I don’t have any culture? You have no common sense! (2)

Then, as if it were a sign, the wives near Count Ritten flocked to Ezet and responded.

“Yes, the Duchess of Jaxen has received an invitation to the opera house of Count Ritten.”

“It’s no shame that you can’t ride because you’re weak.
Instead, you are so well versed in art.”

“Duchess of Jaxen, have you decided what you’re going to see at the Ritten Opera House? Please tell us which is the best opera.”

Is it at a time like this that people hate their allies who disturb inside more than enemies who break in from outside?

Ezet bit her mouth.

She didn’t even know anything about opera.
Except for reading books, she and Edmond went to the theater together in the past and watched it.

The problem is that not long after the performance, her husband crawled into her skirt and did all sorts of random things, so she couldn’t hear any songs.

Ezet felt dizzy that all she did at the grand theater, where so many people gathered, was being beaten naked by her husband.

‘Oh, I’m embarrassed.
Let’s not think about it.’

But if she thinks about it, She doesn’t know anything.
After a moment of contemplation, Ezet decided to be honest.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know much about opera enough to explain to the ladies.”


The Countess Ritten, who was crossing her arms, looked at her with a look of incredulity.
The ladies, who tried to build their pride in the name of “Duchess Jaxen, who is not good at horseback riding,” looked at each other with their eyes wide open.

‘She said she couldn’t even ride.’

‘If she doesn’t know anything about Opera…’

‘What is her literacy?’

The ladies, who were closely attached to the Ezet, took a step away.
Straighten their waist, spread out their fans as if they had never been attached from the beginning, covering their mouth and looking elsewhere.

Nobles are no different from ordinary people.
They are always after money and fame, seeking practicality.

However, the difference between a nobleman and a merchant is that, unlike a merchant who only seeks practicality, a nobleman must attach a plausible justification to the usefulness he seeks.

We cannot ignore the great wealth and power of the Duchy of Jaxen.
If they turn the kite, there will be a considerable profit in trade, so it was a significant profit even if they pretended to be a member of the Countess of Devon, the leading social group.

But that’s what the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen don’t damage ‘noble decency.’

Edmond, the presupposed Duke of Jaxen, is a lowly mercenary from the ordinary people.
Still, he is his country’s strongest warrior and hero to defeat the dragon that threatened the border.
So even if they stick to his side, they can put out the name ‘Because he’s a hero and dress up the aristocrat’s face.

But what about the Duchess of Jaxen? She was also young at the time of her wedding, who lost her parents early and lost control of their lands.
In addition, a high-ranking lady has no experience in horseback riding and does not know about opera.

“Isn’t this a little harsh?”’

That was why the ladies who sided with Ezet took a step back.
Even the ladies in the audience’s shoes looked through the Ezet as if they were looking at someone strange.
She should not be intimidated by the way they look down on her.
Ezet cleared her throat and opened her mouth.

“My hobbies are reading and darts.
Is there anyone here who has the same hobby as me?”

Obviously, it was a shame that the noble lady of the prestigious family could not ride a horse and did not know much about the opera.
But Ezet was not ashamed.
It’s even more rude to stare at a lady with contempt for her lack of knowledge and look at her like they’re a good judge.

“Dart? If it’s a dart…”

“Playing with a target on the wall and throwing a pin?”

“Oh, my God, that’s a kid’s game!”

“It’s not that I can’t shoot…….”

The cold stare at Ezet’s contempt grew even worse.
The aristocrats divided high-end and low-end hobbies by rating them.
Advanced pursuits meant expensive, requiring unique places or large spaces.

For example, horseback riding cannot be enjoyed in lousy weather, required a space wide enough for horses to run, and can only be enjoyed in particular areas that control human access.

So is the opera.
Since the performance is held only in the large theater, the theater’s location is limited, and the contents of the performance ultimately vary depending on which theater it is.

On the contrary, one can read books even if they don’t have money to go to the city library.
Darts can be enjoyed with a target hanging on the wall of their room, no matter where they go.

Reading and darts were the lowest-class hobbies that even commoners could enjoy for aristocrats, who perceived them as high-quality hobbies as more limited conditions.

“It’s been like that since we first met, but the Duchess of Jaxen is a very unique woman.”

It meant she’s not like a lady.

Ezet was emotional but irrefutable.
Not only the Countess of Devon, but also the spectators, but also the ladies who tried to side with her, have stepped down.
If she fights back here, she’ll be ridiculous.

This time, it is difficult to refute as elegant as an aristocrat in terms of the content of the words.
What should I do?

Ezet rolled her eyes and tried to find a way.

It was then.



“The smoke is coming from behind the skirt of Countess Devon!”

“Oh, my God!”

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