just touched her slightly over his clothes, but he shivered because his touch was clearer than usual.

‘Oh, no……!’

Edmond’s touch was unduly sweet on the subject of random sex.

It was a touch that gently smoothed the skin as if it were a massage, but it was more irritating to the skin, which was sensitive from the passion and bathing.

“Oh, yeah, ….”

The full-fledged caress has yet to begin, but just by stroking the body with the cloth open, the bathrobe has already lost its ability to cover her.

Instead of covering her body, Ezet covered his face and moaned.

“Edmond, no…”

It wasn’t that she couldn’t be honest because she was shy.

But it wasn’t something she hated.

Edmond paused for a moment and looked at Ezet.
When his fumbling hand stopped, Edmond he lowered his moving hand and looked at her.
It was neither a refusal nor a yes that was in the amber eyes.
She was hesitating.

He didn’t think he’d be hated for being forced to hug.
She was excited by Edmond’s touch.

But he didn’t want to pretend he didn’t know when the seduction was still in her mind.

Ezet was easily excited and delighted when Edmond caressed her when she was vague, not agreeing or rejecting.
Perhaps because of the instability, the peak was faster and stronger than usual.
From the middle of the day, she clung to Edmond herself demanding a stronger pleasure.

However, after several climaxes, she was always angry.

Edmond didn’t want to repeat past mistakes.
Refuse or consent, he wanted to elicit a definite answer.

“So here’s the deal, Ezet.
I’m not going to put up with ten minutes.”

“What? What, what are you holding back?”

Edmond grinned as Ezet looked up nervously.
It was a dangerous smile that she hasn’t seen in a long time.

‘No way.’

Ezet’s face turned pale with fright.
Edmond gently tilted his upper body to lift his right hand in front of Ezet.

“I’ll use only one hand.
If you hold on for 10 minutes without getting excited, I’ll call it a day.”

“Ten minutes is too long!”

Edmond wasn’t too hasty in his usual.
He always took it easy on her and gave her a pat on the back a little.
Several times, she burst into tears at the subtle stimulus that didn’t only provide her what she wanted the most.
It was not until the reason was almost swallowed up by pleasure that the climax of pleasure came.

But when a bet happens, the story is different.

It was clear that Edmond would come to a head in a flash if he moved to serve her thoroughly, not to bully her.

“If ten minutes is long, how about five minutes?”

“Oh, five minutes is long…”

“Then let’s do it for three minutes.
You’ll be able to stand that much, right?”

Edmond, who folded his two fingers in front of her eyes, smiled.

Three fingers with thick joints moved.
She thought he had big hands, but even his fingers are long.
As it was about to enter her mouth, Ezet inadvertently opened her lips and tried to stick out her tongue but quickly closed her mouth.

‘What’s wrong with me?’

She inadvertently bit his finger and almost sucked it.
Ezet was red-hot even at the thought that she had done something ridiculous even to herself.

Edmond’s voice rang low at her response.
He got up a little and lay down next to her.
Then he reached out between the white legs.

“Oh, no!”

Ezet quickly covered her legs with her hands and closed her thighs tightly.
Edmond smiled as if he was dumbfounded when he saw Ezet shaking her head desperately.

“Can’t you stand three minutes?”

“Ugh… ”

She could have put up with it in the past.
At some other time, maybe she could have lasted three minutes.

But now, she’s already feeling the need after she felt like she wanted to overlap her body with her husband’s muscular body and hot body temperature.

Even now, when her eyes are tangled, she continues to think of racy scenes in her head and scatter, but she was not confident that Edmond, who became sincere, would only provoke her weak point.

“Okay, then just hang in there for a minute, and I’ll do as you please.”

“Ed, for a minute…”

“This way instead.”

Sitting at a defense angle with his chin on her chin, Edmond opened his red lips, gently stuck out his tongue, and licked around her mouth.

…that will never stand.

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