Time for Couples Only (5)

“Edmond, that can’t be helped.
No matter how precious your wife may be, selling off your lands and titles to a nobleman who values honor…”

Marianne Harriet gave up ownership of the estate for her two grandchildren.
Am I right?”

When Edmond’s grandmother’s name came out of his mouth, Ezet said nothing.
Grandmother sold the sovereignty and ownership of the estate to raise her two granddaughters alone.
It was impossible to handle the money and workforce that would go into management and operation.
The funds received in exchange for the return of ownership of the estate were spent on child support for the two granddaughters.
The Harriet estate was not very large and was not fertile.
The money returned was not that much either.

Nevertheless, she sold her estate to earn child support for her two granddaughters.
Maybe they sold the title if necessary.

There’s only one reason Grandma didn’t sell the title.
It was because of Erit and Ezet’s marriage.

Of course, they need an aristocratic title to marry the spirit of a noble family.
A title is a must even if they try to form a relationship with a family of emerging businessmen seeking to enter the upper class.

So she did not sell titles for the future of her two granddaughters.
Instead of being sent to an academic institute or having a tutor, strict home education was also provided for the future of the two granddaughters.

Under Imperial law, a person who is not married cannot be treated as a single adult and cannot inherit a family business or title.
Marriage was a necessary condition for two granddaughters to lead peaceful lives.

“If you have to give up everything for just one thing, everyone has their hands on what’s most valuable.”

“The last thing Harrington chose was his own safety, not his beloved wife.
I don’t want to show mercy or compassion to a man like that.”

Ezet’s head sank at Edmond’s stern reply.
There was no way to persuade Edmond anymore.

Rather, she was persuaded by what he said.
If Count Harrington had pleaded with Edmond to sell him drugs because he would hand over all his lands and titles, Ezet would have forced Edmond to give him drugs.
And it would have helped preserve the land, the title.

But he didn’t even avenge the one who hurt his wife, let alone attempt.
He hoped to bury himself in the society of nobles as if nothing had happened by accident.

Ezet was understanding on the one hand and despondent on the other.

“Edmond, but I’m the reason why Countess Harrington was hurt…”

“That’s the last reason.”


Ezet was affectionate, weak-minded, and quick to give up.
So even though no one has ever forced her, she makes discipline and gets stuck in a rut.
If the peace of the pack is maintained by someone sacrificing, she sacrifices herself quietly.

Between her honest and bold sister and her worried and stubborn grandmother, she could only erase herself.
She can’t stop her, and she can’t bother her grandmother, so she’ll make the same choice even if she goes back to that time.

One doesn’t sacrifice themselves because they feel guilty when someone gets hurt.
He doesn’t like it, so he’d rather blame the environment in which she had to offer and sacrifice herself.

Edmond made up his mind when he heard Ezet’s story last night.
He’ll never let his beloved wife die again.

“I would do anything for your joy and pleasure.
I’ll do anything for your anger.
But you ask for help because of the responsibilities and obligations that you don’t have to shoulder.
I’m trying not to help you with that.”

“But the Countess of Harrington was targeted because I conciliated to invite her to the tea party.”

“Anyone can invite a tea party.
They are free to comply with your request.
It’s their choice.”

It was, to dismiss it as a word.

Edmond was out of favor for bullying Ezet, and he ruffled the rope for his own gain, so he bought a grudge.

In the world of mercenaries, it was common to lose one’s life by misjudgment.
Edmond had no sympathy for Countess Harrington.

“But if I have the means to help and I don’t help them, they’ll surely resent me…”

“If they want to blame, they have to blame the man who wandered off the balcony.
Why blame you? There’s a separate perpetrator.”


The words filled her with tears that were about to come out.

Ezet looked up and looked at Edmond.
His expression was dark.
But he wasn’t angry at Ezet’s attitude, and it wasn’t annoying that she was being stuffy; it wasn’t that she looked pathetic and stupid.

It was a face that looked upset.

“Ezet, I’d rather you call me a cold-hearted guy.
Don’t get hurt by yourself.”


“You want to help people in trouble, but you can’t help because your husband is a person without blood or tears.
That’s the truth.”

“How did you do that? Edmond for me…”

Ezet bit her lower lip because she thought she would cry again while trying to talk.

She caught her breath and looked up again.
There was an apparent reason for Edmond’s actions.
The Countess of Harrington was one of the perpetrators who tormented Ezet, and her husband, Count Harrington, was not a great man to throw everything away for his beloved wife.

It is quite natural not to be able to give such people a valuable leap forward.
Guilt and mischievous compassion stung her to rest in Edmond’s favor.
She was forced to hurt Edmond’s heart.

She thought she’d apologize, but she closed her eyes and put their lips together because she thought she’d make Edmond more depressed.
It was not a dense kiss, but just rubbing their lips like this made her heart warm.

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