One Thing is Clear (2)

“So, what did you do when I took off my skirt?”

In a light retort, she kissed Edmond’s nose with a chuckle.

“Then I’ll have to rush in now.”


The wet hem has been peeled off, and the hot palms have been in contact.
There was a fragrant smell of flesh on the spot where the scent of water had disappeared.

Ezet closed his eyes and focused on the touch of the man touching him.
Even though he just felt it, a tingling sensation rose like a flower.

“Oh, Ed…”

If you make too much noise, people will hear you.”

Come to think of it, this was still the Imperial Palace.
It’s an empty room, but one never knows when someone will come in.

Edmond pushed his hand between her legs as the startled Ezet strained herself.


“I like your thin underskirt.”

It’s a little fulfilling to lift a dress and a pannier and tuck in a big body, but it’s also a fresh pleasure to covet your wife’s body over such a thin underskirt.

Edmond smirked and caressed her thigh over her underskirt.
Cold and smooth thighs were touched over a thin cloth.

Edmond turned his hand to the side and rubbed her hand between her thighs.
The thighs, which had become hard as if they were nervous by the touch of the hard palm, which moved regularly as if the heart was beating, slowly relaxed their boundaries.

“Oh, Ed, wait a minute.”

Seeing face facing down her navel as a large hand making friction underneath escaped, Ezet grabbed Edmond’s shoulder.

Seeing her husband’s big hand rubbing her bottom slipping away and his face about to drop below her navel, Ezet grabbed Edmond’s shoulder.

Edmond knows what Ezet is most pleased about.
Red flesh hidden under white skin.
If he licks the small, cute flesh with his tongue hidden by thin underwear, he may have seen her cry and shake her waist several times.

She knows that her husband’s skillful tongue twitching will reach its peak in less than a minute.

But Ezet didn’t want to be like that now.

“You said you’d warm me up.”

“I did.”

“…hug me.”

She knows where the most intense pleasure comes from.
But physical pleasure is not everything.

Ezet wanted to hug Edmond.
The relief and satisfaction one gets when they bury their face in wide arms and leave their body in the strong arms are the kinds of things that one can’t fill with the burning pleasure of the peak.

As Ezet stretched out her arms, this time, he hugged her, not his face in her arms.
She could feel the firm muscles over the well-ironed suit shirt.
When her husband wrapped his body around her, she felt as if she was wearing armor.

“Is it warm?”

“Well, on the outside.”

“Then I’ll have to warm you up.”

The lips from the top of the head to the forehead passed through the snow and came down the cheek.
Feeling breathless in front of his nose, Edmond did not immediately kiss but stuck out his tongue and licked her lips.
Ezet followed suit and stuck out his tongue.

Maybe it’s because he’s opening his mouth.
The sound of only tongues intertwining each other sounded muddy.
The breathing was also rougher than usual.
She felt her breathing getting hotter and hotter, so Ezet opened her mouth wide to breathe in the cold air.

Just then, the lips, which had been off all along, stuck like a magnet and sucked in their soft tongue.


With her nasal voice raised, Ezet shrank and straightened her back to the road with a pat on her back.

The dress and underskirt were stumbling from the waistline, but the man’s palm was busy groping for a smooth back and sensitive side.

Instead of taking off his clothes on his own, Ezet pulled the cravat wrapped around Edmond’s neck.
Maybe because she untied it once, it wasn’t that hard to untie the knot.

Who said the first one is hard and the second one is easy.
Unlike the last time, Ezet was surprised to see herself unbuttoning and opening his collar without hesitation.

‘I don’t know.
I don’t know what I’m doing.’

She’s already eaten from the part where she didn’t push Edmond away, which was coming anyway.
Ezet put her hand on a broad chest, feeling mildly self-loathing.
A man’s firm body that’s different from a woman’s.
The beating of the heart at the center was intense.

The hot breath mixed up and disturbed her mind.
This is the Empress palace, and in the hallway outside the door, she was distracted by the eager kisses that coveted each other as if to erase the fact that the guards and maidens were busily moving.

She must not let go of her reason.
To catch the fainting spirit of the messy kiss, this is the Palace, Ezet constantly warned herself.
That’s enough, Edmond will no longer be obstinate if she sincerely refuses, so she has to tell him.

It was enough already to show kissing in the hallway.
It is too much to come into an empty room and share body temperature by taking off each other’s clothes.
She has to go back and wash herself and change her clothes to attend the evening banquet.

Now there are more than a hundred valid and reasonable reasons why she has to push her husband away.

Ezet, with a nasal voice, pushed Edmond out of her chest.
The lips of the two, who seemed to be stuck, fell off.
The loose silver on the red tongue sticking out of the lips stretched and broke in a gentle curve.



This is enough.
She has to go back now.

Edmond’s face was likely to weaken her mind, so Ezet lowered her gaze.

Her hands were on Edmond’s chest.
She felt like she could hear the pulse beating over the skin that touched her palm.
It was hot.
There is no temperature in the sound, but the moment she felt the beating, her ears burned.

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