Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (8)

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“Come to think of it, you are truly unique, as you were back then.”

“What? What?”

“The way you talk.”

The Marquis of Bath looked at the entrance.
The maid who spilled wine on the Ezet’s dress went out to get her hand treated.

“You can’t treat a maid with respect, can you, a true aristocrat.”

A real aristocrat.

Ezet was born an aristocrat because she was born into Viscount Harriet, but she had no name, no power, no wealth.
A noble family that can’t even run a territory.
She had never received an invitation to a banquet at the Imperial Palace.

‘In the eyes of prominent families such as the Count of Devon and the Marquis of Bath, Harriet was not a ‘real aristocrat.’

In her maidenhood, she was the daughter of a noble family, and after her marriage, she was the wife of a lowly mercenary, her origin, and status.
That was the justification for the Marchioness to disparage the Duchess of Jaxen, the most splendid aristocrat of the Empire, for not being a true aristocrat.

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“Why shouldn’t I treat a maid with respect?”

“Oh, my God.
The Duchess of Jaxen didn’t know.”

It was a regretful tone, but the feelings in the words were far from regretful.
Ezet was treated and laughed at as a person who did not know common sense.

“There is a hierarchy between nobles and commoners.
When a superior person treats a subordinate and a subordinate respects a superior person, it solidifies the hierarchy and shows the dignity of the aristocracy.
Also, the underlings keep us from climbing with different minds.”

She didn’t have much experience going forward to get attention on purpose, but she was also a veteran who had ruled for decades at the head of a social group.
Not as easy as a young rookie as the Duchess of Jaxen.

…It was, of course, the Marchioness of Barth’s own opinion that

“Oh, my God, is that so?”

Ezet tilted her head and asked with an innocent face.
Of course, she didn’t ask because she didn’t know.

“Of course, it is the duty of the nobility to teach and care for his subordinates.
We have no choice but to teach the hierarchy by treating the lowly and uneducated commoners.”

The faces of the maids standing behind her frowned upon her words.
They want to refute it.
But they won’t be able to say a word.

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Unlike the distinguished nobles invited to the crown, women who carry food and fill wine glasses are commoners or hard-earned nobles to save face.

“My daughter is about the same age as the Duchess of Jaxen.
You sound a bit disciplined.
Duchess of Jaxen, don’t be so upset because you sound like a daughter.”

“Oh, my God, no way.
I learned a lot thanks to you.”

Ezet, who had been listening to the Marchioness for a long time, nodded.
She smiled cheerfully and shouted.

“I didn’t realize since I was young and shallow in my learning.
The dignity of the aristocrat was shallow enough to disappear just because she treated her servant with respect.”


“Doesn’t it? The only way to protect the dignity of the noble is to do so.”

The Marchioness of Bath is old enough to be Ezet’s mother.

It is impertinent, however right, to speak to such a middle-aged lady with a straight face.

‘It’s much more effective to scratch the insides with a naïve face as if I don’t know anything.’

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It distorts the meaning by adding two investigations to what the opponent said.
Instead, it was a way to use it because of the significant age difference between the Ezet and the Marquis of Barth.

Because the Marchioness of Barth spoke like a ‘discipline’ to the young and inexperienced Duchess of Jaxen.

‘It was never a blemish for her young and immature to take it for a twist.’

Pretending to be young, naïve, and immature is helpful in this very situation.
Ezet sighed embarrassingly, wrapped around her cheeks like a troubled girl.

“You can only show yourself by treating a servant and being treated with respect by a servant.
The dignity of the nobility is also a complicated concept.”

Isn’t it miserable that one can only find the dignity of a noble by that?

…The Marchioness looked at Ezet with her eyes wide open, apparently speechless by the unexpected counterattack.
Because she forgot to cover her face with a fan, it seemed evident that her lips were twitching.

Ezet didn’t like the way these nobles talked, sagging or cleverly paraphrasing their opponents.
But this time, there was no repulsion or guilt.

Before the Marchioness came to her senses and refuted, Ezet decided to hit the nail on the head.
When the opponent shows a gap, hook them in.
It was a knowledge that Ezet learned while staying with Edmond.

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“Thank you for teaching me, Marchioness Barth.
I will try my best to understand the dignity of the true nobility you are talking about.”

The sight of Ezet bowing lightly was elegant enough to sigh.

‘Amazing, against that Marquis of Bath…’

‘I’d be embarrassed and refute it when I was pointed out, but she’s not nervous at all.’

‘I don’t know if I’ve had a good home education.’

No aristocrat felt sorry for her young and immature and laughed at her, saying that teaching her was ignorant.
However, if she gets angry and refutes the allegations, she will only lose her reputation.

Instead, she naturally accepts the criticism and points out the logic of the opponent.
It was an elegant rebuttal that the aristocracy liked.
Now that Ezet had handled it gracefully, the Marchioness of Barth could no longer be left.

If the other steps down as it is, they will become a defeated dog, or are they teasing her? It will only make her laugh.

“Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Oh, Daniel… Marquis Spencer.”

The tense war of nerves between the two ladies came to an end with the appearance of a young man as beautiful as a flower.
The ladies’ attention was directed away from the dark-faced Countess Devon and Marchioness of Barth to the young, innocent, handsome man

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