He was an excellent negotiator in shaking his opponent with his beautiful appearance and sweet low voice to get what he wanted.

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‘This man, he’s dangerous…..!’

The alarm went off in Ezet’s head.

As it is, she will not be able to talk and will be dragged away as Edmond leads.

“Come on, Edmond.
Does it have to be today?”

“If there’s a reason why it shouldn’t happen today, let me know.”

“No, today’s not the problem.

Feeling something burrowing into the dress, Ezet strained herself by breathing in.


“I told you that you don’t need to use honorifics.”

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The warm tongue swept through her deer-like long neck.

The white skin had a soft scent that was different from perfume.
Edmond’s lips lowered as if to savour the smell of flesh, sucking in the delicate skin.


Ezet’s face was flushed with shame.
Her vision lit with a very small, red, white, and ambiguous light when she closed her eyes.

The hem of the long dress was severely wrinkled and rolled up to the point where you could see the garter belt.
Edmond’s chest was gently pressed and rubbing up and down.

“Ugh, haah, Edmond…”

“Yes, that’s how you call my name.”

The man’s tongue went down, licking the bare skin.

Edmond took off the crumpled dress from her waist with a deft touch.

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Ezet was embarrassed when the dress, which was so cumbersome to wear that she had to call the waiting-maid, came off at once.

But when she found a button that fell around the man’s hand holding the dress and a torn thread attached to it, Ezet could see that he had torn the dress by force, not by the standard.

“D, the dress, that, the expensive…”

“I’ll buy you a better one.”

It was possible to hire not only the latest trends but also legendary dress designers and seamstresses who led the social trend in the past.

Ezet, who had never properly bought a trendy dress to pay for her grandmother’s care at Viscount Herit’s, was devastated to see the torn clothing.

And Edmond didn’t miss out on her weakened resistance.

“Oh, oh my!”

When the man’s hand grabbed the revealed breast, Ezet was surprised and jumped.

Edmond pushed his leg between her thighs and rubbed them.
When the man’s hard thighs were rubbed over her underwear, the strength was lost in the Ezet hands pushing him and went down with a shallow moan.

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If this were a knights duel, attacking the opponent while he was weak would have been considered a cowardly act.

But the woman in front of him was his wife, not a knight, and this place was on a bed, not a duel.

In the wild grasslands, predators put their heart and soul into hunting a vulnerable rabbit.
If you don’t run like lightning and bite their neck when they are weak, hunting will fail, and predators will starve.

Edmond did not hesitate to become the beast in front of his wife, who showed her white chest and looked at him with a frightened face.

“This is also in the way.”

A light cream string hung on the tip of the long finger.
It was a camisole that Ezet wore inside.

The finest camisole, soft like whipped cream, had white lace at the end, and one shoulder strap made of twisted fine silk threads had been out of her arm for a long time.
The other side was loosely stretched at the end of Edmonds’ fingers.

Like the wings of a dragonfly, the thin, translucent camisole was simply torn apart by Edmond’s one pull.

“Un, underwear…”

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“I’ll buy you better underwear, too.”

Edmond turned the camisole, which was torn in half, into a mop, and dropped it under the bed.
The soft camisole couldn’t even make the sound of falling.

Now nothing was hanging over the upper body of the Ezet.
When she held her cute hand, which kept trying to cover her chest, and suppressed it, her mouth popped out.

“What a jerk! What a pervert!”

“I don’t think it’s a very appropriate term for your husband.”

“How could you do this?”

“This is what most couples in the world do.”

Edmond smiled with a face that seemed insignificant.

The man’s default was expressionless.
He only laughs when he approaches to get what he wants.
Edmond’s smiling face was not happy, although he believed that smile contained happiness.

Even with a bewildering, beautiful smile, what she can feel under the beautiful mask is the hungry beast’s desire to pursue himself.

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