What I Had to Give Up (1)

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Edmond came into the lounge with Ezet in his arms.
They’ve been here before.
That’s where Edmond ran away with a magic dessert cake on the day she accidentally joined the banquet in an indoor dress.

At that time, she couldn’t look at it properly because she didn’t have much time, but the lounge was spacious and somehow cozy.
Seeing the subtle candle’s light swaying, Ezet sighed a little at ease.

“We’re the only ones using this lounge?”

“Yes, I borrowed it during the banquet.”

Which means no one’s coming.
Now that we’re alone in the banquet hall, are they going to mix up again? She doesn’t hate it either.
Thinking so, Ezet leaned against Edmond’s chest and closed her eyes.

Though she thought he would covet her right on the bed, Edmond unexpectedly sat her down on the sofa and kneeled down in front of her.


“Ezet, doesn’t your foot hurt? You were standing in heels the whole time.”

Edmond put Ezet’s foot on his thigh and peeled off her shoes.
Small feet wrapped in white stockings were revealed.
Patting it carefully, Edmond slightly squeezed her tightened calves with tension.

“Oh, Ed…”

“Are you sick?”

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“No, it’s a little… It’s cool.”

“That’s a relief.”

Massage that relaxes the muscles of the legs with a smirk.
Unlike the usual close contact, Ezet gazed at Edmond’s face with round eyes in plain motion.

“There are times like this for Edmond.”

“What do you mean, at a time like this?”

“We came into the lounge where no one was around, so I thought we’d do something sexy.”


When he grabbed a thin ankle and pressed her heel with his thumb and index finger, Ezet screamed quietly.


“I can hear Milady moan without doing anything obscene.”

“What are you talking about!”

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“Sex is a two-person act, Milady.”


“It means I’m not the only one trying to feel good.”

He was an animal in a state of a rut for ten thousand years, but he was not a foolish man to go at his beloved wife when she was not in a condition to focus on sex.

Edmond enjoyed giving her pleasure more than coveting Ezet’s body and wanted her to get joy and pleasure out of having sex with him.

On the contrary, it means that he doesn’t want to touch the Ezet unless it’s in a state where she can purely fall into physical pleasure with him.

“Until now, it has always been in trouble for me….”

“Hey, you like it.
Getting in trouble.”

“What’s different now?”

“It’s different, you had enough time to enjoy being harassed by me, but now you don’t.
I’m not an idiot who doesn’t know how to play around when you’re in a bad mood.”

She can’t believe she enjoys being harassed.
It was simply because there was no sexual intention at all in the touch of squeezing feet while making shameful sounds just by listening, to the point where she can’t think of him as the same character as the devilish beast who’s always after her.

Ezet leaned back against the sofa, leaving her feet to Edmond.
Sitting on a comfortable couch and getting a foot massage from her husband relaxed and made her feel drowsy.

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“Edmond, I fought with Countess Devon.”

“Good job.”

Usually, it would be the first thing to ask what you fought about, but Edmond suddenly praised Ezet.

“And I fought with Marchioness Barth.”

“If you kill two people a day, it’s something that ordinary people can’t do.
Milady is also competent.
Maybe you have the qualities of a warrior?”

Edmond didn’t seem at all curious as to why Ezet almost ruined the atmosphere at the banquet hall.
She would have fought because she deserved to fight, and if she had won the fight, she would have been relieved.

Edmond honestly thought so.

“I should have put up with it, but I couldn’t stand it.”

“I told you not to hold back.”

Edmond, who had been pressing the hard flesh under her toes with his thumb, stopped his hand and raised his head.

“If you feel bad, get angry.
You don’t have to put up with it.”

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“It’s the Imperial Palace banquet.
Everything that’s gathered there is a bunch of great nobles.
If I behave rudely, the reputation of the Jaxen family will fall.”

“It’s the other way around.
It’s about the Jaxen family, and no one can blame me for my wife’s rude behavior.”

Edmond wrapped the Ezet’s feet around the cushion with a long towel and wiped his hands off with a wet towel.

The manly wrist revealed between rolled sleeves was sensual.
He was just wiping his wrists with a wet towel, and Ezet lowered her eyes as if she were peeking at the scene of him changing clothes.

“If you don’t like anyone, do as you please with a bottle of liquor that sticks up your cheek.”

“What, you think I’m a gangster?”

“Isn’t it better than to offend Milady? I’ll take care of it, so feel free to do whatever you want.
You can be violent.”

Edmond grinned at Ezet while quietly making the sound that would be stunned when others hear it.

Such a man who does everything she asks for, no matter how ridiculous.
 A man who tells you to do whatever you want because he will take care of everything even if you make rude remarks and do evil.

Ezet was sometimes afraid of Edmond’s blind support.

If you let go of the leash of reason under the wing of this man’s speech, you might indeed become a strange woman.
You may end up as a wicked woman who doesn’t feel guilty after doing something wrong.

Sweet temptation is like poison.
So Ezet was wary of Edmond.

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