I’ll Give You Everything (5)

“Did the Empress set the fire?”

“Hey! no!”

Edmond hit the nail right on the head, and Ezet scuttled to deny it.

It was a big problem if she said the Empress set fire, and then the relationship between the Imperial family and the Duchy falls apart.
There is only one reason why Edmond, who has no loyalty, sticks to the position of the Emperor’s servant because he’s too lazy to rebel.

Edmond doesn’t seem to like the Crown Prince, but he might say he’ll be independent if she tells a bad story about Her Majesty.

There should be no division of the empire.
Ezet wanted to find the criminal and make them reflect on their mistakes, not fight a war.

“It could be just, it could be just a fire! Why, there’s an unknown fire, right? There are still many mysterious things in the world that cannot be explained by magic or science!”

“The fire was an event to prove our love.”


“If you’re going to ask for a performance, you’re going to signal it right.”

Tsk, Edmond kicked his tongue and frowned.

Event? Performance?

What the hell is that?

Ezet didn’t understand Edmond’s words and blinked with her mouth open.

“There was a banquet the night that Mrs.
Harrington was found dead after the lake party? It was then.”

“It’s not a dead body! Don’t kill a survivor!”

“Yes, let’s say she’s a vegetable, then.
I don’t want to leave you behind, but the Empress called me out and said I’d have to prove my love between my husband and wife.”

“Did that happen?”

Come to think of it, Edmond left Ezet alone for a while at the banquet that day, saying he had something to talk to the Empress.
It was not unusual for him to have an intimate conversation with the Emperor or Empress, but the timing was out of the blue.

It wasn’t the first day, but we had a lot of time to talk during the day, but we invited him to the banquet.

‘At the lake party, my sister and Edmund’s compatibility was 0%… That’s what she was trying to fix.’

Countess Harrington and Daniel, who were there, said they would remain silent, but there is no secret in the world.

Countess Harrington was a woman who could always betray Ezet for her survival.
Daniel is not a young man who can tell a woman’s secret, but Edmond thinks he’s bullying Ezet.
If he witnesses another misleading scene of Ezet and Edmond, he may testify based on what happened then.

“I did it when she said the alarm wouldn’t go off even if there were a fire.
Edmond and I are connected by love, so if I call you, why don’t you come and save me?”

“Somehow, I wanted to go back to the tea room…”

Edmond asked to buy a molar.
When Ezet looked a little scared, he rubbed his wrinkled forehead with his fingertips and sighed.

“The Empress did it without prior discussion with me.”

“Eh, Edmond, the Empress would have wanted to prove our love.”

She remembered what the Empress said with a strange attitude.

“The Duke of Jaxen is someone who turns crisis into opportunity.’

Crisis as an opportunity.

The moment Ezet is in danger, Edmond miraculously appears and saves her.
People will be moved by the illusion of embodying fairy tales into reality and never doubt the love between the two couples.

However, the Empress has already seen the number zeroed out by the mirror of truth.
She wouldn’t say that she didn’t feel like it, just in case.

The Empress wanted to show the true love of Ezet and Edmond to other ladies to stop the rumors from circulating, but at the same time, she wanted to test whether the Jaxen couple loved each other.

If the appearance of the Duke and his wife loving each other is a lie, the Imperial family has to take measures.

So the Empress tried to test the two at the same time for Ezet and Edmond.

‘That’s why you were so calm when the fire alarm didn’t go off.’

The Empress is equipped with safeguards.
If Ezet hadn’t dealt with it, she’d probably have some means of preventing the fire.

The only thing the Empress was embarrassed about was the moment Ezet said, ‘Edmond is not coming.’

“To be honest, the way was a little too much, but I know why, so that’s fine.”

Shall we stop now that we’ve reached a conclusion?”

“What are you hitting?”

“The Empress.”

“Her Majesty the Empress!”

At first, Edmond called them Emperor and Empress, but at some point, she has been secretly calling them Emperor and Empress.

“Edmond, don’t be rude to your two Majesties.”

“They were rude to me first.
I can’t let this slide.”

“But thanks to her, I’ve got a friend.
What the Empress should apologize for is surprising the ladies and the two women who were in critical condition today.”

Ezet literally turned the crisis into opportunity, but others are intact victims.
So for those people alone, the Empress was right to apologize.

Nevertheless, she has no intention of bringing up the threat of war.

“When the Duke of Jaxen becomes independent, the Empire can no longer maintain its status.”

“What does that have to do with me? Whether or not the Empire is ruined.”

“When war breaks out, the people of the Empire suffer!”

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