I don’t have any culture? You have no common sense! (3)

Countess Devon, who glanced back at Ezet’s comments, stiffened her shoulders.
This is because gray smoke was rising under the sofa.

“Hey, what’s this? Why is this smoke coming out?”

“Get out of the way! If the end of the dress catches fire, you’ll be in trouble!”

“Oh, it smells weird.
Give me the fan.”

The ladies, who had only heard of the fire, were unaware of the smoke rising from under the sofa.

The acrid smell must have bothered her, and the Countess of Delaware fanned under the sofa with a fan she was holding with her nose covered.

“Don’t fan it!”

“Oh, my God!”

Perhaps the Countess of Delaware tried to scatter the fan because the smoke smelled acrid.

However, not knowing that the fire was spreading in the wind, she panicked and stepped back as the fire spread as soon as she fanned it a few times.
Thirteen ladies, who had been swarming, fell over the table in surprise at the flames, and teacups fell and broke.

Fragments splashed from place to place as she stepped on the broken piece with her heels, and Ezet pushed her back so that the Empress wouldn’t be hurt.


“Fire! Under the sofa, suddenly…!”

“Hey, stop it with this! Come on!”

Frustrated by the flames spreading from the bottom of the sofa to the table, the ladies took off the tablecloth and threw it under the couch.

Just as they can’t bite people if they gag an animal’s mouth, blocking the bottom of the sofa with a tablecloth will prevent the flames from spreading out.

Lady who had no common sense of fire thought so.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“Duchess of Jaxen, you’re crazy!”

“If you do that, the fire will spread!”

“It won’t come out! I blocked them all.”

Countess Devon protested angrily, pointing to a white tablecloth tucked under the sofa.
The tablecloth was tightly packed like a gag.

But the patting did not die down.
The tablecloth, which had been sticking out so hard to force it in, shrank as if it were breathing out and began to turn black from the inside.


It’s like a beast chewing and swallowing food in its mouth.
As soon as the tablecloth disappeared under the sofa, black smoke began to rise.
Much darker than the previous smoke, with a stinking stench to their stomach.

“Cough, Cough! What is that smell?”

“Oh, my God, don’t step on my dress!”

“Get out of the way! The smoke…!”

As black smoke surrounded the area, the ladies, in a hurry, quickly avoided the smoke.
The ladies moved away from the door because the large table where the Countess of Devon was sitting was closest to the door.

To the corner.
Go to the corner.

“Don’t push me, kya!”

“Wait, you can’t go that way! Door, open the door and take the stairs…

“Get out of the way!”

In the event of a fire underground, it is common sense for fire evacuation to run before the fire blocks the door, open the door to secure an escape route, and climb up the stairs to escape.

The ladies, who had never learned how to evacuate the fire in their lives, rushed into the storage room where tea leaves were collected, just to avoid the black smoke in front of them.

“You can’t go that way!”

Ezet, who was about to take the Empress to the door, was forced to run when she saw the ladies running into the warehouse.

“Mee, don’t push!”


Ezet, who entered the warehouse, closed the door to prevent the flames from penetrating inside.


The ladies were relieved when the thick iron door closed and the flames about to seep through the cracks disappeared.

But Ezet was not relieved.

‘They’re crazy.
They’re running upstairs, hiding in a warehouse.
Don’t these people have common sense?’

There wasn’t.

‘What the hell? They said I don’t have the skills to be a lady.
I don’t have culture.
Aren’t these people the real fools?’

That may be the case in a nutshell.

It may be difficult for ordinary people to understand.
Still, for the noble lady of a prestigious family, a fire-like disaster was something in another world that they never experienced once in their lifetime.

The noble’s mansion has a comprehensive fire protection system, and servants quickly extinguish the fire if they find even the smallest embers.
Even if the discovery is delayed and the fire breaks out, servants run to evacuate the owner’s family and contact the fire department to extinguish the fire.

They don’t know how a fire breaks out, and they don’t see how it works.

They don’t even know how to deal with it when they wake up.
They don’t feel the need to learn.

That’s what people underneath have to do.
In the event of a fire, they can follow the butler’s or the maid’s instructions and take a safe route and stay in the villa until the fire is put out.
That was what nobles thought of as a fire escape.

But the underground tea room of the Empress was a closed space, and there was no servant here to extinguish the fire and evacuate them.

The ladies, who did not want to be disturbed by the lowly maids, decided to have a tea time where only the nobles gathered without even the maid of honor.
The result is this.

“Cough, Cough!”

“It smells weird.”

“Why is the smoke coming in when the door is closed?”

Smoke comes in even if you close the door.
Even the apparent common sense, they don’t have it.

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