rm bell rang.
Black smoke washed away in cold water like soldiers in an arrow rain.

* * *

It was not until the spilled water covered the hearts of the ladies crouching on the floor that the alarm bell, which had been ringing to the point where their heads hurt, stopped.

Is it over?

Ezet barely looked up and looked at the ceiling.
The light green mana stone, which was spinning like a mirror ball when it sounded the alarm, was back in a transparent and clear light as if it had always been like that.

“The lights must have turned off.
Now go outside.”

“Duchess of Jaxen, I, I can’t get up…”

“Me too, my skirt…”

Ezet was heavy, too.
Not that it wasn’t, but she didn’t think a dress that drank water could get this heavy.

Ezet, who was trying to pull herself up to open the door, sank back in, unable to withstand the formidable weight of the watered Panier.
No matter how wet a bird’s wings are, it can’t fly, but it doesn’t have to be this heavy when it’s not flying in the sky.

“I can’t do this.
Let’s take off our skirts.”

“What, you’re taking off your skirt?”

Ezet picked up a submerged knife and cut off the strap on the dress that tied it to its waist.

The blade of the dessert knife was not sharp, so it didn’t break well, but when she pulled the wet cloth straight, made it tight, and then gently drew the blade on the sewn part, the stitches were torn apart and suddenly ripped.

“Kya, Duchess of Jaxen!”

“It’s a flood outside the door anyway.
You have to open the door and go out to the ground, but it’s uncomfortable to move like this.”

Ezet ripped off the skirt of the dress and took off the pannier.
It wasn’t even bare skin because she was wearing underwear and drawers inside anyway.

However, the ladies, who believed that exposing their inner skirts to others was a vulgar act done by ordinary people, were shocked.

“I can’t open the door alone because of the water.
Somebody help me.”

“Ha, but how can I take off my skirt…”

“So you’re going to sit in the water all the time? You might catch a cold.”

The water in the hydrant is not bathwater.
The water stored simply to extinguish the fire was extremely cold, not considering reaching the human body.

In addition, it was painful and uncomfortable to curl up all over the body so as not to inhale smoke, and the ladies only looked at each other.

“Duchess of Jaxen, can’t we just wait here?”

“Yes, the bell rang, didn’t it? The rescue team will be here.”

“What if someone sees you in an underskirt when there might be a man in the rescue team?”

Ezet was amazed.
Are these people still unable to grasp the situation?

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