Didn’t they say youth is the best beauty? Watching Ezet read books while going to the library with little face to the social world, the grandmother lamented not wasting her youth.
Ezet didn’t think she was wasting her time, but she knew that now was the most beautiful time in her life.

“Edmond, do you want to see me grow old?”

“Yes, as the closest to you.”

“No matter how much you take care of it, I’ll get wrinkles when I get older.
My skin is less elastic and….”

“It’s proof that we’ve been together for as long as the wrinkles have deepened and the skin has lost its vitality.
You’ll be very proud.”

In Edmond’s response, Ezet recalled her deceased grandmother for a moment.
She was strict on the outside, but in fact, she loved her granddaughters more than anyone else.
Now she remembers how warm her grandmother’s expression was when she looked at her and how gentle the wrinkles around her eyes seemed to deepen when she smiled.

The old woman’s face shows the years she has lived.

The grandmother’s face was made of love for her granddaughter over the sorrow of losing her child.
Then what will be piled up on her face decades later?

“Yes, now Edmond’s face is made up of your mercenary life and your time as Duke of Jaxen to maintain your family.”

“Do you like it?”


When she first saw Edmond, she thought he was a wax figure, not a person.
Edmond’s facial expression was somewhat of a weapon when she first met, although it was beautiful enough not to be considered human.
When the impression changed, he looked as scary as the devil from hell, even though she was clearly smiling when she was in trouble.

‘I think he might be able to make a warmer face.
Just like my grandmother did.’

It’s her job from now on to make Edmond look as gentle and warm as an average person.
Thinking so, it seemed to draw a bit concrete picture of how to plan for the future life that felt vague.

“Edmond, do you know your face is scary?”

“If you’re in this position, you need a little bit of pressure.”

“You feel overwhelmed just standing still.”

Wouldn’t it be better to gain some strength? Edmond may be to blame for his overbearing attitude.
If Edmond had a soft and gentle impression like Daniel, the aristocrats who were envious of him would have softened their curses with a flowery smile.

‘But Edmond wouldn’t look like Daniel.’

It was too much to imagine.
Ezet smirked and held Edmond’s forehead.
As she moved her fingers along the thick eyebrows, the red eyes bent gracefully.
The faces of the two are close again.

“Are you still afraid of me?”

“Well, no, I’m not scared right now.”

Rather lovely.
A beautiful face with distinct features.
Even though it is a strong impression that overwhelms people with just eyes, it is strangely funny to see him gently lowering his eyes in front of her while trying to see her reaction.
He also felt a little cute.

Ezet giggled and kissed Edmond on the nose.

“Lovely, very.”

“That’s an honor.”

In return, Edmond lightly bit Ezet’s lips.
Then he changed the angle and kissed again.
A large hand, which never remembered being demure when kissing, clutched her coveted breast.

“Yes, Ed, wait…”

“Didn’t you take recovery pills?”

She doesn’t think he will do what he wants to do now that her body has recovered.
Ezet tried to push in bewilderment, but Edmond’s hand was quick.
The image of a man who knocked his naked wife down on the bed and threw himself on it reminded her of a sleek beast jumping up a tree.

“Ed, wait a minute….”

Ezet’s resistance to the strongest fighter who defeated the vicious Dragons was meaningless.
The predator’s red eyes shone as if searching for the appetizing parts of the prey.
His wife, trembling to the point of her breath, felt so lovely that Edmond bit her chest and sucked in the nipples.

Is it because it is the time when the morning sun rose ultimately? Even though the dark insignia was half-drawn, bright sunlight penetrated and shone on the two people on the bed.
Ezet grabbed Edmond’s shoulder and shook it, but the husband’s body, which was busy sucking his wife’s chest, did not budge, and the loose white gown came off, revealing his solid shoulder.


Ezet almost lost her mind at the sight and shook her head quickly.
Her husband is too skilled and persistent.
If she doesn’t stop Edmond here, it’s just another repeat.

If she mixed up like that, she should feel tired of hearing the word sex, but just touching his skin feels sexy.

Ezet, who decided that she had to stop him before she flew away first, scoured desperately.
An empty medicine bottle caught her eye on the table.

“Edmond, recovery pills! I need another bottle!”


His tongue, which had stimulated the sensitive clitor*s by rubbing warm flesh together, disappeared into his mouth, and he raised his head.
Ezet, who managed to find a way, quickly wrapped her chest and clasped her legs.

“The Countess of Harrington is unconscious.
The Pibrus… What can we do to awaken them with a leap of the Jaxen family?”

It should be exaggerated, but she thought he said it’s a medicine that saves people who are dying.
The Countess of Harrington is currently unconscious.
Even if you wake up, you may not be able to use your neck down for the rest of your life,

A leap from the Jaxen family could help her recover a little.

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