Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (4)

It is not Ezet’s responsibility, even if she is quick to rejoice at her husband in the hallway of the Imperial Palace or if people feel naked next to the dancing banquet hall and feel the orgasms.
It’s all Edmond forced her to do.

But if she says she wants to have sex with Edmond now, it becomes a joint responsibility.
Ezet was not confident of handling it.

She doesn’t want to be a woman who is absorbed in sex with her husband by escaping from her own home, in the royal palace, in the lounge, not in the bedroom, and the banquet.
She wanted to deny that she enjoyed doing such a thing.

“Edmond, I… I don’t want to be a weird woman.”

“Is that right?”

“But I like it when you touch me…”

The prickly conscience and thrilling sense of liberation she feels when she does something she shouldn’t do.
The light self-hate you feel when you discover the beastly side of the proposal that prioritizes instinct over reason and the desire to become an abomination and indulge in forbidden pleasures to her heart’s content.

There is a contradictory feeling in the proposal.

“I like to put myself in trouble….”

“How are you in trouble, huh?”

She glanced at the man who was slyly asking, and Ezet answered with a crawling voice.

“It’s good to feel my ankles…”

“Like this?”

Edmond pressed the ankle bone with his thumb, and Ezet twisted and groaned.
It hurt when he turned the stiff muscles as if he was loosening them, but as the painful sensation gradually got used to it, it turned into a strange feeling.
The thin stockings, placed between his thumb and the blunt bones, were pushed in the direction she was riding and then repeatedly returned dully.

Before coming to the Jaxen family, the stockings she wore were so weak that it was a problem just to pass by.
Whether the high-quality stockings had different elasticity or Edmond’s excellent skill, the tights were fine even though the hot friction continued.

“It feels weird to touch it over the stockings.”

“Then I’ll take it off for you.”

“What? No, it’s not… Oh, my God!”

Edmond, who was rubbing her ankle with his cheek against her knee, tilted his head and bit her shin.
She heard a throbbing sound of sharp teeth grinding, and there was a round hole in the tight stockings.

“Edmond, it’s expensive!”

“Of course, it wouldn’t be cheap to wear Milady’s body.”

Edmond put his finger through the stocking hole, sounding nothing like her protest.
As he pulled it down, the stockings, which had endured friction, split in half as if they were cutting with scissors.

“I’m sure it’s softer here.”

Rubbing her exposed shin, Edmond chuckled and smiled softly.
The laugh curiously tickled her ears, and Ezet shrank her neck and only shed her eyes.

“It’s good to touch your ankles, and what else? Do you have a favorite part?”

“Yeah, the inside of my knee and…”

“Here you go.”

As the upper body of the Ezet moved back as he lifted her ankle further, the two legs headed toward the ceiling.
She realized that her hips had been exposed through the skirt of the flowing dress, but Ezet couldn’t cover her bottom.
It was because the moist tongue began to lick inside the soft knee between the exposed shin and the thigh.

“Yes, Ed…”

“You’re an odd pervert to like to lick this place.”

“Who, who’s a pervert!”

Edmond’s side of the face came into Ezet’s view, who raised his head in tears.
He laid back and licked the inside of her knee and only looked at the Ezet.

“You’re probably the only one who’s letting her husband do this undressed.”

“You said you’d do it…”

Ezet’s mouth shut, which was about to say something out of proportion.
He’ll do anything for her.
In the eyes of a man who pledged loyalty, there was unexpectedly not a grain of loyalty.

Edmond’s reason for following Ezet’s will is neither loyalty nor generosity nor tenderness.

He was always an arrogant dictator and a predator who swallowed everything before him.
He was a brave conqueror enough to cut down a scary dragon with a single sword.

There’s only one reason why such a man would bend over and make her wish come true.

To satisfy the woman he loves.

“And, and? What do you want?”

“Huh, thighs…”

Edmond grinned and clasped his thighs with his big hands as she demanded increasing audacity.
He grabbed with his hand so tightly that it left a mark.
Ezet briefly strained her body, shook her head, and exhaled deeply.


“You mean the inside of the thigh? Are you talking about this place?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Ezet’s legs trembled as he grabbed her thighs and only moved his thumb, creeping through her inner flesh.
The only rough breath was now irregularly disturbed.
Whether it was because of the uncomfortable posture, the choker of the neck, or because of excitement, the rosy color of the cheeks spread throughout the face.

She sweetened her lips with a reddish face, then closed tightly.

“And then? Ezet.”

“…… ”

“Is there anything you want?”

He looked as if he was saying.
It couldn’t be possible.
Ezet couldn’t answer and strained her thighs.

“Ah, a little more inside…”

Every time Edmond’s fingers twitched on the soft flesh inside her thighs, Ezet couldn’t stand the sourness between her legs.
She wanted Edmond to touch the place where she started flinching and spewing liquid.
She wanted him to play with his fingertips, put his palms up to the side, rub off her wet underwear, and wash it with his mouth.

But she couldn’t bring herself to say that desire.

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