Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (6)

“Ed, Ed… I’m ashamed…!”

“Then I’ll make you more ashamed.”

“Wa, what…!”

“If you lose your head, you won’t be able to feel shame anymore.”

He made it clear that he won’t let her hesitate anymore.

…in response, Edmond pushed up his lace panties soaked in saliva and sap.
It was not difficult to take off her underwear because she was lying on her back on the sofa and raised her hips.

Under the warm light, the woman’s secret, that glowed and glistened, was revealed.
Ezet reflexively reached out to lower her underwear but was blocked by the hem of her dress hanging from her waist and could not reach further below her.

Edmond almost burst into laughter at the cruel behavior of his wife, who was still shy, as she had suffered countless more shameful acts of shame.
He bit the inside of his mouth slightly to organize his expression and wiped the shiny side of her slit.
The sour-smelling liquid smeared on the back of the elegant hand.

Seeing it, Ezet looked teary.

“You must have been dissatisfied to see it with such resentful eyes.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Will you be satisfied with this?”

“Suddenly, something… Oh, my God!”

A hot tongue touched the exposed entrance.
The vivid touch given to the mucous membrane, which was distinctly different from rubbing over the underwear, gave Ezet a boost to their thighs, swallowing their breaths.

The soft tongue gently scanned the blunt duck, pointed at the tip of the tongue, crawled between the notes, and moved up and down.
Ezet shuddered in the hem of the crumpled dress, blaring like a splash in the spring.


“You like this side, too.”

The tip of his tongue touched a round bump, rummaging through the soggy flesh like bread soaked in milk.
He licked the clitor*s in a circle, wrapped the end with his lips, and sucked it, and Ezet shook her hips that made a smacking cry.
The soft butt came up elastically.

Edmond grabbed his tight ass in his hand and sucked her clitor*s, and his legs stretched out toward the ceiling.
The round hole in the high-end stockings wrapped around the slim legs widened.

“Ed, you know… Haaaa!”

Ezet shivered with her toes clenched.
It was a short, intense pleasure, like a flash of lightning.

“Hah, ha, ah…”

The leg, which had risen as if pulling from the end, fell helplessly down.

Ezet gasped violently, with her thighs over Edmond’s shoulder.
This feeling of being sucked into her husband’s mouth and swallowed was too stimulating for her.
On the other hand, she was scared that she would get addicted.

“Ed, face… Show me…”

Ezet, who seemed to lose her reason if inserted right here, called Edmond in a pathetic voice.
He always answered her call sincerely, and his head was close.
The moistened red lips had a fresh scent.

“You, your lips are red…”

“This is what Milady did.”

Ezet had a look of injustice, loosened her mouth, and reached for Edmond.
The joke calmed her frantic pounding heart a little.

“You have cold fingertips.”

“I’ve been holding on too tight…”

“Well, I’m sorry.”

Edmond opened his lips slightly with a look of no pity at all.
Then he used his lips and held her skinny fingers in his mouth.
The red tongue rolled around her white fingers and smiled low.

“I love washing Milady’s underwear, but I enjoy washing her fingers like this.”

“If I say something perverted, I’m going to pinch it!”

“Are you going to leave me a medal of honor?”

His red eyes became thin.
An expression that seems to re-appetite before tasting properly seasoned dishes

Ezet receded a little and turned her hand back.

“I feel like I’m being selfish.”

“That’s a misunderstanding.
There was only self-interest from the beginning.”

He is a man like this—a shameless man who speaks nonsense seriously.
Ezet chuckled and tilted her head toward Edmond.
The tongue broke into the gap between the lips and the angle.

“Yeah, yeah.”

The sofa was big enough for Ezet to lie down, but it became cramped when Edmond came over her body.
The dress stuck in her waist dance every time she moved.
I was uncomfortable.

“Do you want me to clean this up because it’s disturbing?”

Knowing that Nowt was uncomfortable, Edmond grabbed the dress from Ezet’s waist and pulled it down.
When she tried to take it off, the clothes didn’t move well because they were entangled, but it came off like magic when Edmond pulled it down.

The elegant blue-gray dress, reminiscent of the night sky that was pushed out at dawn, was generously filled with Madame LaPromet’s patented technology, and Ezet went back and forth that it was an expensive dress for her.
Edmond pushed it down the couch like trash.
Ezet almost pointed out that clothing should not be thrown on the floor; the movement was so natural.

“Dress, it’s all crumpled…”

“It’s okay.
I brought the tools for restoration.”

Pointing at the ring that was still in her hand, Edmond smiled.
She broke it twice in a day with condolences for the dress to be restored.
Ezet smiled back.

After taking off all the dress and underwear, now Ezet’s body had nothing but a large diamond necklace, a protected maker choker, a restoration magic ring, and perforated stockings to protect it.

She doesn’t have any clothes to cover her body, but she was afraid to see herself with only accessories would look, so Ezet cringed and dug into Edmond’s arms.
He was still unclothed.

“Edmond, I’m ashamed to be naked by myself.”

“So I’ll make you not be ashamed….”

“You take it off, too.

The touch of caressing his side naturally stopped.
His red eyes opened with the unexpected and soon became thinner.

“You’re making a bold demand now.”

“Well, it’s not a sin to see my husband naked, is it?”

You’re the only one who can see my naked body.”

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