I’ll Give You Everything (3)

“What’s wrong?”


Ezet turned her head toward Edmond.
Edmond, who read what she wanted by himself, held Ezet’s shoulder lightly and laid it on her side by side.
Then he lay on his side and hugged her.
It was a tight hug while facing each other.

Strangely enough, Ezet liked this posture even though his vision was blocked.
She was the type to prefer a comfortable space to an ample and desolate area.

“Whoo… ”

Ezet rubbed her cheek against Edmond’s chest and exhaled deeply, perhaps because she was barely comfortable.
Edmond stroked Ezet’s back without saying a word, even though the sigh and hair must be quite itchy.

Ezet loved the idea of a large hand moving along her back stem and giving her a warm body temperature.


“I’m glad you like it.”

The man’s voice who touched the ear was very soft even though it was low—a cool mid-tone like a deep spring.
Ezet stretched out her arms and wrapped her arms around the man’s waist, as she seemed to be losing strength just by listening.

Cozy pillows are good, but there was a mental comfort in her husband’s embrace.

Broad chest and rigid waist.
Edmond’s body, full of delicate muscles, was resilient even though it seemed stiff.
It’s like hitting a piece of clay that’s been kneaded well.
It felt like my skin was sticking together.

His face is beautiful, but this man’s body is truly the best.

In particular, after taking a bath after sex, when they lie down together and hug each other, she feels a strange satisfaction, relief, and strange happiness.
Just by touching it, it feels like the cells in the body are attracted like magnets.

Ezet muttered in a happy mood.

“I love it… I want to have sex all day…”

The hand of the man stroking her back stopped.

Ignorant of what she was saying, Ezet slowly rubbed her cheek against Edmond’s chest and enjoyed a wide embrace.


“Uh, yes, yes…”

“Is it that good?”


Not knowing what her husband was asking, Ezet just smiled.

It wasn’t even a random answer.
She likes her husband.
She likes having sex with him, and she likes to hug him and sleep after sex.
If she can be in this happy mood every day, that’s heaven.

“Then shall we do it again?”



“Okay, again… ”

Ezet, who could not think of her husband’s lack of conscience because she was in a daze just before she fell asleep, understood the word as ‘Let’s do it again next time.’

So she honestly said yes.
Now there’s really no reason to refuse to have sex with Edmond.
But her husband was a man of no sense.

“Ezet, open your mouth.”

“Ed, uh… ”

The lips overlapped, and a large tongue squeezed in between the open lips.
It was a little strong for a sleepover, but Ezet didn’t overthink it.
Edmond’s exaggerated expression of affection was familiar, so Ezet slowly entangled her tongue, exhaling through her nose.

The posture of lying on the side changed a little, so her back touched the sheet, and her husband’s body came up, but Ezet did not detect a sense of incompatibility.
It wasn’t uncommon for Edmond to soothe her regret by stroking her body until Ezet fell asleep.

However, she couldn’t help but think that the taste of saliva that flowed from the tongue was strangely sweet and sour.

Ezet’s eyes opened wide.


“It’s a little diluted.
Let’s just do it once.”

“What are you doing?”

Did he feed her with another Pivrus concentrate?

Ezet raised her upper body with a sober mind.
She thought she could sleep happily because she was relaxed until a while ago, but now she’s completely awake.

“It’s Edmond who said it’s not good to eat often because there might be side effects, right?

“Safety verification is done.
That is, if you pour it every day without taking a break, sometimes a sip is fine.”

And there are plenty of drugs to cure, even if there are side effects, Edmond added, smiling.

“You fed me yesterday, too.”

“Yes, so let’s just do it once.
I won’t overdo it.”

“You cannot do this without my consent! It’s clear that sex is something you do together…!”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to have sex all day?”

Ezet’s body flinched at Edmond’s words.

‘I was just thinking, how did you know?’

There was no realization that it was out of the mouth.
Ezet’s amber eyes quickly skimmed left and right.

The time was still in the middle of the night.
The bed was clean and soft, perhaps changing the sheets during the bath.

‘I also recovered my stamina, so if I do it once and fall asleep… can I wake up early in the morning?’

Maybe oversleep a little bit, but it probably won’t stretch today like last time.

Ezet glanced at Edmond.
He was also dressed in a gown because they came out of the bath together.
In a white gown like Ezet, the collar was embroidered with laurel leaves in gold thread.

His wrists were exposed even though he was wearing a gown, whether he rolled up his sleeves or if Edmond’s body was so big that his sleeves were shorter than the length of his arms.
The lights on the water’s surface were drawing a scarlet outline along Edmond’s protruding wrist bones.

It felt strangely sexy, so Ezet swallowed her saliva without realizing it.

“You were ready to do it.”

“What do you mean… no! The sleeves are too short! I just thought your gown seemed small!”

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