One Thing is Clear (3)

“Edmond, it’s cold…”


Why can’t she control the words that come out of her mouth when she promises to push him away?

Ezet smiled with a face that was about to cry.

She didn’t want to be away from Edmond.
She wanted to be with him.
She wanted to kiss him.
She wanted them to touch each other’s bodies.

‘That’s weird.
I like Edmond.
Why push him away?’

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Empress.
This room is empty, and the door is locked.
Dinner banquet? Edmond said she could sit it out.
It’s not a crime for a wife to believe her husband’s words.

Ezet rescued the Empress and the ladies from the basement tea room today.
She did a good thing.
So why doesn’t she get an award?

‘I guess I inhaled some smoke.’

With such self-justification, Ezet looked up.
Then she whispered to her beloved husband.

“Hurry up, keep it warm.”

No matter how good Edmond is at torturing his wife, he was not a bad-hearted husband to refuse pathetic seduction.
He was not so tactless as to kick the rolled blessing.
There was no reason to hesitate.

Ezet trembled in the hands of a man digging into his underwear.

Long, firm fingers pushed the damp panties away and tapped on her flint.
Although she had to get used to it after experiencing it several times, the sense of my husband’s fingers rubbing against the g*nital was still strange and unfamiliar.
And I felt good.

She doesn’t get used to it, so her heart beats a few times, and she may feel good no matter how many times she goes through it.

Ezet clung with her arms around Edmond’s neck.

“Oh, oh, oh…”

“You’re wet.”

“Yes, the water spilled… ‘Cause I’m wet.”

“Really? I don’t think this is water.”


A warm, slippery fluid came to Edmond’s fingertips, touching the chubby flesh that was touched over a thin plot.

“It’s warm and slippery.
It’s making a squishy sound.”

“Well, don’t explain, don’t…….”

“Then you can teach me.
What am I putting on my hand?”

“Oh, why would you ask that….!”

“I just want an answer.”

“Edmond, you’re bad…”

She hated the lips of the man who laughed and chewed on her earlobe.

Ezet slightly shook her waist, closing her legs.
It was because she was ashamed to like it honestly, but it was also because Edmond was more persistent when she showed such an avoiding attitude.

“Oh, Ed… you can’t do this…”

“Really, no? Should I quit?”

The more she pushed away, the more oppressive he was, the more he didn’t give her what she really wanted until she was honest.

Ezet reluctantly confessed.

“Stop, don’t… touch me more…”

“Well, I really don’t know whose side it is.”

“Huh! Ah …!”

His right hand soothes the sensitive pusher, and his chest-clasping left hand moves gently and teases the nipples.

Ezet loved being caressed in Edmond’s arms.
The touch that penetrates between the legs is subtle yet persistent, tapping on her entrance and rolling the nipple with her fingertips, and the pleasure sprouts.

She closed her eyes and focused on Edmond’s sense of touch.
It is the hand of a man who has lived as a mercenary for a long time and moves surprisingly delicately when touching a woman he loves.

Her heart tickled.
It seemed to bloom in the place where the skin touched.

It’s so strange.
Her large build, solid arms and big hands, and hand gestures that open her b*tt must be rough, but they were strangely friendly.
The sticky gaze was not unpleasant but sweet.

She feels so affectionate when she mixes her body with her loved one.
Why was it not written in the book?

“There was no such thing in the book.”

“There was no such thing in the fountain of wisdom.”

It’s just fun to omit the front and back and spit out a sound only they know.

Ezet wrapped one thigh around Edmond’s thigh and stretched her waist forward.
As the angle of her husband’s hand rubbing her changed, he rubbed a large area slowly, which made her feel goosebumps.
She felt overwhelmed.

“Ed, oh! I feel good…!”

“I’ll make you feel better.”


Hot lips touched her forehead, and the movement of his hands that were rubbing underneath became faster.

No, would it be appropriate to describe it as irregular? It’s hot as if it’s on fire when he rubbed it quickly, but when he rubbed it slowly, as if he’s pressing it slowly, her lower abdomen is shaking like she was cramping, and it excited her.

Gasping and groaning, Ezet shook his back.
Even though she raised one leg, she did not feel uncomfortable at all.
She was just desperate to indulge in the pleasures of this man.

When she shakes her body as if to touch a more pleasant area, Edmond moves his hands skillfully as if he knew a button that controls the body’s pleasure.

As he pushed his long finger into the soft entrance, Ezet’s waist rose and straightened out.

“Now, a finger is far from enough.”

“Who for…!”

“It’s because of me, isn’t it? I know.”

Edmond’s bad habit is to say mean things even though he knows.
Ezet glanced at Edmond and was distracted again by the movement of his stiff fingers through the sensitive flesh.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

She almost bit her tongue while holding back her groan.
She was out of breath.
The whole body seemed to warm up with a hot sigh that touched her ear.
She wanted to scream, and on the contrary, she wanted to bite something hard.
As the fingers of the man rubbing the flesh continued, something inside her soared.
As if it’s going to explode.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to put up with it?”


Edmond grabbed onto the butt and pulled it in to keep her from escaping.
As soon as his hands poked inside her with her lower half tangled, Ezet shook with a shrill scream.

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