Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (9)

“Ed, mond…”

“Yes, Milady.”

It was as low a voice as a suppressed moan.
He didn’t whisper in my ear, but she got goosebumps.
Ezet opened her tight thighs a little wider to make it easier for Edmond to come in.
The insertion became deeper with the sound of the sizzling water.
The groans of both people rose at the same time.


“Smile, Milady…… don’t tighten it too tight.”

“Ah, yours is too big!”

It was hard to get, but it was too much.
How can it get bigger in the middle of inserting?

When Ezet fired with resentful eyes, Edmond groped Ezet’s pelvic bone, stopping her back without forcing his way in.
Ezet’s tension was relieved by a touch of sensitive areas with a firm fingertip.


The lower abdomen tightened with a faint groan.
The wind narrowed Edmond’s forehead again.
And yet, her breath got hotter.
Looking at the frown, it seems painful, but strangely, the heat filled with both his eyes did not cool down.

“Ezet, I don’t want you to push me too hard.”

“Now, who says who is in trouble…”

It’s now Ezet that Edmond can’t come to his senses because it stings as if electricity rises every time he touches it, but Edmond looks like a cornered animal.
Ezet became bitter.

“I’m not very good at holding back.”

Ezet protested to him that she had never seen Edmond put up with it.
Edmond’s ‘Tolerate’ and ‘Ezet’s Tolerate’ standards were different, so it was inevitable.

“What did I do…”

“You’re so tired, but you don’t try to push me away and try to accept me.”

“Oh yeah! Well, don’t touch that!”

“Every time I touch you like this, you’re greedily sucking me in and clinging to me.”

The soft murmuring voice cheered him up.
It resembles the eyes of an animal running away to avoid a fight, showing its teeth to a predator and putting its fur up.

“It drives me crazy.”

The melting hot flesh reclined, and the hard pen*s penetrated deep.

Ezet screamed and clung to Edmond.
He had never been beaten, but his back was as hot as if he had been hit.
The area connected to him is tightly interlocked with no room for a thread, and whenever the vicious intruder takes a thrust inside, the fluids flows down from the red-hot entrance.
Ezet wanted to cover her ears with shame that the sound of the water was too loud.

It certainly would have been if it had not been for Edmond to be unable to move his arms.

“Ed, Ed! Slowly…!”

“I told you not to be anxious, but you wanted me to go crazy.”


Edmond began to move his waist as he rubbed against the walls.
Splash splash.
The sound of the skin bumping against the rough loins was just like the sound of waves.

The faces of the two became closer.
The harsh gasp, which was embarrassing to say breathing, filled her ears.
The ferocious masculinity that runs through the proposal is like an intense fire, but the hip and thigh bumping sound is like boiling water.
And the irregular breathing that touched her lips was like a storm.


Their lips overlapped again.
Tangling her tongue as if to suck in all the groans she groaned, Edmond tightened his arms.
She could feel the man’s arm muscles moving and winding up the slender body.
Will it feel like this if she winds up in a big snake?

Ezet exhaled through her nose, feeling Edmond’s muscular arms pressing against her body.
She couldn’t breathe because of the heat.

Every time she gasped, the soft flesh against her hard chest was crushed here and there.
The fair skin, which had a subtle scent of flowers, was red with sweat, and elastic hips were sticking up whenever it was deeply embedded.

The place where the two were mixing was not a bed, not a blanket, but on the sofa, but there was no time to judge such a thing.
The feeling of being held up by her husband without even being able to move was beyond words.
Ezet huddled her toes and shuddered.
Tears dripped from both eyes.

‘If you like it too much, it’s not laughter; it’s tears that apply to pleasure.’

She thought so in the middle of a daze.

His arms relaxed slightly, and his big hands clutched her hips.
Ezet, who settled somewhat, wondering if he was trying to change her position, suddenly flipped over and opened her eyes wide.
She almost bit her tongue.
No, it was like she bit Edmond’s tongue.

“Huh, huh, Ed?”

“Your posture seems uncomfortable.”

Until just now, she was lying on the sofa and having cravings in both arms.
This time Edmond stood up and held her body in his arms.
Edmond was so tall that he couldn’t put his feet on the ground in a raised position.

Ezet was taken aback.

“Ed, Ed, wait a minute.
I’m in this position…”

“It’s your first time, isn’t it? Standing up.”

Ezet nodded, clasping Edmond’s shoulders, as she had to rely solely on Edmond’s arms without a floor or sofa to lean on.

“You’re so curious that you’ll get tired of doing the same thing every time.
It’s your husband’s duty to fill your quest.”

“What? No, wait a minute! When did I ever ask for that…!”

“You told me to take care of yourself, didn’t you?”

Edmond’s red eyes narrowed.
Ezet felt a chill for a moment.

He said he would follow whatever she said, but a man named Edmond is a beast that cannot be domesticated.
He didn’t miss the opportunity he got, and she forgot for a moment that it was her husband’s nature to swing around like a whip and storm.

The fact that she didn’t mean it was not important.
Having uttered the words ‘Ezet’s own words,’ it was clear Edmond would not let her go until after the ball and the moon tilted westward and the morning sun rose!

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