I’ll Give You Everything (2)

“But still…”

One more kiss to Edmond, who still looked reluctant, made his lips twitch.

“Edmond will be by my side, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.”

Edmond was not interested in compliments or flattery but liked it when Ezet said something he trusted.

After seeing the creases between her husband’s eyebrows slowly thin, Ezet kissed Edmond’s cheeks and hugged him tightly behind his neck.

He felt a dull ringing in his throat.

“But I don’t like to see stingy bastards over my wife.”

“There’s Edmond, and I’m not gonna look away from him.”

“I said the only thing that suits you was the best man.”

The brazenness of calling himself the best man without hesitation for a moment.
Obviously, this is not the case for ordinary men.
Isn’t that the shameless, selfish, and selfish worst pervert husband?

Nevertheless, it was clear that she was also deeply into this man, given the thought of being cute rather than getting sick of it.

“Edmond, you said you’d please me.”

So whether on the bed or outside, it gives her the greatest pleasure.
He refrained from his desire and focused on making Ezet feel good.

But she’s not satisfied with herself and keeps trying to run outside.
Edmond felt it was a little unfair.

“Edmond, what?”

However, that unfair feeling disappears when he sees his wife, who is friendly to him, calling his name.
Edmond slowly rubbed the tip of her nose, and their lips overlapped.

He knew it was a cute act to get the answer she wanted, but he loved it when Ezet acted spoiled and begged.

It took less than five minutes for the strongest warrior who cut down the dragon that threatened the border to kneel at the whispers of his wife.

“Do as you please, Ezet.”


Ezet’s face lit up brightly.
With that smile, Edmond knocked his wife down on the bed as if possessed.

There is probably no one in the world who can maintain reason even after seeing his wife’s insanely lovely appearance.
If there were, it would be a dragon, not a human.

Thin laces ripped apart the top with layers of laces and buried his face on the exposed breast.
At the temperature of a hot man touching sensitive skin, Ezet groaned softly.

“Yes, Edmond! You did it before… ”

“I thought you were uncomfortable leaning against the wall.”

“It’s not like I’ve been out of bed once or twice….”

Having said so, Ezet did not push Edmond away.

Edmond did not release his desire to serve Ezet in the Empress’s empty room.
Even if she wanted to ignore the presence of a strong member on her thigh, she could not ignore it.
It would be quite difficult to put up with such a strong impression.
She didn’t mean to bother Edmond.

And it was disappointing that it ended without an insert because it was the same for Ezet.

“Edmond, yes, the next event, when is it?”

“Every month, going into the Imperial Palace and illuminating your face is what the emperor’s foot washers do.
 There’s no way to come unless it’s a year-end celebration.”

Scrubbing down her white chest with his red tongue, Edmond ripped off the shoddy clothes that had been getting in the way to her waist.

There was no sound of tearing because it was made by magic, or because it was easy to peel off, or because it crumbled like a plucked feather, whether it was just clothes or pumpkin skin in front of Edmond’s ignorant power.

Ezet embraced Edmond’s head and gently swept his back.
Edmond brushed his wife’s smooth thighs gently as if he had responded to his hand brushing her thick black hair.

“Oh, well, then… Where the other nobles gather, hoot! …”

“In the middle of next month, there will be a bid for the railway pass at the Jaxen Chamber of Commerce.
I’ve never been there since I kept sending out an agent.”

“So if we show up there, it’ll be quite a hot topic?”

“Just word of mouth would make the bidder five times as many as usual.”

“Oh, my God, the competition for equity… Oh, yeah!”

Ezet’s words were interrupted by the sticky touch that began to feel between the legs.

It takes only a few minutes to get out of the empty room of the Empress and return to the bedroom of the northern castle.
It has been less than an hour since she finally reached the peak of his husband’s hand, but the bottom of his long finger rubbing the vag*na began to get wet again.
It’s not even that intense rubbing, but the breathing got hot as the legs got cold.

“Ed, wait a minute… Can you tell me more about this bidding competition…!”

“It’s not complicated enough to explain.”

He didn’t want to waste my time on such a boring explanation or complaining when his wife’s fragrant body was in front of him.
When he raised his head in case she showed it was annoying, he saw his wife’s face, who was holding back the pleasure with her fingertips.

……Wouldn’t it be impossible for even a dragon to bear that look?


It was midnight when it was over.

Edmond washed the sleeping Ezet and dried his hair with dry linen.

“Uh… ”

“It’s all over.
Rest in peace, Ezet.”

After putting on the gown, Ezet’s body lay on the bed, and Edmond lay next to her.
As soon as he woke up, he felt refreshed after taking a bath and tired after sex, so Ezet closed her eyes again.
It was to try to sleep.


But somehow, she felt uncomfortable in her posture.
Ezet tossed and turned.

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