Secret Wishes, Hidden Desires (3)

“How do you feel, Milady?”

“Hey, that’s weird…”

“How strange is it?”

“Mo, I’m strangled.
My heart is beating…”

“Your heart… You mean here?”

Ezet crouched in surprise when his big hand grabbed her chest, which was rising and falling quickly to breathe out.

But Edmond slackened her coveted breasts without pulling out or stopping.
It was to be touched over the surface of the clothes, but thanks to the simple dress design, the soft and elastic feel of the chest was delivered without getting caught.

“Oh, my… Ed…”

“If you don’t want me to touch you, you can say so.”

“Well, that’s….”

Ezet’s cheeks turned red.
Her amber eyes shook with an embarrassing glow.
She bit her lower lip at the touch of a man who persistently kneaded a sensitive chunk of flesh.

If she wants to quit, she can say she doesn’t want to.
It was simple.
She’s sure Edmond wouldn’t force harass or commit crimes because he said he’d listen to her.
The choice was entirely Ezet’s.

And yet, Ezet couldn’t tell him to quit.

“Eh, Edmond…”

“Yes, Ezet.”

Another sense began to hit the heart, which was suffocating earlier.
Every time his fingers clasped her chest tightly, she was embarrassed that my body was startled and bounced every time his finger grasped her chest, but she didn’t say to stop.

If she tells him to stop, Edmond will really stop.

“Why, why are you doing this…”

“I thought I said it was an experiment.
To find out what Milady wants.”

After all, what he does is not the same as usual.
Speaking in a dry tone, his red eyes were full of desire.

No, maybe he always looked at herself with this look.
Every time the blood-red eyes shone sharply, Ezet could not budge as if it had penetrated the gaze.

Ezet couldn’t bear to speak, and only her body was shaken.

Edmond liked to touch her chest.
She wanted him to feel it more.
But she couldn’t bring herself to tell Edmond to ‘touch more.’ The common sense that blocked Ezet’s desire prevented her from speaking out her honest words.

They are a couple.
How many times did you mix your body? Ezet loved Edmond touching her body and having sex with him.
No matter how absurd the play is, she accepts everything, but she just couldn’t say, ‘I feel good when you touch my chest.’

“Hoot, hoot…”

“You haven’t answered.
You like it, don’t you?”

Ezet shook her head, biting her lips.

“Do you like it?”

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded.
Then a warm breath came into her ears, and a low sensual note flowed in.

“Tell me you like it, then.”

“Eh, Ed…”

“Tell me you’ll feel better if I squeeze your breasts.”

“Are you crazy? How could you say that…”

“You have to say what you want, Milady.”


As the nipples, which stood upright enough to be seen over her clothes, bounced lightly with his fingertips, Ezet trembled, clutching her clothes tightly.

“Oh, my God.
All right…”

“Are you happy?”

Unable to face his eyes, demanding an answer again, Ezet closed her eyes.
Her heart pounded, and her lips trembled.
As if to stand in court and admit to sin, she felt numb and choked up.
Ezet confessed sobbingly.

“I love it, more…”

A warm breath touched her lips.
She wondered if he was kissing, but unexpectedly Edmond didn’t kiss, rubbed the tip of her nose lightly, and lowered his hand down.
As his hands wrapped around Ezet’s ankle, almost lying on the sofa, she moaned quietly with her eyes closed.

“Ezet, do you have any idea what I’m going to do from now on?”

“Han, that’s….”

A large hand wrapped around her ankle and gently lifted his leg.
The hem of the skirt of the wide-spread dress-up.
It is too obvious what the body of a man who enters between her legs will ask for.

It was only a drag, but Ezet’s head was already drawing all kinds of lewd sights.

“Hah, you’re trying to do something dirty… You’re doing it!”

“You know it well.”

“You always do, huh.”

“I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

Ezet’s eyes glistened at the word.
Sitting on one knee in front of the sofa, Edmond leaned still and slapped her on the knee.
Her belly squeezed spontaneously as he touched her sheath so that a sound was made to his knees protruding bluntly.

“Ezet, give me your answer.”

“What, what?”

“Do you want to have sex with me or not?”

“Oh, my God! Why would you ask that?”

“Well, isn’t it common sense for couples to have sex with each other, even if they’re married?”

Edmond blabbed with no conscience on the subject that has always been his way.
His sly smile raised a fever in Ezet’s head.

But she couldn’t get angry.
Edmond’s words are not wrong.
Sex is something that needs to be done with mutual consent.
So it was right to ask Ezet’s permission before having a relationship.

Plus, Edmond said, it fixes his pathetic personality of not saying what he wants.
Here he had to answer correctly.


‘Uh, how could you say that…’

She likes sex with Edmond.
She’s not just into it; she’s addicted to it.
Then she can be honest and say, ‘I want to have sex with you.’

The common sense that Ezet has so far learned has hindered it to the end.
That’s because if she says something obscene, she’ll become an ignorant person.

Pleasure is always the case.
Anyone indulges in it but should never be shown to covet it.
She can’t even say she wants to.

She was pretending not to know.

Pretend not to want it.
Pretend she doesn’t want to do it.
It was polite and sophisticated.
Man’s morality, which regards lies and deceit as sin, is ridiculously viewed as a virtue only in instinct.

“Edmond, it’s just… You can just do whatever you want.”

“Don’t shy away from your responsibilities and tell me for sure.
Whether you want it or not.”

“Chah, don’t shy away from responsibility…”

“It’s not avoidance to ask you to do what you want.”

He’s right.
Even if she indulged in all sorts of lewd acts, if it was Edmond’s will, Ezet was not responsible.

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