One Thing is Clear (4)

It was fortunate that it was dark inside because it was an empty room.
If the lighting in this place had been bright, he would have seen her convulsing and climaxing with her pure white body.
It’s too irritating.
It is too stimulating.
Edmond couldn’t stand the sight of Ezet.

The center of the legs was painfully swollen, but Edmond did not take off his pants.
With his eyes closed, he faced her and gently pressed with his fingertips the peak she felt most strongly.

“Ah, ahhh!”

The sound went up, cut off, continued, and disappeared.
The moan of the Ezet was swallowed with pleasure as if it had fallen into the water.


There are two types of peaks.
One is a distant peak where the body appears in the air and is thrown out.
The other is the thrilling climax of something filling the body and exploding.

The peak by insertion was largely the former, and the peak by service was largely the latter.
When Edmond held her, she often struggled at her peak and lost consciousness, but he never lost his mind when he unilaterally volunteered like this time.
Maybe it’s because the burden on the body is different.

Ezet was utterly drained and drooped against Edmond’s arm.

She’d rather be held so violently that she’d lose consciousness that she’d forget everything and fall asleep.

When she goes alone like this, her body is exhausted to the point where she doesn’t even want to lift a finger, but her consciousness remains.

The vague sense remained like an aftereffect, and Ezet frowned a little unpleasantly.

“Edmond, why…”

“You said you were tired.
You can’t keep up with my physical strength.”

Come to think of it, she remembers saying that in the morning.

“No matter how low the risk of side effects is, it’s not good to do it frequently.
You’d better not overdo it.”

She wondered if he didn’t insert it because he was worried about Ezet’s body.
Edmond’s alter ego between his thigh still shows off his frighteningly strong presence, and he seemed unwilling to hug Ezet.

“It’s all right.
If you do, it’s all right.”

“It’s okay if I don’t.”

It doesn’t look good at all.

At this time again, Ezet closed her eyes helplessly on a topic that ignores both common sense and morals.
Edmond’s lips touched her eyes.

“Are you still cold?”

“Yeah, I don’t know.”

She felt the climax in a row, and her whole body was numb.
Ezet couldn’t even squeeze a kiss and gave herself to Edmond.

The most wicked devil-like husband in the world is nervous in front of his exhausted wife, like a child anxious about sand flowing through his fingers.

Passing his sweaty hair behind her ears, Edmond brushed her back, kissing Ezet’s temple and chin.

“Edmond, is… Why do you like me?”

The movement of the lips, which were climbing down the neck, stopped.
The movement of the hand that was riding down the side of the back stem also stopped.

She thought she should have asked.

Ezet regretted it a little bit after she said it.
The atmosphere was good for the first time in a while, but it may have been sprinkled with cold water.
He may think she is disregarding the sincerity of his hard work and consider his love to be tested.

Ezet quickly picked up the pieces.

“Hey, I don’t mean anything else.
It’s just… ”

“That’s what I want to ask you.”


“Why did you appear before me?”

What does he mean, why?

“Well, sister Erit ran away…”

Ezet had no idea that Edmond and Erit’s contract marriage was subject to a formidable penalty.
The Harriet family would have been destroyed without recognition, but the proposal cannot be guaranteed.

She had no idea, so she was naïve.

She didn’t know what kind of person her brother-in-law was, but she thought he would understand her if she told him the truth and asked for forgiveness.
She believed that he would not take it out on his wife’s parents or harm her sister.

It was a complacent judgment, but it was not very wrong in the end.

“If I didn’t visit you, you would have sent someone to the Harriet household.
Come and pick up my sister.”

“Yes, it’s a contract.”

“And I thought if you knew she’d run away, you’d definitely go after her.”

“You wouldn’t have stepped up to the plate.”

She thought that would be the case.
Edmond Jaxen is by no means a man who moves directly.
When Ezet first came to the Duchess’s inner castle and sent him a letter, Edmond only sent a one-line reply a few days later.

That’s also a rejection.

“Edmond is too cold.”

“That’s who I am.”

It’s a word of criticism, but he accepts it coolly.
Edmond is such a man.
He doesn’t care about the criticism that’s being poured on her.
It didn’t matter whether the accusations were true or not.
To what extent it is true, to what extent it is false, to what extent it does not seek to correct unfairness or misunderstanding.

Edmond wasn’t sincere enough to claim such tiredness because he was a terrible slob in emotional labor.

“If you hadn’t come to visit me, you probably wouldn’t have known for the rest of your life.”


“Who took my heart.”

Ezet’s point was correct.

Edmond was a cold human being.
It’s not just cold, but there was no consideration for others to the extent that it would not be wrong to swear that he was not wrong.

He was a mercenary who crossed the line of life and death every day.
Countless mercenaries lost their lives just by looking at money and jumping into dragons and beasts.
It was a man who lived in the gap.

It’s not the end of catching dragons and beasts.
The possibility of a client killing him was always open.
From aristocrats, bureaucrats, merchants, and ordinary civilians to bullies on the back streets, countless clients thought it was ridiculous and refused to give money to orphans.

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