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Edmond’s hot breath touched her ear.
Ezet flinched and twisted.

It was the first time she felt someone’s breath close enough to touch her body.
It’s not stuttering on top of her clothes; it’s her bare skin.
She has never even touched her body other than when taking a bath.

Ezet felt both a firm sense of tension and a conflicting sense of restless and wildness in the hands of a man sliding on the skin.

“Ah, mah!”

Out of surprise and shame, Ezet could not resist adequately, but she gasped and groaned.
While she was under Edmond, she could not escape his hand; even if she moved her body around, only friction was there.

“White on top and black on the bottom.
Whose taste is this?”

“Hey, don’t do this…”

Edmond crept up with his fingers, fumbling through the straps of the garter belt.

The black lace panties over the pelvis had a fragile string around the sides, a few layers of mesh lace above, and the bottom part was made of silk.

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As if to check the texture of the soft silk, Edmond’s fingertips felt between the legs, and the Ezet’s waist jumped up and closed her thighs tightly.

Edmond’s hand between Ezet’s legs was stuck.
He can move, but Edmond didn’t budge.

“Milady, I can’t move if you hold my hand tight like this.”

“Now, I’m going to do something weird, do something……”

“It’s a simple thing, so… what do you mean?”

Edmond left his hand still, bent his fingers and scratched them over the silk panties.

Ezet, who screamed without knowing, immediately bit her lip and pursed.

“Huh, yes, don’t, don’t…!”

“But if you’re tightening your hand like this, I can’t take it out.”

Smiling with a sly smile, he rubbed his fingers up and down, and a new scream flowed from the Ezet’s mouth.
With a smooth silk cloth between them, the woman’s soft folds and the man’s stiff fingers rubbed together.
The lower abdomen became concave with tension, and the thighs tightened with trembling.

Edmond grinned and kissed her on the chin as her red face was so cute.

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“You still haven’t let go of my hand, so you must have liked this touch.”

“No, no!”

“And every time I touch you like this, your body is shaking.”

Edmond’s fingers, scratching between the panties, moved it to the side, pushed out a thin silk cloth and touched the soft bare skin.

“Oh, ah mah!

Ezet ended up screaming.

The man’s fingers, which were thought to be rough and rugged, unexpectedly moved delicately and began to play tricks on her cl*t.
When the soft flesh was pushed aside and came in, the warm but moist inner flesh wrapped the man’s finger.
Ezet was embarrassed and ashamed that she could not be distracted by the man’s finger on her entrance.

What a ridiculous thing to happen!

‘What should I do? What am I going to do?’

Her head was hazy with a strange sensation, and the man’s hand was still mistreating her entrance at this time, and she felt his other hand on her hips.

Ezet, who was trembling in confusion, shouted desperately.

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“The crime of rape can be established even between husband and wife!”

Edmond’s hand, which was in her folds, stopped at the desperate cry.

“Did you just say rape?”

“Well, is it not rape to have sex without the consent of the other person?”

“You said you weren’t irresponsible.”

“Well, that’s….”

Ezet rolled her head desperately.
There was not much reason for Ezet to reject Edmond in a situation where she could not identify herself even if she was the substitute for her sister, Erit.

Erit bought a lot of self-pleasure tools, and Edmond had a good grasp of the purchase.
The excuse of being unfamiliar with sexual contact doesn’t work.

It is unnatural that there has been no marital relationship for three years.

The estrangement between the couple was due to Edmond’s failure to find Erit, so there is no justification for rejecting it as long as he says, ‘I will do my husband’s duties from now on.’

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“I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Is that so?”

Edmond pulled out his hand that was touching her entrance.

Ezet was barely relieved when the hand of a man indulging in her slit escaped.

But for a moment, Ezet trembled as he saw Edmond undo Cravat and unbutton his shirt one by one.

“What, what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you say you weren’t in the mood to have sex with me?”

“Well, yeah!”

Ezet replied coldly, fearing that he would hit again if she hesitated.

However, Edmond smiled back as if her answer hadn’t missed his expectations.

“So I’m going to make you feel like you are in the mood.”

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