Time for Couples Only (4)

“Edmond, isn’t that recovery medicine working for anyone who got hurt in an accident, not for a disease?”

“There is.”

“Good thing! Then send the medicine to Countess Harrington.”

Ezet, who quickly escaped from Edmond’s bottom, promptly pulled the dark curtain off the bed.
It wasn’t her room, but the structure was similar, so this seemed to be Edmond’s bedroom.
Having no clothes to wear, Ezet eventually had to pull the blanket back together and cover herself.

“How on earth do you pretend you don’t know when someone’s hurt…”


“What are you looking at? Please bring some clothes from my room quickly.
By now, Countess Harrington would have woken up.
I need you to go and hand me the pills…”

“No, I won’t.”


“I can’t give the Countess of Harrington any medicine.”

Edmond flatly refused.
Ezet, who didn’t know that a man who said he would do anything she asked, would refuse so firmly, inadvertently missed the blanket he was holding.

“Why, why?”

“I told you, didn’t I? Ezet, the medicine is a leap for the Jaxen family.”

“I know it’s patented.
It’s costly.
I’ll pay for the medicine from the budget allocated to me.
Can’t you do that?”

“Yes, no.”

“Why? You said you’d save me if I needed you!”

Pibrus concentrate, which contains magical tools patented technology owned by Edmond individual as a unique property, was a considerably high-priced product, but not a rare product.
Like Edmond, every time a wife looks tired, she can’t be malnourished, but if it’s the royal family or the great nobleman, it is common for each family to have a bottle or two in case of an emergency.

Of course, it is not worth a penny for an ordinary aristocrat like Count Harrington.
But Edmond said he had no recovery pills for Countess Harrington, not just because he was incapable of paying for them.

“Isn’t the Countess of Harrington a member of the Countess of Devon’s faction?”

Edmond’s answer shook Ezet’s wide eyes.

He did not bother to intervene or interfere because Ezet refused, but he was paying attention to Countess Devon’s group.

He knows that since the lake party, Countess Harrington has sided with Ezet.
He doesn’t know how Ezet convinced her, but that kind of process didn’t matter.

Initially, the Countess of Harrington was also a woman who helped harass Ezet.
So she didn’t mean to assist in the slightest just because she was in for a bad thing.

“Why should I use my family’s leap to save the woman who tormented my wife?”

“She won’t do that from now on… No, it’s a matter of life before that! Shouldn’t we get it if we can?”

“It is forbidden for men to intervene in the power struggle of the ladies.
That’s common sense.”

Edmond, of course, had a light disregard for the common sense of the aristocracy but had a convenient way of thinking that he was willing to borrow.

He knows that Ezet wants to save the Countess of Harrington.
She is a woman who has been defected and is in a vegetative state because she sided with the Duchess of Jaxen.
It was clear that waking up would not lead to an ordinary daily life.

Ezet was saddened to hear such a diagnosis from the doctor.
Worrying about Countess Harrington, she consoled the Count.
It’s called compassion.
Perhaps even if it was not Countess Harrington who was hurt, but Countess Devon, the mastermind of the harassment, Ezet would be equally saddened.

No matter how evil a person is, Ezet, who has a friendly personality, was heartbroken as if she were hurt when they were in pain.
So if there are any means to help, she will try to do everything she can to help.

“And you will be betrayed.”

Edmond was well acquainted with the likes of Count and Countess Harrington.
They are not necessarily exceptional villains— Just small citizens easily caving into power and intimidation.

Surely the two couples would appreciate it if Ezet woke up Countess Harrington, who had fallen into a household state by leaps of the Jaxen family, and helped her regain her health.
She would say hello several times with tears in her eyes to be considered a benefactor in her lifetime.

But that’s all.
If there is another life-threatening event, they will easily betray Ezet, the lifesaver.

We’re sorry, forgive us.
We couldn’t help it if we were to live.

Well, that’s what they’ll say.
So Edmond has no intention of helping the Count of Harrington and his wife.
He doesn’t even have sympathy.
Edmond had no compassion that any man would have.

No, maybe there is, but as long as Countess Harrington is involved in bothering Ezet for an instant, she is permanently excluded from Edmond’s humanity.

“Edmond is too cold.”

“It’s not me who’s cold; it’s Ezet Harrington.”

“Why? He’s innocent!”

Even if Countess Harrington was involved in Ezet’s harassment, she was innocent.
It’s not a system of connection.

Ezet was not able to understand.

“Pibrus’s fruit concentrate is not non-sale.
It’s a drug that can be traded drug.
It means that if he really wanted to save his wife, he would be able to buy it.”

Edmond had some insight into the size of the Count of Harrington’s estate.
It is a difficult drug to obtain unless it is a royal family or a great nobleman, but it is not impossible to get a medicine bottle if both title and ownership of the estate are sold.

“He abandoned his family and title and chose to defend what he had and give up his wife rather than save her, the man.”

Although affectionate to his wife, he is not able to devote everything he has accumulated so far.

Countess Harrington’s record was the decisive reason, but Harrington’s attitude was also one of the ancillary conditions against Edmond.

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