What I Had to Give Up (3)

“You’re a fool.
My grandmother said, ‘Choose what you want most for your birthday.’”

At her grandmother’s words, Erit was delighted and chose the astronomical observation set she wanted the most.
It’s not my sister’s fault for choosing an expensive toy.
She just followed her grandmother’s words faithfully.

“It’s a lie that I don’t want to burden my grandmother.
My grandmother never said that to me.
I gave up because I guessed it.”

She couldn’t choose what she wanted and chose a cheap doll she didn’t like because she was afraid of burdening her family.
She gave herself up when no one asked her to.
It’s foolish.

“You know what’s funnier?”

“What is it?”

“If I go back in time, I’ll pick a cheap doll again.”

The only toys were in fashion in those days.

If at the time she had been hounding her grandmother into buying a dollhouse, Ezet would have had to suffer from guilt all the time.

Seeing the simplicity of cooking on the table, you will regret that it has become difficult for households because she asked for an immature expensive gift.

When she gets older, she won’t play with dolls, and whenever she looks at the doll’s house, she will blame herself in the past, saying, ‘If you hadn’t bought that then.’

So even if she goes back to the age of seven, she won’t be able to choose the toy she wants.

It’s pathetic.
She didn’t dare to ask for what she wanted nor had the confidence not to regret her choice.
Looking back on the past, the only thing that floods in is disillusionment with oneself.

Ezet curled her head.
Tears formed around her eyes.

“I can’t do this.
I can’t do it like you… why can’t you say what you want? Why do you keep looking at others? How can I get rid of this stupid personality?”

“Let me help you.”

“How… how?”

Edmond, who stared with red-colored eyes, comforted the sniffling Ezet’s shoulder, pulled a device out of his arms, and immediately called the butler.

– Yes, master.
Please speak.

“12 years ago, There was a dollhouse set from the Marionette Company.
It should be new as it is released.”

“Eh, Edmond!”

Surprised, Ezet tried to dissuade him, but Edmond didn’t care and ordered the butler.

“Do they have anything for sale?”

– The Marionette Company liquidated its toy business in bankruptcy five years ago.
The product you mentioned has been discontinued for a long time.

“I will not reverse my order.
Find it even if it did.”

It doesn’t matter whether the company goes bust or the product is discontinued.
It’s the toy Ezet wanted to have.
Edmond said he wanted to do anything for her, and the Duke of Jaxen was a man who could make the impossible possible for his beloved wife.

“No matter how much the premium costs.
It was a popular product, so there must be someone who kept it as a new product.
Make sure you get it ready until you get back to the castle in three days.”

-Okay, I will.

With a tingling sound, the terminal went out, and Edmond put it back in his pocket.
Now Ezet looked at him with a dumbfounded face and raised her voice.

“Edmond, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t that the toy you said you wanted.
I’ll find it for sure.”

“It’s a childhood story.
It’s not like I’m playing dolls right now.

“You said you wanted to have it as a child.
You said you wouldn’t be able to ask for it again even if you went back in time, so I have to buy it now.”

“So it’s useless right now! If it had been discontinued and had a premium, it wouldn’t be just a dime or two.”

“Do I look like a man who’ll be in trouble for a penny or two?”

Edmond’s shrugged response left Ezet speechless.

Of course, the Duke of Jaxen’s wealth will not be a difficult part in finding discontinued premium toys.
But isn’t it just a toy?

Even Ezet is not interested in dolls now.
It might be different if she had a hobby of playing with dolls as an adult, but it is meaningless junk even if she gets a dollhouse set now.

Dresses and jewelry can be justified as ‘to save the face of the Duchess,’ even if they are somewhat extravagant.
But what about the toys?

“Edmond, this is a waste.
You shouldn’t buy things I won’t use.”

“You can waste it.
A family small enough to run out of money just because you’re wasting it, it is not that poor.”

“It’s Jaxen’s money.
It’s the property of a Duke.
At least use it where it’s needed.”

“It’s needed where you want it.
What’s the problem?”

Edmond said that no law says a person should spend reasonable money every time, hugging Ezet’s shoulder.

“Edmond, but this is…”

“Let me ask you one more time, Ezet.
Marionette Company’s ‘Doll House Set,’ don’t you really need it?”

The red eyes looking at the Ezet were just as desperate as that of the knight who spearheaded the battlefield, ordering a limited product as if ordering any food delivery.

“No need…”

Ezet couldn’t keep her mouth shut and swallowed it.
Her thick lips trembled.
The toy store that she went to on her 7th birthday holding her grandmother’s hand.
The fancy dollhouse, located in the most prominent store location, was beautiful enough for her to wish to make her petite body and live there.

A dainty window in a white house, just like a sugar cookie.
The pink curtain was lace, and the doll’s bed was soft even when pressed with fingers.

The study’s bookshelf was full of colorful books with narrow letters engraved on them, so it was cool, like a noble lady reading when she sat the doll on the sofa, played with the book, and wore glasses.

When she was young, she looked at it with ecstatic eyes as if she were in a palace of dreams, but now that she became an adult, she thinks it would feel boring to see the doll’s house.
I’m sure Ezet won’t be as impressed as she was then.

“Yes, I don’t need it, but…”

She continued in a trembling voice.

“I still want it.”

“That’ll do.”

A birthday present that 7-year-old Ezet really wanted.
Edmond kissed her eyes tenderly as if to erase the haunting memories of those days where she would never return.

(Continued in Volume 4 of Undercover Infiltration Duchess)

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