I’ll Give You Everything (1)

The Empress’s Palace was located in the deepest part of the Imperial Palace.
Since there is a steep wall between the inner and outer castles, it took an hour to reach the northern outer courts from the Empress’s Palace.

Since the distinguished guests of the outer fortress can use the automatic movement device inside the fortress wall, they go directly without going up and down the stairs, which shortens the time even more, but it still takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Edmond’s long legs, wide stride, and characteristic unwillingness to be interrupted allowed him to reach the halfway point in 20 minutes.

Ezet thought Edmond was always fast walking.
But today, rather than fast, he quickly moved to the northern outer castle, as if he had skipped through space in the middle.

Maybe she didn’t even notice that she passed the warp gate because she couldn’t look around properly.
After all, she was in her husband’s arms.

Ezet opened her eyes wide when she saw Edmond fixing herself with one arm in front of the bedroom door.

“Edmond, do you have a teleportation harness?”

“I didn’t bring it today.
I’ll show you next time if you want.”

“There was.
No, I don’t even have the tools, but did you get here this fast?”

“I couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

He’s sick and tired of this dangerous, accident-prone palace.
He wants his wife locked up in a safe place.
No, Edmond, who wanted to evacuate, spoke kindly, sweeping Ezet’s cheek.

“Tomorrow is the last banquet, so you just have to hang in there a little longer, Milady.”

“Hang in? It wasn’t that boring.”

“We’ll be running the Warp Hall at dawn the day after tomorrow.
Oh, it’s better just to go home and rest in the middle of the night, right?”

“Edmond, you know what?”

Whether she knew her husband’s heart to carry his wife and move to the Duke of Jaxen immediately, Ezet continued in a brighter voice.

“This time, we were invited to the palace to attend a celebration of the crown prince’s enthronement.”

“I don’t care about such a cheeky little boy anymore.”

“I mean, shouldn’t you be attending another imperial event since you’ve attended the crown prince’s celebration?”

“Never again, ever…”

“Come with me then.”

In front of his beloved wife, her husband’s face, which had always had a relaxed smile, hardened.

Edmond, who vowed not to look at the sky toward the palace when he returned to the Duke’s castle, suspected that someone had stabbed him in the heart.
Of course, he’d be happy to accept Ezet’s stabbing, but this wasn’t what he expected.


“When I broke the air circulation system in the warehouse, I thought my reputation was over.”

She’s young, she’s got little social experience, and she doesn’t have any of the qualities of a lady.

The Duchess of Jaxen shouted at the other ladies in the warehouse and urged them to act clueless.

Perhaps the reputation of the Duchess of Jaxen in society would fall to the ground.
She acted without hesitation because saving people was the first thing, but she was a little lost on what to do from now on.

But it wasn’t a reaction from the surroundings.

She thought they would complain to her in anger after receiving such insulting treatment, but they thanked her.

She understood the world of ladies who seemed unable to fit in.
they can sympathize with each other and talk.
They can be friends.

As soon as she thought so, something changed inside Ezet.

“I’d like to talk to other wives more.
I want to have the same hobby.”

“Ezet, if you need someone to talk to…”

“I want to have a tea party, attend a banquet, exchange letters, and so on.
With the other wives.”

At the end of the sentence, Edmond’s expression was slightly disorganized again.

She remembered that there was a contract that she should not encounter other people.

But from experience so far, the contract details seemed to be a little flexible if Edmond allowed it.

At first, he said she couldn’t talk to anyone, but then he only stopped her from talking to men.
Later, it didn’t stop Ezet from doing what she was doing.

‘Marquis Spencer was invited to the tea party anyway.
It was Edmond who allowed it.’

In addition, it is possible to go outside with Edmond.
Attending the Imperial Palace banquet means that she can also participate in events hosted by other nobles.

Then she wanted to attend.
She wanted to meet someone else.
The joy and satisfaction of forming a rapport with those who seemed unable to get along with each other cannot be filled with love with their husbands alone.

“It’s dangerous to be crowded.”

“Are you afraid something like today will happen again? I’ll be sure to bring a magic tool for self-defense.”

Ezet patted Edmond on the cheek and kissed him on the lips.
The face of the man who had been hardened was slightly loosened.

“You never know when a person’s heart will change.
You can’t completely trust her by showing her a favor…..”

“That’s why we have to bump into each other more.
Now I’m in a position to do that.”

Ezet was quick to give up.
She was the glory of Harriet, still poor and powerless.

She may have given up going out to society because she was utterly disillusioned by embarrassment once or twice.

But now, she is the Duchess of Jaxen.
She doesn’t have to shrink because she doesn’t have anything.
There was no need to be embarrassed about not knowing.
She was in a position where she could be brazen, forced, and repaid as much as he had been humiliated.
So she wanted to try what she could never do when she was Ezet Harriet.

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