It seemed that reason, which was covering the body, was peeling off one by one.
Maybe this is why she made a mistake in front of Edmond.
Ezet was afraid.
The problem is that even the fear came to her as a dizzying pleasure.

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The man she saw for the first time today licked the place between the legs with his tongue and groped with his fingers, and this shameful situation made her excited. Guilty Pleasure.

The pleasure of doing things that should not be done.

The sinful feeling in her heart gave her joy, let alone prick her heart.

‘What can I do… I, at this rate…’

She may be tied on the wrist by a man, slapped on the hip, and become a strange woman who likes to do absurd things while wearing only stockings.

She has to refuse, but her body is heated up, and her bottom is already soaked.

For Ezet, who didn’t want to admit her indecency, the only comfort was the soft silk cloth that tied both hands.

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This is not what she wants.
But, since the wrists are tied, she cannot resist and have no choice but to go with it.
As if making excuses to herself, she trembled.

“Ah, Aang!”

When the man’s fingers pressed down on the clitoris, the Ezet shivered and reached her peak once.
Then, even though she closed her eyes, her vision became white, and Ezet grinned with her face buried in the pillow.

‘Is this the climax? Really?’

It was so different from what she imagined.

Her head was not full of pink fog, nor was she in a daze as if she had climbed heaven.
She felt an incredible sense of freedom as if she had lifted her whole body with a single breath and let go.

Edmond’s hand stroked Ezet’s lower abdomen and turned her body again.
Ezet was in a frontal lying position again.

Edmond’s lips, which looked down at her face, were also glistened with saliva.
Ezet was so shy that she closed her eyes when she saw a man wipe the fluid off his chin with the back of his hand.

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“I wiped it clean as desired.”

“Wha, what…”

“Would you like to check?”

She could feel the shadow falling in front of her even though she was closing her eyes.
Edmond’s lips smelled sour.
Realizing what it was, Ezet closed her eyes and bit her lips.

“I don’t know if I should be nervous or if I should be embarrassed.”

She could hear the sound of laughter.
Then the man’s fingers swept Ezet’s lips.
Ezet was surprised by the unfamiliar way of contact, and his long fingers pushed through the gap in her lips.


Edmond’s fingers scanned her mouth slowly and painstakingly.

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The fingers, which slipped through even teeth, felt the shape of moist and thin gums and then bent the joints and went down.
Reflexively, when Ezet lifted her tongue, Edmond rubbed the saliva under her tongue.

The long hair hanging over the Ezet’s amber eyes trembled.

If anyone sees the two people, they might mistake Ezet for sucking Edmond’s fingers like a child.
But it was a misunderstanding.
Edmond is just pushing his finger into her mouth and stimulating her sensitive senses with his saliva-covered finger.

She couldn’t even think about spitting it out; Ezet’s forehead frowned.

Even though it was an unpleasant contact, her body moved strangely.
By itself, her lips mingled, swallowing Edmond’s fingers, and rolling her tongue around, and gently rubbing his thick fingers.

Edmond’s eyes were slightly softened.

“You have a good judgment on the situation.
It’s a good application.”

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“Eun, uung…”

“It’s not sarcastic.
It’s pure admiration.
Please listen to it as a compliment.”

Edmond’s red eyes, with a drowsy smile, were decadent enough to swallow her up.
Not recognizing that his smile was an ominous sign, Ezet gradually felt her body relax.
Rather, the resistance was reduced.

Edmond’s fingers moved in her mouth as if fish were swimming around the sea.
Ezet didn’t realize she was spreading her legs wide.

The dark brownish pubic hair was moistened with liquid, giving it a sparkling glow.

Edmond pulled his finger out of Ezet’s mouth and slowly bowed his head.
This time, it was not a sudden contact to avoid it if she wanted to.

But Ezet did not turn her head.

‘It’s cute.’

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