Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (5)

“Ed, Ed…”

“Go ahead, Milady.
What do you want me to do for you?”

“Inside, inside…”

“I’m already touching the inside of my thigh.”


“What do you say is lower than this? Please tell me specifically where you want to go.”

Knowing it all, Ezet bit into her mouth at the deftness of the vicious man she urged to speak out.
All she had to say was a word, but she didn’t dare to say it.

It’s just the two of us anyway.

Why can’t she talk like a fool and moan because she’s shy? Ezet herself was pathetic.
Edmond approached her face in hesitation.
A warm breath reached over the exposed chest.


“Yes, Ed…”

“Say, please.
What you want.”

Ezet felt chilling whenever her red eyes filled with passion and desire burned her to death.
She thought it was too much for her to handle this guy.

Instead, a roaring predator would run away for fear, and he approaches her leisurely in the form of a stuffed predator with no low purring and puts his claws hidden on his knees.

If she screams or moves her body to escape and provoke this beast, she will be eaten, so the Ezet cannot run away.
At any moment, the predator had to wait, trembling, for a time when he felt hungry again and didn’t know if he would open his mouth.

Strangely, however, the frightening, nervous, and cramped time was exhilarating.
It was thrilling, as she sank into the swamp, slowly the freedom of the limbs was taken away, suffocating, and her vision was covered with black swamps.
And yet, it’s not scary; it’s thrilling.

Can she feel this way without going crazy?

Ezet took a small breath and exhaled.
Even when she chose to breathe, her fluctuating heart didn’t calm down at all.

“My underwear, it’s wet…”


“Tue, I have to check…”

Edmond smiled as Ezet, whose face was flushed with shame, cried out.
Is it less embarrassing to ask him to check her wet underwear than to ask him to touch her vag*na? It’s a difficult standard for him to understand, but it was good if Ezet wanted it.

Edmond rolled his red eyes sideways, pretending not to notice.

“Come to think of it, you ordered me to wash your underwear.”

As if to recall what had happened at the opera house, Edmond bowed down in a casual response.
Edmond’s head, which was close enough to make eye contact, gradually went down.
When the beautiful face slowly faded away and was hidden between the hem of the rolled-up dress, all she could see was black hair.



“Well, it’s gotten wet here.”

Staring as if he were observing, Edmond pushed his finger over Ezet’s underwear.
A wet cloth pushed up through her slit and stopped after catching a small bump that bounced convexly.
When he lightly pressed it with his fingertips, both legs facing the air shrank and stretched out.

“Oh, Ed…!”

“It’s been a long time since you committed an adult act, and you’re still wetting your underwear.
What would others say if they knew Milady was like this?”

“Dah, you made it like this…”

“Yes, so I’ll have to take responsibility for it.”

Over the underwear, She thought the fingers playing with the clitor*s were stretched to two, and they rubbed up and down.
Ezet, who was about to take pleasure in the thought of finally getting the stimulus she wanted, froze right at Edmond’s following words.

“I can’t let you wear wet underwear, so I’ll wash it for you.”

With the words, Edmond buried his face between his wife’s legs and sucked on her underwear.

“Ah! Ah! Ed!”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.
It’s a husband’s job to wash his wife’s underwear.”

“Well, this isn’t what sucking means.
Oh, yeah!”

As he bit the dry flesh and sucked it in, spread his tongue wide, and rubbed it, a strange sensation rose over the soft cloth.
She heard the sound of rustling under her waist and sucking with the crease of her clothes.

The drenched underwear was squishy, and the feeling of rubbing against the genitals made Ezet clench her head.
The two legs that stretched toward the ceiling shook aimlessly.

“Ed, come on, don’t do this…!”

“Wasn’t your underwear wet? Don’t worry.
I’ll wash it clean for you.”

“That’s why this means… Yay!”

The large hand holding the thigh flowed down and grabbed the round buttocks.
Now Ezet has gone berserk like a captive bird.
But she couldn’t get out of it with her butt held by Edmond and her legs fast.
She tilted her head to the top, lying completely on the sheet of the fluffy sofa.

“Sigh, ah…!”

Since it’s an Imperial Palace lounge, it’s sure to be air-conditioned and heated perfectly, but white steam came out of her mouth.
Maybe her face is red as well.
Ezet gasped, and her waist went up and down.

Every time Ezet flinched, the beautiful dress crumpled up, and the tiny beads on the skirt reflected the light.
The end of the rocking dress caught in the floundering legs seemed to take out the stars in the night sky.

A chandelier, shiny crystal mobile, a large sofa surrounded by colorful rugs and velvet sheets.
A woman doing dirty things with her husband, messing up expensive dresses in an aristocratic space where glamour and coziness coexist.

Her stomach tickled at the strange gap that seemed to be out of place.
As Ezet breathed out, her chest shook.
Even the underwear that was supposed to be covered fell, so the coveted breast shook obscenely.
Ezet covered her chest with shame, knowing that no one but Edmond was looking at the two anyway.

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