One Thing is Clear (7)

“But let’s just say I took a bath with this… What about the clothes?”

“Don’t you have this?”

Edmond pulled out a golden handkerchief from his pocket.

She remembered seeing that.
On the first day of the banquet in an indoor dress, Edmond dressed her in a party dress, saying it was a magic tool to take off her dress and change her clothes.

The real change of clothes magic tool was handed over to Prince Philip, so that must be…

“Are you going to dress me with a cake again?”

“Cream and cotton candy are dangerous because we have to walk to the northern outer castle.
What about nuts? A lotus leaf would be good to cover a large area.”

“I’m not food!”

Edmond chuckled at the sound of Ezet’s straight face.
He laughed with one hand covering his eyes and shaking his shoulders, apparently having fun teasing her.

“Edmond, stop laughing!”

“Because you’re so cute.”

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.
It’s also a violation of manners to have fun alone.”

Edmond’s look at her with a grin was so cheeky that Ezet turned his head covering his exposed chest.

“That’s too much; it’s too much…”

“Relax, Ezet.
I’ll dress you right this time.”

The golden handkerchief, which was about the size of the palm of his hand, widened as he grabbed and unfolded the edge and soon turned into a large cape.

Ezet glanced at Edmond and was amazed to see the growing golden cape in his hands.

Maybe it’s because it’s the second time.
At first, she was dumbfounded because she didn’t know what was happening, but she could watch this time with a little calm mind.

When Edmond wrapped her shoulder in a large cloak, her heart pounded with strange expectations rather than resentment of him for doing something mean.

‘What is he trying to dress me as this time?’

Humans are also creatures of curiosity.
Before she knew it, Ezet was looking at Edmond’s face without even blinking, expecting what magic he would put her in new clothes this time.

“Don’t be so nervous, Ezet.”

“I’m not nervous.
I’ll see how you change my clothes.”

“Magic is not formed by tricks alone.
It’s not fun for the audience to only see through the trick.
A magician can do magic when he stands in front of an audience ready to surprise even though he knows it’s a trick.”

“Isn’t this also a magic tool? Then it’s not magic; it’s magic…”

“Shall we kiss?”


Suddenly, Edmond overlapped their lips before asking what.
The moment Ezet was distracted by the kiss, Edmond stripped her of her golden cape that had been wrapped around her body.


A white lace wrapped around the slender arm.
There was a shiny pearl at the end of the white lace gloves and a black ribbon at the end.

A white lace ruffle fell as a feather sprayed from the sky on top of a pumpkin sleeveless shirt that clings tightly to the upper body.
The skirt, which swelled into a jar shape, was just upside down the pumpkin, and white lace was also wrapped on both sides.

Overall, it is wrapped in a long lace tablecloth.
From the beginning of the skirt, a black leaf or something was circled around the back of the waist, and a large leaf was attached in the shape of a wing.

“Edmond, what is this?”

“Do you like it? Although it’s too early in the season.”

Ezet gently lowered his hand and pressed down on the swollen skirt.
The skirt was hard as if made into a jar rather than inflated by adding insides.

Fortunately, it is not as fragile as a cake dress, but it did not seem to be an ordinary dress no matter how many times I looked at it.

…are they really pumpkins?

“Edmond, you didn’t dress me in food, did you?”

“I’m not poor enough to eat skin now.
You don’t have to worry.
I’ve dug out everything.”

“You mean it’s food!”

It was a pumpkin!

Ezet patted Edmond on the chest with a straight face.

If one includes the hollowed-out pumpkin, black leaves, white lace, and the word “premature” for the season, would it be a Halloween costume?

“Is this lace food, too? What is it made of?”

“That’s real.
It’s a decoration.”


“The decoration is too much compared to the main course, but there are dishes like that, don’t they?”

“I know, even if I’m not!”

Edmond has two types of golden capes.
One is changing costumes, and the other is cooking.

But cooking doesn’t just produce food.
When she first dressed Ezet with a dessert cake, there were red roses all over her body.
The degree of decoration used to decorate the dish was sufficient with this cape.

He deliberately chose to enjoy Ezet’s reaction, but it was possible to pull out a tablecloth and dress it normally.

There’s probably no way he’d do such a dull thing.

“You don’t like it? Then again, with a cake….”

“Oh, no, no! No more cake!”

Judging from the experience so far that protesting is not better, but with more severe consequences, if Edmond refuses to wear a pumpkin dress, she may have to wear something more grotesque.

Ezet, who didn’t want to get her money’s worth after bringing it up, quickly turned around.

“Anyways, it’s okay because you’re wearing it.
Now we’re going back to the northern outer castle.”

Fortunately, the smell is not as sweet as a cake, and the white lace is appropriately wrapped, so it looks like a unique dress even if one looks closely.
She didn’t think she’d get caught on my way to the northern outer castle.

However, Ezet, who knows from experience that an unidentified dress could be scattered regarding food or clothing, left Edmond and opened the door.

“Oh, Countess Ritten!”

“I’ve been waiting for you, Duchess of Jaxen.”

At the door of the vacant room where Ezet and Edmond entered stood the wife of Countess Ritten and several others.
All the ladies who were in the tea room together.

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