No, is it right to be hot?

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Although she was embarrassed that she could not figure out how she was in this situation, the question raised in her head was scattered with a white light when the man hit his butt again.

“Ah, ah!”

“You must have a taste for this.”

“No, like that….”

“If you put your back up like that, your body will feel burdened.
Like this.”

Edmond pushed his thigh under the belly of the Ezet to fix her posture and stroked her red-handed butt from bottom to top.

Unlike the hot friction, Ezet instinctively fluttered her butt at his delicate touch.

“Shaking your hips means you want to be hit more?”

She couldn’t even answer! She heard a fricative sound again.

Ezet buried her face in the sheet and sobbed.
She was getting slapped on the butt as if she were being punished, but it was thrilling rather than painful.

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Despite the absurd experience of being hit by her husband’s hand on her butt, Ezet’s body held up her butt higher by putting pressure on her lower abdomen and standing her knees.

The incredible, thrilling friction spread from the butt to the thighs.

“You said you weren’t in the mood, but you seem happy to be slapped on your butt.”

“Oh, no!”

“Then why are you shaking your butt in front of me?”


Slap! Slap!

The thrilling and hot sensation continued to pour out.

Even though the right area was swollen red, the butt kept twitching.
As if she was addicted to the sense of being beaten, the tremor did not stop.

A little more.
A little more!

Ignoring that her legs had begun to get wet, Ezet groaned and shook her hips.

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“Ah, ah…”

“You must have liked it a lot.
This place is like this.”


Ezet swallowed the scream as long fingers slowly penetrated through her butt into the soft slit.

“It’s wet.”

Feeling ashamed, her heart beat twice.
The man, who was rubbing her clit passionately, grabbed her thighs with both hands and spread them from side to side.
Something moist came from the secret place that she had never touched herself.

Ezet held her knees up, swallowing a breath.

“Ah! Stop, what are you doing!”

“I’m trying to make you feel better.”

“Don’t do it! It’s a dirty place…!”


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When Ezet sobbed, Edmond asked back, wondering.

If Ezet had turned around and looked at his expression, she could see that his red eyes were not that of a question or curiosity but a desire to dominate his opponent.

“Then I’ll lick it and make it clean.”


When he dug into the spreading red entrance and let his tongue inside the vagina as if it were melting away, her body trembled, and her hips and thighs became tense.

Does she know? The more you strain your thighs and muscles, the more pleasurable your voice is.

Licking the hole in the lewd honey with his tongue, Edmond’s thumb penetrated the light brown bushes and found a small bump.

“Oh, Ah mahh!”

When he pulled the screaming Ezet’s legs, she was no longer able to move.

Edmond slowly rounded the clitoris in the bushes, tasting the honey flowing from her soft, hot folds.
She was amazed just by the touch of a stranger, which made her flinch in surprise, and she felt shy.

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Ezet’s breathing, who was gulping down her breath, became more and more intense.
Her long brown hair was disheveled on the sheet.
As she felt forced to heat up, Ezet buried her face in a pillow and cried.

“Huh, Gaahhh…”

“If you quit now, you’d be more distressed.”

“Huh! No, eung…!”

Her slender body flinched when he pushed out the skin wrapped around the clitoris and touched the round flesh.

Ezet shivered with her toes crunched.
At the point where Edmond’s fingertips were touched, flames were burning in her body.
She couldn’t come to her senses as if she was going to pee.

“It’s weird, please, stop… I think it’s coming out….”

“Send it out, whatever.
If you endure it, it becomes poison.”

With no words of comfort at all, Edmond rounded Ezet’s clitoris with devilish persistence.

The fingers, which may be wet with saliva or her juice, were such a thrilling pleasure that Ezet had never imagined.
Her skin trembled, and something flashed in her head.

Ezet held the pillow and groaned high.
Tears welled up every time he touched her.

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