Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (7)

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Of course, dresses full of LaPromet’s patented technology are expensive enough to run away from home just by looking at the receipt.
If Ezet’s clothing had been ruined at a party she attended alone, she might have shed tears of regret and resentment for ruining a considerable luxury.


“It’s okay because I have this.”

Ezet smiled as she lifted the amber ring on her left ring finger.

“Duchess of Jaxen, the ring…”

“It’s my first time attending such a big banquet, so I was worried that I might mess up my dress, and he handed it over to me.”

“Oh, the Duke of Jaxen?”

The Duke of Jaxen is away from his seat to talk to the Emperor and Empress.
But who is he? He is someone that changed his wife’s dress with a magic cape at a previous banquet.

It must not be an ordinary ring because it is the ring he handed over.

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“That’s amazing.
I was confident that I could recognize all the jewels, but I have no idea what kind of jewel they are.”

“It’s not jewels; it’s a magical tool.”

“Oh, my God.
A magical tool?”

The ladies who heard the words magical tool swallowed their breath again.
They were not surprised when they listened to the incredible story but looking forward to what kind of magic tool she would use.

No matter how much money you have, a magical tool is not something you can quickly get.
Magical tool donated to the country was used for the public interest by public institutions.
The magic tool dedicated to the Emperor was dormant in the Imperial treasure vault, making it difficult for nobles to access it easily.

But the magic ring is followed by the magic cape.
The aristocrats, who had access to magical tools twice during the short banquet, focused on Ezet’s ring with a look of anticipation at the thought that they could see the marvelous scene once again.

“What kind of magic can you do with that, Duchess of Jaxen?”

“It’s magic that works a happy miracle once a day.”

“Happy Miracle?”

Ezet raised her ringed hand high.
People’s eyes followed her hands up.

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The reaction was oddly amusing, and Ezet smiled slightly.
She was a little nervous because it was the first time she had received so much people’s attention, but on the contrary, it was also fun.

‘Edmond told her that.
It’s good to lie a little boringly familiar and fairytale-like.’

Ezet talked to the ring like a fairy tale princess she had seen when she was young.

“I bought this dress the first time I went shopping with my husband.
It’s a thing of memories for me.”

It’s nothing to call a memory because she bought 26 pairs at a time and just bought them, but Ezet said so on purpose.

“I would be despondent if I could never wear this dress again because of the wine stain on it.
And the person who saw me grieving would be sad.”

“Oh, my God, Duchess of Jaxen…”

The effect of the love story, like the fairy tale of the Duchess of Jaxen, remains.
As Ezet spoke slightly dead, some ladies watching gave her a sorry look, and some ladies consoled her in a small.

“I don’t want to see him sad.
So I’ll turn back time with this ring.”

“What? Turn time?”

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What do you mean, turning back time?

Ezet, who confirmed that the ladies opened their eyes wide with surprise, lowered her ringed hand down and scanned the dress’s skirt.
Then a surprising thing happened.
The amber jewelry shone brightly and began to suck in the wine on Ezet’s dress.

Glittering as if a golden firefly had flown through Ezet’s dress, and soon her dress was returned to the beautiful night sky-light dress, just as it was when she first saw it.

‘Restore magical tools imported by Edmond.
I didn’t expect it to be used like this.’

She was angry because she always became ragged when she got caught in the man’s hand, but she brought magical tools that could restore even if the clothes were torn, not just messy.

There is nothing useless in the world.
She didn’t expect to use rings, only restoration tools in this place.

‘Good thing I asked him to lend me a magical tool I could use before coming to the banquet today.’

It is more romantic to describe a stained dress as a magic tool that makes a miracle of love than as a restoration tool that returns it to its original form.

Ezet, who had previously seen Edmond perform in front of the Emperor and other nobles in the ballroom, mimicked him and performed a surprise performance.

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“Oh, my God, my dress is back to its original form.”

“It’s a dress with memories of you two, so it shouldn’t be ruined.”

“What a happy miracle.”

“I thought a non-romantic creature made the magical tool, but I was wrong.”

The ladies gathered by Ezet again with a big smile.

Countess Devon’s expression was distorted.
Trying to ruin the dress and humiliate her failed.
Not only that, but she didn’t expect her to win everyone’s favor at once using a magical tool.
Countess Devon’s head fell because she couldn’t even get her money back from the unexpected response.

“You’re amazing, Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Oh, my God, Marchioness of Barth.”

The Marchioness of Barth came forward as if to protect Countess Devon, who had lost her fighting spirit.
She was the oldest member of the group of Countess Devon and the oldest lady among the members of the group.

When Ezet lifted her glass lightly at the Marchioness of Barth, she opened her fan instead of toasting and smiled thickly, covering her mouth.

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