Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (8)

Ezet’s eyelashes trembled.
She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn’t.
She wondered what he would look like, but somehow she was embarrassed to look at him with her eyes open.
And Ezet was subtly excited to follow the shape with only the touch with her eyes closed.

The lips that touched her cheek were moist.
Ezet turned her head and kissed Edmond with his eyes closed.

This was not a bedroom but a lounge, and the place where the two were intertwined was on the sofa, not the bed.
It is said that when the environment changes, a person’s body becomes more sensitive than usual because they are nervous unconsciously, but is it okay to get excited in a situation where she is naked and caressing his husband’s genital*a in an imperial resting room? The rising heat mixed a confused mind.

“Ed, don’t do this…”

“Don’t do this, what?”

“I, let me touch something weird!”

“What do you mean it’s weird?”

She thought he’d ask her again to mention a word that she’s ashamed of, but she supposed not.
Even with her eyes closed, she could feel his breath tickling her lips.

Edmond breathed a faint sigh and smiled.

“Do you mean you’ve been having fun putting something strange in there all along the way?”


Ezet opened her eyes with astonishment at the unexpected shameful remarks.
Edmond’s red eyes were visible in the immediate distance.
Unlike his laid-back touch, his eyes were boiling like a volcano just before the eruption.

With his hot eyes, Ezet quickly avoided his gaze.
But there was no way out of Edmond’s embrace of her body.
Just because he lowered his waist lightly, his pen*s was rubbed against her vag*na.
The startled Ezet moved her butt up and down.

“Oh, yes, Ed!”

“You condemned it as strange to give you joy, and I didn’t expect you to like it so much when it touched you.”

“Who, who… liked it?”

Perhaps because she was so excited while touching Edmond’s body, the squishy sound of water rang every time the blunt end shook the entrance.
When Edmond’s fingers bothered it, it sounded like a little fish rolling, but now there was a dull sound of water dripping into a pond due to a rock.

‘That’s ridiculous…..!’

She can’t believe she’s so excited to touch her husband’s body.
She felt like she’s been caught naked in a dirty desire.
Ezet’s mind is in a hurry.

“Eh, Ed!”

“What’s wrong with you? Milady.”

She couldn’t tell him to stop.
She didn’t even want to quit.

But Ezet didn’t want to be seen like this.
No matter how confident she declared she would be, shame didn’t go away even if she found out it wasn’t a bad thing to show sexual desire.
It was still embarrassing for her to quickly get excited when Edmond touched it, get wet quickly, and feel compelled.

If she’s out of her mind due to intense sex, she doesn’t care what she’s doing, and she can just focus on pleasure.
Ezet was deeply ashamed that reason remained the same and that only her body was excited.
Unable to look Edmond in the eye, Ezet turned away and begged in a trembling voice.

“Ha, ha, hyaa.
Please do….”

“Well, I don’t know what I can do to please you because, as you said that your husband’s pen*s is strange and that you’ve never liked it.”

“You know everything!”

Edmond, who knew what he wanted, kept twirling and twirling, became petulant, and Ezet slapped him on the shoulder.
His tight muscles really hurt her, but her hand was hitting him.

“I, because it makes me feel weird, it’s weird!”


“Yes, that’s great! I love it enough to hang on to it’s crazy! But I’m ashamed to say it, so I don’t like it! So please understand!”

As the situation becomes urgent, there are a lot of things that she can’t say normally.
Ezet huffed with a flushed face and grabbed Edmond by the cheek, and kissed him.
Instead of answering, the tongue crossed over.
As his body leaned, he made the big sofa squeak and shake.

“Huh, yeah…!”

A big tongue tied up a small tongue.
A large hand felt down her round shoulders and squeezed her coveted breast.
As he tickled the erect nipple with his fingertips, Ezet’s waist bounced lightly.
And a big, hard thing pushed its head between the legs.

‘He said that if I touch it, it will fade away……!’

Edmond’s pen*s, of course, has not abated a bit.
Rather, she was holding up a lot of tendons, holding the wet entrance, as if he were dissatisfied with being half-excited by her touch.

Ezet reached between the legs and touched Edmond’s pen*s.
When he hit the entrance, she felt as if the thick column was swelling further at the same time as she suppressed it tightly.
Then he began to come in, broadening the inside.

She couldn’t keep her mouth shut under pressure even though it was disgracefully wet to recall.
Ezet closed her eyes tightly and breathed out loudly.

“Hoo, ah.”


Edmond groaned with scratches.
Ezet’s inner eyebrows quivering as she gasped and took out his great pen*s.
She blinked her eyelids to shake off the water around her eyes and saw Edmond’s face frowned on.

‘Oh, my God…..’

Edmond, like her just now, with his eyes closed, breathed deeply in and out again.
Ezet looked at him as if possessed.

It was sensual to see red lips trembling when a sigh came out.
Every time she moved her shoulders to straighten up, she could see a deep collarbone rising and a fine solid muscle in his chest moving.
The black bangs that flowed over the straight forehead were disorganized.

She’s never seen this man so disorganized.
Ezet’s heart thumped.

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