an who only looked at his wife even though everyone was watching at the ball.

The nobles were troubled, but at the same time, admired his gallantry.

“Did you cry for loneliness because I wasn’t around?”

Edmond’s face, seriously asking a ridiculous question, looked genuinely concerned about her.
He was so smug that Ezet thought she’d say something but then decided to just lean on his body temperature.

Ezet was a little tired of dealing with Countess Devon, Marchioness of Bath, and Daniel.
She wanted to be comforted by Edmond.

“Maybe so… I don’t know.”

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It was a small voice, but it was quiet inside the banquet hall; it was enough to be heard by those around the two couples.

“Oh, my God, it’s lovely.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Jaxen get along well.”

“They say it’s a honeymoon.
For as many as three years.”

There was a slight laugh in the last word, but there was no sarcastic meaning.

“I shouldn’t have forced my weak wife to come, but I made a mistake.
Then you’ll have to excuse us.”

“Oh, my God, Duke of Jaxen.
That day was gone too.
Why don’t you stay here a little longer and talk?”

“Sorry, but Milady…”

“Edmond, it’s Countess Ritten.”

As Edmond coldly tried to turn a blind eye to the approaching Countess Ritten, Ezet took a slight grip on the hem of his dress and dissuaded him.

“The Countess Ritten was kind to me.
She even gave me a present to invite me to the Ritten family’s opera house, so don’t be so harsh.”

“Oh, did she?”

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Edmond’s red eyes slanted thin.
Edmond, with a full-face social smile, grinned, wrapped around Ezet.

“A conversation with the noble Count Litton is always welcome.
However, it is not such a banquet hall, so I hope to see you next time.”

“Oh, my God, really?”

There was a stir around.
Countess Ritten opened her mouth wide, unaware that she had dropped the fan in surprise.

He hopes we can meet again next time.
That means setting up a private encounter with Count Ritten.
So far, all the dealings with the Duke of Jaxen have been made through agents.
Now, he is trying to show his face in public and say a word, but the Duke of Jaxen made an unconventional proposal first.

That’s what Countess Ritten said when she was kind.

‘I must approach the Duchess to make a deal with the Duke of Jaxen!’

The eyes of the nobles in the position turned to Ezet.
Ezet greeted Countess Ritten, letting their gaze pass naturally.

“I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you much longer, Countess Ritten.
Would you excuse me first?”

“Oh, my God.
Of course, Duchess Jaxen is not feeling well, but we’ve been holding her for too long.”

Ezet’s body was not weak at all, but she didn’t deny it.

The Duke of Jaxen, who had never faced any aristocrat, offered to meet her in private first.
Countess Ritten’s mouth caught in her ears, and the nobles watching were stunned.

Looking at the back of the couple’s leisurely exit from the ballroom filled with excitement and surprise, Daniel had to feel confused for some reason.

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