I don’t have any culture? You have no common sense! (8)

Thinking what Edmond was saying, Ezet looked at the door to the hallway.
There stood Daniel with a stunned look on his face.
Behind Daniel were seen, guards and maids.

“Count Spencer.”

“Well, I’m…”

Ezet ignored Daniel and beckoned to the maid, who could only see her head in the back.

“The ladies are not dressed as usual, so please let the maids inside first.”

At the word, the guards faltered and stepped aside.

“The person who inhaled a lot of smoke needs treatment, so please call a doctor quickly.
She’s unconscious, so she is going to need a stretcher.”

“Yes, Duchess of Jaxen.”

“And Her Majesty…”

“That’s enough.
They are not idiots, so they’ll take care of it.”

“Oh, my God!”

Edmond twirled Ezet’s body back, hugged her in both arms, and strode outward.
Edmond’s walk was unstoppable as if he were walking on a rug with nothing, even though his knees were full of water to sink.

“Edmond, how did you know I was here? I thought you couldn’t hear the bell upstairs because the rescue team didn’t come.”

“I was trying to sneak in because I wanted to see you, and that despicable guy caught me.
If I were alone, I would have knocked him down, but it was annoying to come with a guard and a maid.”

“What, you were trying to sneak in?”

“It’s uncomfortable to face the Emperor when you’re not around.
I was going to see you for a while.”

So, on his way back from escorting the Ezet, he missed her again and got caught by Daniel trying to sneak into the basement.

“Oh, my God! Why would you do that?”

“Thanks to it, I realized you were in danger.
I’m sorry for the late rescue.”

“Don’t be sorry, but… No, that’s not the part to feel sorry for!”

“Yes, I shouldn’t have sent you to that tea room in the first place.”

He should have locked her in the bedroom.

She thought she could hear the words… so Ezet doubted her hearing for a moment.
Sighed a small sigh and looked back.
A maid was seen guiding the ladies wrapped in blankets and a guard carrying Countess Devon with a stretcher.

‘That was a close call.’

It is not known what the Empress was trying to do, but she almost made many mistakes.

“I’m glad I read the book.”


“There was a fire, and no one knew how to put it out.
Besides, there was no common sense of evacuation.
If I didn’t know that, it would have been a huge fire.”

Edmond stopped walking up the stairs.
His red eyes tilted slightly.

“Who set the fire?”

“It’s… he, I don’t know.
No, there! There was a fire accidentally.
An accident!”

“In an accident?”

His forehead narrowed.
Knowing Edmond’s thorough and persistent personality, Ezet quickly decided to turn the conversation around.

She doesn’t know the intention, but if Edmond knows that the Empress put her in danger by setting the fire, the relationship between the Imperial Family and the Duke will be destroyed.

“And the darts! I’m glad I learned!”


“There was a fire detector on the ceiling, but the air circulator fan went around and scattered all the smoke! So I threw a knife and broke its wings.”

Ezet blinked, pretending to throw a pin, but the wrinkles on Edmond’s forehead didn’t budge.

“And… and, um.”

“I’m glad you chose me.”


“Didn’t I open the closed door for you?”

Edmond simply opened the iron door, which was pushed by 30 women but was not budging due to water pressure.
If Edmond hadn’t opened it, the ladies in the store would have caught a cold, and Countess Devon would be in critical condition.

“Thank you, Edmond.
You saved my life.”

“Then give me a kiss me.”


This is in the middle of the Empress’ Palace.
Behind her are busy maids and guards, and above her, she can see nobles rushing to pick up their wives.

But he asked her to kiss him in the middle of this.

“Edmond, what happened to your conscience?”

“Three years ago, I was taken away when I returned from the border-threatening dragon.”

Did he have a conscience to be taken away?

“Didn’t you ever think about getting it back?”

“I can’t live in the present because I’ve lost it.
Because humans are future-oriented animals.”

“Are you going to live without conscience in the future?”

“What’s wrong with my love?”

Edmond frowned one eye and kissed the tip of Ezet’s nose.
He licked her lower lip and smiled leisurely.

“Selling my conscience to win your love, maybe my conscience was the most precious treasure of mankind in the world.”

She couldn’t understand what logic he was talking about, but Ezet lost energy to refute it because the words he was pouring out were good at liquidation.
It was also too much to speak into this man.

“It’s a waste to lose such a precious thing.”

“Will you fill it up, ma’am?”

“I don’t think I’ll be enough.”

“It’s overflowing.
Of course, I don’t want to spill it because it’s overflowing.”

Edmond drew close to his lips, still saying something he didn’t know what to say.
Ezet did not refuse and accepted his kiss.
The mixing breath was hot.
The dress and hair were all wet and soaked, and the feeling of sticking to the skin was unpleasant, but strangely, all the unpleasant feelings disappeared as if they had been washed away as soon as she kissed Edmond.

“Yes, don’t spill it.
I’m giving it all to you.”

This skin, saliva, breath, and eyes exist only to feel each other.
As soon as the man and woman, who were pulled like magnets, overlapped their lips again, all the scenery of the world melted away.

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