One Thing is Clear (6)

“Your presence is time and emotion for me.
It’s a joy and pleasure.
It’s satisfying.”

“Aren’t you bothering me too much for that?”

“The way doesn’t really matter.”

The fact that Edmond’s love laws were rather self-righteous and vicious did not take an important place in explaining his feelings.

Edmond just enjoyed being with Ezet.
To bully her, frankly, is hilarious.

“Edmond, do you know you’re mean?”

“That’s why you like it.”

Really, how did she come to like this mean guy?

Maybe it’s because it’s daytime.
The empty room was dark, but it was not completely dark due to the sunlight on the curtains.

Ezet leaned against Edmond, closed her eyes, and took a breath.
She’s in my husband’s strong arms.
The recovery was quick, perhaps because of relief, or because she didn’t use up much physical strength, or because she felt better at his confession.

Edmond let her go and looked at the complexion as the slightly perked-up Ezet leered away.

“Don’t take any longer.”

“It’s worth holding on.
And we can’t stay here forever.”

After getting wet from the fire hydrant and doing sexual acts with her husband, she sweated a lot in this room.
Her clothes and hair were all messed up.
She wanted to wash up and change clothes.

No matter how good Edmond was, or rather, Ezet didn’t want to keep looking at him because she liked him.

“I need to take a bath and change my clothes.
Edmond, is there a bathroom in this room?”

“I don’t think so.
This isn’t a lounge.”

“Well, then…”

Don’t say she has to go out and find a bathroom in that rag again?

Ezet has become a little fuzzy.

“Edmond, you used to hate me being disorganized in front of other people.”

“I still don’t like it.
Don’t show up.”

“There are people out there.
To get to the bathroom, I have to wear that again and walk through the hallway…”

“Why don’t you wash and change here?”


Edmond took a step back and picked up his jacket that fell to the floor.
He took off a coat to cover her inner skirt because Ezet ripped off her dress.

“It’s a good thing I brought my purification harness.”

“What magical tool?”

Edmond smiled as he pulled something like a little homesick out of his inner pocket.
It’s dark, so she can’t see the color, but the liquid in the bottle seemed to be blue.

“It’s the sigh of a dragon.
If you spray this, impurities wash away at once.
The dragon’s breath has the properties to cleanse all the dirt.”

“Sigh? It’s like liquid.”

“When placed in a closed container, it turns into a liquid to maintain properties.
It evaporates as soon as it’s sprayed.”

Edmond put a small bottle of perfume behind the ears of the eject and lifted her chin.

“Close your eyes, Ezet.”

“Oh, well… Yes.”

Does it purify? Like this?

Ezet closed her eyes half-heartedly.

She heard a sound like spraying perfume.
Then, the chill began to spread throughout the body as the sound was heard.

“Oh, my God!”

“It’s okay.
There’s no harmful ingredient.”

Ezet trembled with a cool sensation, just like rubbing cold ice all over the body.
There was no sweat, tears, saliva, or water from the fire hydrant where the cold air passed by.
Freshness remained in the dry seat.

It was true that it had a purification effect, not just washing, and even the messy hair sank neatly as if it had been combed.

He just sprayed perfume on her body a few times, but she’s clean as if she’s taken a refreshing bath, and Ezet opened her eyes wide and looked around the whole body.

“No way… is this really a magic tool?”

“It’s a collection of breaths, so technically, it’s hard to say it’s a magic tool.
But there’s no other name to call it, so let’s call it a magical tool.”

“I’ve never heard of such a magical tool.”

“I think so.
I’ve never revealed this before.”

Edmond had many magic tools by robbing several dragons’ lairs but did not reveal all the magic tools.

It was because if only a few things were to be presented in terms of patent fees, there was no shortage of luxury for the rest of his life, but also because he wanted to choose what, when, and how to present them himself.

Among Dragon Lair’s treasures, which had all the world’s wisdom, were full of all kinds of rare things that humans wanted, so they were relentless.
There was also a risk that the world would fall into chaos.

So he didn’t show anything but what he thought was necessary.
The reason, of course, is not for world peace and the well-being of humanity, simply because of his control-freak habit.

“The sigh of a dragon is not a dangerous magic tool.
It has no effect other than cleaning up dirt and cleaning up pollutants.
That’s why it wasn’t shown.”

“Well, you can just take a bath, so there’s no reason to pay too much.”

In fact, Edmond only used the sigh of a dragon when he was a mercenary.
It’s troublesome to be attacked while taking a bath, and if he wants to fight a dragon, he will have to roll around in blood and mud for days and days, but if he shows a gap while wiping away the blood, which permeates his eyes, it’s over.
It is advantageous in combat.

He didn’t think he’d be using it anymore, but Edmond carried it around like a habit.
So he had no qualms when he brought Ezet to an empty room without a bathroom.

Perhaps Edmond would have had to walk 20 minutes with the Ezet to the north outer castle if he hadn’t brought along his clean-up harness.
He couldn’t stand holding her for so long.

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