p>The ladies, who were sitting and shaking to save face, stood up.
A lady took off her clothes and stood up in her underwear because it was not easy to cut off her skirt.

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m like this in front of others!’

It was disgraceful, but the situation was urgent.

The ladies, who feared the blame would fall on them if something happened to Countess Devon, rushed to the door.

“Oh, the door, it’s too heavy!”

Nearly 30 ladies pushed out of their bodies, but only knee-deep water was floating, showing no signs of opening the door.

“When is the rescue team coming? I’m sure the bell rang!”

“Isn’t there a soundproofing system underground? Then they won’t be able to hear anything from up there.”

“No way, then…”

Does that mean no one’s coming to see them until it’s time for the ball?

The ladies turned pale.

“Duchess of Jaxen, what do we do?”

“Why do you keep asking me?”

“You know this kind of thing!”

The only disaster evacuation tips Ezet knows are common sense, but certainly, none of the ladies here have such common sense, so she has no choice but to take the lead.
But opening doors that wouldn’t open because of water was beyond Ezet’s ability.

“I don’t know! It’s not my job to work!”

“Yes, it’s my specialty.”

Edmond’s voice was heard over the door.

Clap clack.


The iron door, which nearly 30 ladies hung and wouldn’t budge even if pushed, opened as simple as opening a paper cover.

“Oh, my God!”

The ladies leaning against the door shoulder-to-shoulder faltered.
Ezet, who was in the lead, fell forward, unable to overcome the power of the ladies pushing from behind.


Ezet’s body, which was about to fall into the gray water in front of her, was lifted.
As it was, the view turned 180 degrees, and even in this mess, her husband’s face, which didn’t have a single messy hair, came into her eyes.


“I told you to call me for these kinds of course.”

The tone was ambiguous whether he was complaining or showing a grievance.

Edmond was only looking at Ezet, but the ladies backed away, horrified by the sudden appearance of the Duke of Jaxen.
Each person was busy picking up a wet skirt and covering their inner dress.

“The expensive dress is a mess.”


Who was it that tore the expensive dress apart like a shred of paper?

Before Ezet could say anything, Edmond held her in one arm, took off his jacket, and wrapped it around her waist to cover her inner skirt.

“That’s why you can’t go to dinner.
Let’s go back to the room.”

“Edmond, wait a minute! Countess Devon is unconscious!”

“It’s up to them to handle the accident.
I blocked them from going down and looked for you like this.”

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