Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (7)

Edmond used to be a mercenary, even though he is now the greatest nobleman in the empire.
He was extremely disgusted with exposing himself to others.
A servant bathed him if he was an aristocrat, but he didn’t want anyone to see his body, so he automated all the Duke’s castle’s system.

For Edmond, who had been the target of everything in the world since he was a boy, Ezet was the only opponent he could be relieved of even though he was defenseless.

“Would you like to take it off yourself?”

“I’ll do it myself…? ”


Edmond grabbed Ezet’s small hand to hold the end of the ribbon-shaped cravat.

“If you pull this side, the knot will be untied.”

“Yes, yes.

It was the first time for her husband to take off his clothes even though she had numerous experiences of being undressed.
Now she pulled the tip of the cravat with her trembling hand.
Then she heard the sound of white silk untying, and the knot was loosened.

“Oh my God! ”

Ezet exclaimed as if she had witnessed an impressive sight.
When the cravat was released, the collar of a white shirt filled with sweetness was revealed.

“If you’re too lazy to untie the button, just grab the collar and spread it from side to side.”

“What? What if the button falls off?”

“I always take it off like that.”

He didn’t take it off; he ripped it all off.
The wind turned the tip of Ezet’s ear red again.

“I, I’m not as barbaric as you are!”

Making a heart-wrenchingly cute accusation, Ezet loosened Edmond’s shirt with a clumsy touch.
Pushing the elliptical button through the pepper hole, the soft silk shirt opened without a stitch, revealing a solid chest.

Ezet swallowed the saliva and groped Edmonds’ chest with a little more open collar.


As soon as she touched her palm on his broad chest, Ezet groaned briefly and took off her hand.
A blink.
Eyelashes busily went up and down over the round eyes.
She breathed out a little, and Ezet reached out again.
Her eyes, which had floated around as if observing a mysterious silence, warmed up a little.

‘It’s firm ….’

It was the first time she groped Edmond’s body in this way, even though they had so many relationships that counting was overshadowed.
During the relationship, she seemed to have scratched her nails as she clung to him, but she didn’t know because she was half distracted at the time.

That man’s chest is this wide and solid.

“That’s amazing.
How come you’re so different from me?”

“It’s different, so it’s fun to observe.
It’s only for you, so feel free to touch it.”

“Well, just don’t use that expression!”

Even though she shakes her head in surprise, she does not remove his hand that touches Edmond’s chest.
Thinking that such a thing was a trait of Ezet, Edmond rang in his throat lowly.

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah, of course.
Oh, don’t laugh!”

“No, I laughed because it tickled.”

The little hand that was rubbing my skin fell at the words.
Gee, for a moment, Edmond’s light bitter smile, Ezet stretched out her arms again and took off Edmond’s shirt that was not wholly taken off yet.
The rug closed its arms around the exposed waist.

‘Wow, what kind of old tree his waist looks like…’

Naturally, the bodies of men and women look different, but it was still amazing.
The muscles felt under the smooth skin were firm but resilient.
When it was more reliable with her palm, it was as hard as a rock, but when pressed with her finger, like a rubber ball tightly packed, his muscles moved delicately along the point she pressed.



With a hot breath that touched her ears, Ezet screamed a little and cowered her shoulders.
Edmond, who faced amber eyes with sharp shoots, turned his head and responded with a smile.

“Edmond, you said I could touch it.”

“I don’t mean not to touch it.
It’s just a physiological phenomenon.”

“What is that…..”

“How could I stay still when your wife groped at me with such hot eyes?”

Is it because she is taking off his top.
Even though she wasn’t doing anything significant yet, his heart was pounding just by brushing his bare skin.
For Ezet, who always had quickly lost her mind when they had sex, the experience of hugging Edmond and groping each other with his nude body was quite refreshing.

“Oh, Ed, Mond…..”

“Yes, take your time.
I’ll wait.”

Who is it that breathes into her ears and chews the earlobe while saying that they’ll wait? Hugging the big man’s back over her, Ezet groaned quietly.

She wants to observe Edmond’s body a little more, but wouldn’t it be okay to flow as usual? Maybe she is not quick to give up but just vulnerable to temptation.
Stroking the broad embraceable back, Ezet buried her face on Edmond’s shoulder.

“Now … it’s okay.

“Are you all right? What? ”

What is he asking? If she says it’s okay in this situation, there is only one hidden meaning.

Ezet closed her eyes.
She thought Edmond would enthusiastically covet her as usual and give her pleasure, but unexpectedly, he stayed still without touching her.

No, she thought there was a rumbling sound.
She could hear the buckle of metal and the sound of the clothes flowing down.

“Edmond? ”

“Quiet, Milady.
Don’t open your eyes.”

“What are you going to do? Oh, my God!”

Edmond whispered low and led her hand.
Ezet was shaken by the texture of something heavy and hard on her fingertips.
Even though he didn’t have much experience touching it herself, Ezet was not naïve enough to not know what it was just because she closed her eyes.
When he used hot pulsing masculinity, she moved along the palm of his hand.

“Ed, what are you doing?”

“I guess I was sad that you didn’t touch me.
I don’t think it will subside until you pat me.”

“Does it ever go down?”

That night, it was bigger and harder than when she touched the sleeping Edmond secretly.
At that time, a rigid column rose and looked like a pillar, but now it seems to be a creature with a similar will to raise her head as if to touch it more as she pats.

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