Edmond held the end of Cravat with both hands and unfolded it.
She wondered if a thick silk cloth that looked luxurious at one eye fluttered in front of Ezet’s eyes and wrapped her both wrists.

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“It’s alright.
It’s not a rope, so it won’t leave a scar.”

It’s not going to be that problem right now, but Edmond, with his absurdity, tied the Ezet’s wrists with a silk cloth and then looped the ends around the bedhead.
Ezet immediately lay down with both arms up.

“Hey, this is a crime!”

“You may not have known, but there are quite a few couples who commit crimes in the bedroom.”


“Did they say Guilty pleasure?” (TN: Guilty Pleasure was in English, so I used Italics for it)

Let me teach you.

…Edmond said grabbed Ezet’s chest with both hands.

A soft breast crumbled in the man’s hand and changed its shape here and there.
When Edmond heard Ezet’s startled groan, he smiled and dropped his head between her chest.

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As the long tongue swept down the white skin, the sound of the Ezet became urgent, and the waist flinched.
The tension hardened the thighs and tightened the hips.

Ezet finally burst into tears when his tongue licked her belly button in a circle around it.
Even though it was a nervous and pitifully light stimulus, it was repeated persistently, and it degenerated into an urge for unrelieved desire.

With his tongue twitching as if he were tickling, Ezet groaned, rubbing her thighs together.
She couldn’t lie still.

“Huh, oh!”

Edmond looked up.
Ezet’s face was puffing with a red face, while the man’s face was still calm.

No, he was not calm.
His red eyes were brimming with desire.
This relaxed attitude now was like an appetizing process with delicious food in front of him.

Ezet thought so when she saw his lewd red tongue licking his lips.

The judgment was indeed correct.

Edmond was the person that ate what he liked the most at the end.

Edmond was never hasty, but he was very persistent in pushing Ezet.

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Instead of forcing her tight thighs to open, he traced the line from her armpit through her waist to her pelvis with his tongue and rubbed his palm against her lower abdomen.

Ezet’s thighs widened and crawled up to the limit of the stimulus.

“It’s not that you were unwilling.”

Edmond smiled as he made eye contact when he saw the black panties smeared with watery liquid.

Ezet’s face was flushed with blatant eyes and voice.

When the black lace panties were removed, Ezet was covered only in a garter belt and stockings.
(TN- Panties apparently worn upon the garter.)

That one layer felt more wild than her naked body, but her trembling appearance with a naked body had more destructive power than expected.
Black mesh stockings and a garter belt with thin legs made her white skin look more prominent.

To be exact, it was obscene.

“Beautiful, Milady.”

“Si, I don’t like it.
Don’t look…!”

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“I can’t help it because you begged me with such a pathetic look.”

Unexpectedly, Edmond gently raised his upper body.

Are you going to quit? Ezet looked at him with a mixture of relief and unprovoked regret.

Edmond, who returned to the side where Ezet was lying without getting out of bed, bent down a little and pushed his hand under Ezet’s back and thighs.

“Edmond? What are you doing?”

“You don’t like what I see, so I’m doing what you want.”

Before she knew it was a playful voice, Ezet’s body was flipped.


“I’m sure you said, ‘Don’t look,’ so it’s okay to touch it, right?”

Edmond’s hand stroked Ezet’s hip.

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Dangerous and Dizzying First Night

Because her panties were peeled off, her butt, which hung the garter belt, was white and soft.
If her breasts were as smooth as whipped cream, her butt was as elastic as rubber balls.

“N, no! Don’t touch it!”

“Can’t I touch it? Then.”



The man’s palm slid down her butt.
Ezet trembled while lying face down.

A grown woman couldn’t get hit on the butt.
She was naked and her hands tied.
This was the husband whose face she saw for the first time today.

Without giving a moment to judge the situation, the man’s hand struck the woman’s hip again.
The spot where she was hit was burning.

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