I don’t have any culture? You have no common sense! (5)

Even if they don’t have common sense, she’s the empress of a country because she’s been beating people with one finger all her life.
There’s no way she doesn’t know the fire is an emergency.
Edmond, who was sent out not to disturb the ladies’ tea time, would suddenly appear like a warrior in a fairy tale, and she was unaware that it is impossible to save everyone.

“Your Majesty, did you…”

Did Her Majesty set fire to the tea room?

In order not to spit out the question that came to mind, Ezet quickly shut up.

It’s a word that she doesn’t know what kind of storm it will bring if she says it hastily.
No matter how suspicious she is, even if she has physical evidence, she should not say it.

But it was certainly strange.
The lantern that lit up the inside of the tea room was not a candle but a luminescent mana stone.
None of your ladies smoked.
When boiling water, not fire, but heat magic stone is used, there is no place for embers to occur.

There is no reason for a fire under the sofa where the Countess of Devon and her party were sitting.
On purpose, someone hid the embers and didn’t drop them.

“What’s wrong, Duchess of Jaxen?”

“Edmond doesn’t come.”


“We have to work this out on our own.
Between the people here.”

The Empress’ eyes widened at Ezet’s answer.
At that time, Ezet was convinced.
If the Empress set the fire, she must have found a fire in the basement.

She is sure Edmond would know and run from somewhere if Ezet was in danger.

Edmond isn’t even the Dragon of the Movement; how can he get here?

It was ridiculous, but the situation does not change when asked why.
That was not what mattered now.

The fire alarm doesn’t go off, and it only lasts a few hours trapped in an underground warehouse.
Now, rather than finding out who the culprit is, they need to find a way to turn off the blanket and remove the smoke.

“Everyone, look for alarm bells on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling.
It’s a magic stone, so you’ll find out soon enough.”

“Alarm bell?”

“I’m sure there’s a device somewhere that can tell us what’s going on in this basement! We have to find it quickly!”

The alarm bell is for first aid.
It may be hidden so that you don’t accidentally press it, but it’s not a key to a treasure chest, so you can’t have hidden it that way.
It must be in a position to find.

“There’s only tea leaves here.”

“This is a teaspoon and a knife…”

“There are only iron bowls in this cupboard.”

Countess Ritten and other ladies opened the cupboard and looked inside but found nothing but tea leaves and tea.

Ezet’s mind was on edge.

‘There’s no way there isn’t.
The empress architect is no fool!’

Ezet looked around desperately and looked up at the ceiling.
She could see the air circulator running in the center.

Strangely, there was not much smoke on the ceiling for the smoke accumulation, but it seemed to be playing a role in dispersing the smoke so that the wings of the air circulator could not gather.

‘No, wait a minute.
You’re going to scatter them?’

She pressed a handkerchief around his stinging eyes because of the smoke, calmed them down, and opened her eyes again.

In the middle of the air circulator was a light green mana stone button.
It was the same mana stone as the fire detection equipment installed in Viscount Harriet.

“Oh, my God.
How could you install that in there!”

“What? What?”

“Excuse me, that’s a fire-detection mana stone!”

As the Ezet pointed to the middle of the ceiling with its finger, all the ladies’ eyes looked up.

Air circulator running from the ceiling, which seems to be 5m long.
Light green mana stone embedded in the middle of it.

‘I’m up.
How can I stop that?’

An air circulator mounted for air circulation works with mana stones that are all identical on one floor.
In other words, the power source for turning the warehouse’s air circulator is not here but in the central management room, which means there is no way to stop it when trapped in it.

“…the fan’s wings were chasing the smoke, so the bell wouldn’t ring.
You have to break the wings to get the smoke in there.”

“Break it?”

The Ezet glared at the tight air circulator from the ceiling and turned her head.

“The Countess of Ritten.
The knife basket over there, please hand it over here.”

“What? What about a knife?”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to stab us…”

Ignoring the two ladies freaked out at the request of a knife, Ezet urged Countess Ritten.

When Countess Ritten, who was anxious to follow her words, handed over the knife basket, Ezet poured all the knives onto the floor, supported the bowl inside, and handed it to the Empress.

“Your Majesty, keep this on your head.”

“Wear a bowl on my head?”

Gray, open the door to your cupboard and hand out iron bowls to everyone.
Protect your head with it.”

Ezet picked up a knife spilled on the floor.

“I’m going to throw it and break the wings.
You don’t know where the shrapnel is going to go, so protect your heads with a bowl and curl up as much as you can.”

“I can’t do it.
How can I use this dirty thing on my head?!

“It’s not dirty.
It’s been cleaned, isn’t it?”

“How can I wear something that’s neither a hat nor a Tiara on my head? No way!”

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