Time for Couples Only (2)

Edmond laid himself beside her with a soft smile, whether he had a guilty conscience when he looked at her watery pumpkin eyes with resentment or simply because he had been satisfied with her since the morning.

“Ezet, you’re still young.”


“And the name of the marriage registration you’re worried about hasn’t been corrected yet.”


“Well, it’s just my stubbornness.
I don’t want to see you suffer.”

She couldn’t understand what Edmond was saying.
However, Ezet only blinked because it did not have the strength to ask.
Edmond kissed her forehead and patted her smooth back, which was still a slight tremble.

“I didn’t hold you without being prepared.
I hope our second bond is a well-prepared form.”

“Second bond…”

“Family work.”

Do you mean the wedding? What does it have to do with taking medicine every day?

Ezet still couldn’t understand what Edmond was saying.
But what was in the voice was friendly consideration.

“Don’t you have to worry?”’

Ezet, who was more relieved, buried her face in Edmond’s chest.
The scent of the refreshing shower sent brought back a little bit.

“Edmond, I’m tired…”

“Get some more sleep.
We can pass all of today’s schedules and relax in bed together after a long time.”

“How can I rest when I’m in bed with you…”

It’s always the same thing with this guy alone.
Ezet, who was jittery at the thought of pushing herself with an excuse, kissed Edmond’s chin with a chirp and turned her back.

“I’m going to rest alone.
Edmond, meet His Majesty alone.”

“Ezet, why am I meeting him when you’re not around?”

“Do you meet the Emperor for fun?”

“No, it wouldn’t be fun to meet.
I’m holding it in even if it’s not fun because you’re next to me.”

It was foolish to talk to this man about the responsibilities and duties of the nobility.
Jett sighed quietly and pulled the blanket over him.

“I’m not as strong as Edmond.
I stayed up all night last night, and then this morning… I can’t stand it like this.”

So she meant not to seduce her for the time being, but Edmond’s reaction was strange.
Instead of turning Ezet’s body the other way around, he crosses over and looks at her with a severe face.

“Ezet, are you tired?”

“Because I did it all night…”

“I’m sorry.”

Ezet was a little surprised to hear the words of apology so neatly.
It meant that all she did was have sex with her husband until she fainted, but Edmond seemed to think that Ezet was tired of her husband’s energy.
If it’s too much, it’s too much.
She didn’t correct it.

“Edmond, nothing to worry about….”

“Ezet, hold on a second.”

Edmond, looking at her complexion with a severe face, walked to the table and took out another bottle of medicine.

No, this time, it wasn’t a vial; it was a bottle as small as a perfume, in a transparent glass bottle with a new red liquid like blood.
Edmond picked it up, poured it into his mouth, approached the lying Ezet, and overlapped his lips.

Ezet, who swallowed a liquid that tasted as sour as fruit, stood firm for a moment and raised herself in surprise.

The fatigue is gone.
She didn’t forget her fatigue for a moment in surprise, but she’s full of energy.
The body, which was so heavy that the muscles of the whole body screamed, became lighter.
It was not seen as a simple nutritional supplement.
She wondered what this is.

“Edmond, what did you feed me?”

“It’s a pick-me-up that concentrates the fruit of Pibrus.
Eating fruit will awaken people who are dying, but it will have side effects the next day.
It’s less effective, but it’s completely recoverable.”

“Ed, don’t tell me this is…?”

“The fruit of Pibrus is a specialty of the Jaxen family.
Magical tools, which filter out additional effects and makes concentrates, is something I brought from Dragon lair when I was a mercenary.”

“Do you have the tools to make that stuff?”

“Since ancient times, dragons are said to contain all the wisdom of the world.
We have everything we need to live in this world.”

How many magical tools does this man have? The number and size of magical tools alone, which receives fees from the Jaxen family’s patents, are considerable, and many of Edmond’s magical tools seemed to have not yet been released to the world.

“This is the elixir of Immortality.”

“…do you need it?”

“Is there?”

Edmond’s profound response to the joke came back, and Ezet’s pupils shook wildly.

“If you want…”

“Oh, no.
Don’t tell me! Because I’m scared!”

If there is an immortal drug, that’s a big problem.
Ezet quickly covered his ears and shook her head to protect world peace and humanity.
Edmond smiled lightly at the corners of his mouth.

“Ezet, do you hate getting older?”

“Oh, no, it’s not like that…”

“I like your face.”


“It’s a shame I didn’t see you like a girl, but if you look at your lovely face now, I can deduce enough.
It is said that face is the record of the years that you have lived.”

Unexpectedly speaking commonsense, Edmond relaxed swept Ezet’s cheek.
A stiff finger came down the bridge of the nose and touched the lips.

“Your face now is made of memories of yourself and your grandmother.
From now on, you’re going to build up memories with me.”


“Ten years later, twenty years later, fifty years later, when I became a wrinkled old man.”

Edmond’s fingertips moved along the line of Ezet’s lips and touched the dimple lightly.

“I wish I could look at your face and tell you that we had this kind of love.”

Her face 50 years from now.

Ezet has never imagined it before.
It was because it was such a vague future and because she didn’t want to think about his old face.

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