One Thing is Clear (9)

She ran away from the fire to the warehouse, soaked her handkerchiefs to cover everyone’s nose and mouth, covered their head with a steel bowl, and smashed a circulating fan of the ceiling with a fork and knife.
The water in the fire hydrant was turned over, the dress’s skirt was torn off, and the door was opened together.

Of course, Edmond eventually had to open it for them because they could not, but including that, the ladies first experienced the same thing as the Duchess of Jaxen.

There was an incident that they could relate to.

“At first, I didn’t know what it was, so it was weird.
Wasn’t it fun?”

“I thought the bowl was too big, but it fit me perfectly.”

“Oh, me too! Isn’t it amazing? It’s a bowl of ingredients, but why did it make it the same size as a human head?”

Perhaps there was no awareness that the fire would have been an absolute disaster if it had spread, but the ladies seemed to accept it as a ‘fresh event’ that they had to experience all kinds of unusual things in the warehouse of the tea room.

Even that was a reaction that could be seen because they were aristocrats who would never suffer a disaster in their lifetime.

Ezet just smiled this time.

“Is anyone hurt?”

“I’ve been crouching, and I’m a little sore.”

“My toes are swollen.
Is it because of the water?”

“Don’t lie in bed right away because you’re tired.
Call the maid and ask her to massage you.
Wrap your feet in a warm towel.”

It was hazardous, and it was not a situation to warn that someone could have been hurt more.

She is much older, has a higher status, and has a different experience than Ezet, who borrowed her sister’s identity.
It is not the stage to say whether it is a disaster evacuation tip or common sense.
She was not yet in a position to accept advice.

So rather than nagging, Ezet decided to teach the ladies what to do from now on.

“The torn dress could be mended…..
and Countess Devon and the Marchioness Barth?”

“Your Majesty has invited an imperial physician and a healing wizard.
It’s said they’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.”

“Really? I’m glad.”

She’s so glad.

Ezet was genuinely relieved.
Neither the Countess of Devon nor the Marchioness of Barth wants to die, even though Ezet hates them.
Honestly, she would feel bad if she heard that it was wrong when they were stuck in the warehouse together until the end.

She doesn’t want anyone to be sick, hurt, or wrong.
She doesn’t want to be unhappy even if she hates someone.

Maybe it’s not because Ezet herself is a good person, but because she has a small liver.

“But you’re all tired, aren’t you supposed to rest first? Why did you… …”

“The Empress canceled the dinner party.
So I came running like this because I don’t think I can tell you until tomorrow if it’s not now.”

“Cancel the banquet?”

It’s not too much because such an accident occurred during the tea time of the empress and the ladies, but it’s still an essential banquet for the imperial family, so Ezet was a little surprised that it was stopped by this happening.

‘When Countess Harrington was so hurt, the banquet was held as usual.’

She is a countess with no significant authority and is not recognized unless she has acceded to a powerful man.
The treatment is different even though she must be a prestigious aristocrat who is different from Viscount Harriet if she is invited to an imperial banquet.

Ezet is a little bit bitter.

“What about Her Majesty?”

“Well, she wasn’t there when we left the room.”

“Didn’t she go to rest first?”

The ladies didn’t seem to know where the empress was.

Perhaps they don’t know that the most likely arson suspect is the empress, so it’s no wonder they don’t care about the absence of the empress.
Ezet accepted and held Edmond’s hand.

“Then you ladies should go back and rest, too.
I have to go back to the north outer castle.”

“Oh, my God.
It was.”

“We’ve been holding on too long.
She’s a newlywed.”

The ladies’ faces, who had no fans and covered their mouths with their fingertips instead, were all pleased.

‘You knew that, too!’

No matter how perfect the soundproofing is, who is Ezet and Edmond? Isn’t this the best newlywed couple in the Empire?

In addition, the social world is fast-talking.
They may have heard that Edmond showed an attitude in front of the ladies of Marquis Spencer, the northern master, that he wanted to have his wife, so he asked her to go back.

A lady who knows it’s a tea time where only women gather, but she visits her husband escorting her and even shows kissing in front of others.
Her energetic, affectionate husband and her love are accepted.

The ladies were not naïve enough to not know why they spent so much time in the empty room of the Empress Palace, where the sound did not leak out when the door was closed.

“The Duchess of Jaxen had a lot of work today, so you should go back and rest.”

“But I don’t think it’s too much to take a rest…”

“Well, it’s not like a third party is talking too much about newlyweds.”

The ladies really saw the two off with a laugh without being sarcastic, but Ezet seemed so ashamed to stand there and panic.

Eventually, Edmond, who lightly hugged Ezet, who had lost strength in his legs, greeted politely and had to wrap his explosive face and scream silently while exiting the Imperial Palace.

“It’s driving me crazy… ..Edmond, it’s a mess!”

“You spoke out, Milady.”

“I don’t know! It’s all because of you!”

“Yes, the banquet was canceled because of me, so I’ll take care of your dinner.”

Somehow, it seems that he said something that he couldn’t even say before.
Why does this man always have his way of thinking out of this way? Will she be punished for not running away quickly when she realizes that her husband is a pervert?

Ezet buried her face in Edmond’s chest with a whining sigh.

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