One Thing is Clear (1)

It takes less than 20 minutes from the Imperial Palace to the northern outer castle, but even those few minutes were not enough for Edmond.

Edmond, who opened the empty room’s door, pushed Ezet to the wall without turning on the light.

“Wait, Edmond, this is the Imperial Palace.”

“What does the place have to do with a husband loving his wife?”

“It’s only natural that it’s relevant!”

“Then I’ll make it a no-brainer.”

“What’s that… Aah!”

As he pulled the lace off the chest part, the cloth, which was wet and stuck to her body, was dragged down and shook as if the coveted chest was popping.

“You must have been cold.”

Edmond whispered, like a loving husband who really cares about his wife’s body when he hears her voice.
Of course, words were the only thing caring, and his hands clasped her chest without conscience.

Perhaps because Edmond was wet and cold, Edmond felt unusually hot, and Ezet twisted her body.

“Edmond, no…”

“Yes, you shouldn’t catch a cold.
I’ll keep you warm.”

“If you’re going to warm me up, let me take a bath!”

“You don’t have to worry.
I’ll wash you with care when I’m done.”

What do you mean it’s over, what’s over.

Ezet was stunned and was about to say something when she looked into Edmond’s eyes and swallowed his breath.
Edmond’s eyes were visible even in the dark room because the lights were not turned on.

It wasn’t the eyes of an animal burning with lust.
Nor was it the eyes of a demon who tormented his wife who could not resist.

His eyes were so clear that she felt tingling when he touched her skin.
It was chilling as if a sharp blade had come close.
Her heart pounded, and her skin seemed to fluff up.

‘Maybe this is the life I read in the book.’

It’s a chillingly sharp look, but what’s in Edmond’s eyes wasn’t anger.
He didn’t blame her either.

She’s never met such a gaze from this man.


“I should have knocked him out and run to save you sooner.”

“You can’t do that.
Daniel’s grandchild of a friend of my grandmother’s…”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t find you so cold.”

A breath of a sigh came out.
Ezet realized the identity of a life that was chilling to the point of constriction of the heart.

It was a regret.


Edmond is not blaming Ezet for not finding himself.

It’s not that she’s blaming herself for not being able to calm the fire by herself and let people evacuate without crying over Edmond.
Edmond doesn’t want to kill her, nor himself.
It was the time in the past.

“Edmond, well, I’m not hurt anywhere.”

“You’re surprised, aren’t you? Suddenly there was a fire.”

“I’m surprised, but… I wasn’t scared.
Since it’s the empress palace, I thought it would be protected.”

When the fear of death reaches its peak, humans forget what they know.

The shock her grandmother received on the day her parents died in a wagon accident was the same.
She had to sign her son’s death certificate, but she was so shocked that she couldn’t remember her name for a moment.

So if it was a different place where the fire broke out, Ezet might have been scared and stomped to forget how to evacuate, but the place where the fire broke out was the basement of the Imperial Palace.

The wives of the best noble families and the empress enjoy tea time, so would there be no fire defense equipment? She believed it would be fine if the guards who detected the disturbance of the fire alarm came to the rescue.

So she was able to deal with it coolly.

“Edmond, I’m fine.”

“After all that trouble?”

“You opened the door, so I could get out of there in time.
My sister told me that this kind of accident becomes a story or dance after some time.”

Perhaps embarrassed to bring up Erit’s story in front of Edmond, Ezet wet his lips with her tongue and smiled awkwardly.

“I would never want to hear such a story.”

It was a joke to cheer him up, but it doesn’t work on Edmond, maybe because it’s Erit’s joke.

Reaching out at Edmond, who seemed genuinely straight-faced, he bowed his head gently and buried his face on her shoulder.

“Your shoulders are cold, too.”

“Yes, Edmond is warm, so it’s okay.”

“I’m not fine.”

The man buried his face in her arms and breathed in, just like an animal headfirst into a cave.

Not for too long, but countless times, Ezet thought she knew quite a bit about a man named Edmond.
Curiously, however, after coming to the palace, she discovered Edmond for the first time every day.

Even at this moment.

“Edmond, I read in a book that…”

“What is it?”

“If you keep wearing wet clothes, you’ll catch a cold.”

Edmond, who was burying his face in Ezet’s arms, looked up.
She kissed and smiled between his eyes.

Erit’s jokes don’t work, but what if it’s Ezet’s jokes.
In front of a man who blames himself, it would be better to give him a new mission to concentrate on rather than appease him by saying it’s okay.

Edmond is a self-indulgent and unpredictable man, but when it comes to this cozy atmosphere, Ezet’s judgment is hardly wrong.

“Then I’ll take it off for you.”

Yeah, she’s not wrong.

“But you already took off the skirt before I even took it off.”

“The clothes are too heavy…”

“How many times do I have to tell you that you have to call me?”

Edmond’s voice was mixed with criticism this time.
Ezet was stunned by the tone of genuine resentment that he missed the chance to take off her skirt but soon smirked.
Maybe it’s because of this situation.
Edmond’s outrageous response was rather cute.

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