hes was clear.

Ezet shook his head left and right as he breathed in.

“Ed, no… ”

“Do not you have enough time for it?”

“It’s, uh… ”

“Have you lost your heart to do it?”

That was the most straightforward answer.
Edmond never touched her if Ezet refuses.
She can lie that she has changed her mind and that she doesn’t want to have sex.

Yeah, she can lie and make excuses as Edmond did.

“It’s not gone.”

She didn’t want to lie and deceive herself.
It’s not that she doesn’t like Edmond.
It’s not that she doesn’t like having sex with her husband.
Even though she has mixed her body like that, she feels better when he touches her.


“I’d love to.
But I can’t do it.”


“Nothing has been resolved yet.”

Neither did they catch the culprit who caused Countess Harrington harm, nor did they find out what road the Empress set on fire in the underground tea chamber.

Most of all, Edmond has yet to teach Ezet what to do to be recognized as the “Real Duchess of Jaxen,” not as a substitute for Erit.

She couldn’t just indulge in the pleasures of sex when there were still problems left to be solved.

“When I was depressed, you made me feel better, so I relied on it.
I don’t think we should avoid it this way.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Ezet.”

“But still…”

Edmond stayed still for a while and pulled up his upper body as Ezet closed her legs in embarrassment.

“May I give the Countess Harrington some medicine?”

“What? That’s a precious medicine!”

“What good is the family’s leap when my wife is depressed.
We don’t have to save much anyway.”

Edmund is probably the only one who treats the elixir worth a few castles as if they come and go like a perfume sold by a street vendor.

“No, Edmond.
Don’t do that.”

“You want to save Countess Harrington.
My wife wants it so badly.
There’s no reason for me to disagree.”

“I want to save it, but not this way.”

She thought there was no priority over saving people.
She thought it would be better to wake Countess Harrington up if she could save her in any way and then find the culprit.

But after listening to Edmond, she changed her mind when she saw the fire this afternoon.
Nothing is solved in the end by just sticking to saving the person in front of oneself.
After an accident, one can’t stop it by sticking to saving people.

It is the job of those in power to eradicate the cause of accidents.

“Okay, then do it the way you want it.
What can I do for you?”

“I’ll… think about it and tell you.”

Is there anything else that bothers you more?”

“The fire of the day.
No one was seriously injured, but the other ladies were shocked.
Countess Devon and Marchioness Barth said they’d be fine, but it’s true that they inhaled enough smoke to make them unconscious.”

Is it okay to say that the Empress set the fire for a while? Ezet pondered.
The Empress is a prime suspect, but she was not a definite criminal, so she had to be careful in her expression.

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