Time for Couples Only (6)

“Edmond, please answer one question.”

“What is it, Ezet?”

“You said Jaxen’s leap was legally available.
How many families have the drug in the empire?”

“One for every five families of the empire.
The two Majesty and the little boy… No, a total of eight bottles have been sold to the share of his Majesty and the Prince.”

There are only five families in the Empire who have the wherewithal to buy Jaxen’s leap.
Obviously, the five families were the great nobles who accumulated tremendous wealth.

‘The Count of Harrington wanted to cover up the case.
I’m sure it’s because he can’t even fight back and he’s afraid of retaliation.’

He calmly tried to kill his lady in the palace.
It’s clear that he wasn’t confident that he wouldn’t be caught but that he wasn’t optimistic that he wouldn’t be taken.

Such a man would have enormous status and power, and it was highly likely that the culprit also possessed a leap of Jaxen.

‘All right, I’m going to catch the criminal and get her to give up the drugs.’

It is the authority of the parties to how to use things that have been taken over, and Edmond cannot interfere.
And it’s only natural to make the perpetrator save the victim.
Her mind calmed down quickly when she made up her mind.
Ezet got up with a refreshing face.

“Edmond, get me some clothes.
I want to go out.”

“Going out?”


Ezet smiled brightly.

“You finally got out of the banquet yesterday, didn’t you? I have to go apologize to Her Majesty and the other wives.”

Edmond, who didn’t want to interrupt his time with Ezet, never attended properly because he dissuaded her every time.
Still, it was customary for ladies staying at the Emperor’s palace to gather and talk over tea during the day.

This afternoon’s tea time spot was a tea room in the basement of the Empress.
Ezet came down the stairs wondering what it would look like to hear that she would use all the large underground spaces as threads.

“Edmond, this place has a very high ceiling.”

“The underground is usually reminiscent of a dark and cramped place, but this is the Empress Palace.
If you look at the ground, it’s two stories deep, eliminating the inherent frustration of the basement.”

“I see, that’s why I feel so open without windows…”

At the end of the underground corridor down the stairs was a large door decorated with lacquered black and colored shells.

As Ezet walked into the basement tea room, she wondered at the sight of no guards or maids.
Although the Emperor’s palace courtiers were said to move so they could not be seen, there was no sign of this place as if it were intentionally prohibited from entering.

“Oh, my God.
Duke of Jaxen, Duchess of Jaxen.

As she opened the tea room door, the Empress approached Ezet, greeting her with a happy face.

She could see if they were chatting, a kettle of water, and a cup of tea on the table.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, Her Majesty.”

“Huhu, thanks for coming today.

“This way, Duchess of Jaxen.”

Yesterday at the ball, Countess Ritten beckoned to sit next to her.
A few more unknown faces were seen from her side.
Ezet looked at the faces of the ladies sitting in the tea room.

The table surrounded by Countess Devon was the most crowded with thirteen people, and the table led by Countess Ritten was about six or seven.

And another six or seven ladies sitting in the corner, a little away from them.

Looking at the layout of the seats, she had a rough idea.
The Countess of Devon is the one who keeps Ezet in check, the Countess of Ritten is the one who tries to get close to Ezet, and the one who tries to control her from a distance is the one who has withheld judgment.

‘That’s more than I thought.’

She thought it would be the Empress and Countess Ritten who greeted her, but whether the extreme attitude Edmond showed yesterday was the trigger, the wives of some families seemed to have changed their minds.

The ladies, who gathered to get to know Ezet even though they knew they would pretend to be Countess Devon, were all in poor family circumstances.

Those trying to pioneer a new path because their business has gone bankrupt have difficulty managing their land immediately, have a large amount of debt due to gambling, or have a bad reputation.
They were not very influential in society.
It is comforting to have Countess Ritten around.
Ezet sat down thinking so.

“I didn’t know there was such a nice tea room underground.”

“Haa, the ceiling is very high, right? There are no windows, so you can enjoy the chat without knowing the time outside.”

“Oh, but on the way, I didn’t see any guards or working servants guarding this place.”

“Because this is a secret social gathering place.
We originally have a few maids, but today we’ve sent them out at the request of the ladies.”

The Empress explained in a calm voice, but Ezet tilted her head without understanding what she meant.
Stuck close to her, explained Countess Ritten.

“You can’t leave vulgar things in precious places.
We asked for it.”

They’re vulgar things.
Who is served by those vulgar things?

Ezet was a little choked up but smiled awkwardly because she didn’t want to hurt Countess Ritten’s feelings for welcoming her.

“But… I didn’t expect the Duke of Jaxen to be here.”

The tea room is a women’s space.
Sneaking a furtive glance about why she brought her husband, Ezet waved, thanking Edmond for escorting her.

“Edmond, you can go now.”

“I can’t intervene in the conversation of the noble ladies, my heart falls, and my steps are heavy.”

“Oh, my God.”

Edmond’s specialty was to change the atmosphere strangely by reciting a word that would be neat if he just went out after saying hello.


“Yes, Milady.”

It is up to the wife to soothe her husband, who is still busy showing his affection.
Ezet sighed helplessly and turned her head towards Edmond, and he bent over and kissed lightly.
She heard a slight exclamation of admiration.
It was clearly against the common sense of the aristocracy to show off affection in front of people, but Ezet rationalized the current situation for two reasons.

The first is that the position of the Duke’s family, which is small enough to ignore the rules of the aristocratic society and boldly share affection, is unique.

The second is that Edmond, the owner of that particular family, loves his wife so much, so don’t treat her recklessly.

It was a sort of a show warning.

There is no way to stop Edmond, who has been in constant contact with them, so he decided that it would be better to take advantage of it.

“Then I shall leave so as not to disturb the time of the noble ladies.
Please have a good time.”

In a soft but never light tone, Edmond finished greeting and left the tea room.

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