Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (6)

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“Sorry, Madam! Where you got hurt… Ouch!”

The maid, who was about to rise in haste, cut her hand on a broken wine glass on the floor and grimaced.
A drop of red blood formed on the palm of her hand with a splash of dark red wine.

“You can’t press the wound like that.
Show me your hands.”

“Oh, no, it’s not.
Madam, it’s my fault….
Oh my!”

Ezet lowered her posture and examined the maid’s condition, lifted her injured palm, and tied her handkerchief loosely to avoid touching her injured hand.

“Well, well, Duchess of Jaxen…”

“If a piece of glass burrows into a wound, it’s a big deal, so get it treated right away.
And other maids, please clean up the place.”

“Yes, madam.”

When Ezet beckoned, the other maids approached and began wiping the broken glass and spilled wine off the floor.
Ezet called in a servant and ordered the hand-injured maid to be sent to the infirmary.

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“Oh, my God, it fell right in front of the Duchess of Jaxen, and she was so calm…”

“That’s not like a young lady.
If I were her, I’d make a fuss and step back.”

The great nobleman families’ servants also have a rigorous education.
If you make even a small mistake, the warning drops immediately, and if you make two mistakes, you will be fired.

So they who are accustomed to sitting gracefully and being served by servants will not understand.
They’d never expect a maid to fall in front of them and break a wine glass.

But Harriet was not good enough to educate servants.
There were not enough people to fire them for making mistakes and hiring new people.

Human employees sometimes forgot or made mistakes, and Grandma and Jet helped each other out every time.

It would be very embarrassing for a noble lady of a prominent family to be invited to this Imperial palace Fortress, but it was not a surprise to Ezet.

The fallen maid’s hands were treated, picked up a broken wine glass, and had other servants clean the floor.

After tidying things up, Ezet glanced at Countess Devon.

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‘What, are you gonna tell me I stepped on it?’

The Countess of Devon cleared her throat, intending to pull out if she was to point her foot at the maid.

The maid went to the infirmary to get her hands treated, and if not, the maid wouldn’t dare.

“The Countess of Devon tripped her over me, and she fell.”

It was impossible to say that.

Rather, it was good that she could use it to counterattack the Duchess of Jaxen, and Countess Devon thought of an excuse to push her inwardly.

But Ezet grinned as if she didn’t care about the accident just now, let alone pointing the finger at Countess Devon.

“We must have been too crowded.
If you clink the glass all at once, you might drop it and break it or spill wine, so why don’t you raise the glass instead?”

Even though there was an accident in which a maid suddenly fell over and broke a wine glass, the ladies who saw Ezet respond calmly responded with a hoot.

“Okay, let’s do that.”

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“I think it’s going to be okay.
If these people clink each other’s glasses, they might spill them again.”

“Oh, but Duchess of Jaxen.
Are you going to be okay with this?”

“Countess of Devon?”

Countess Devon, who came in between the ladies preparing for a toast standing side by side, looked sorry.

“The Duchess of Jaxen must have been very embarrassed to pretend otherwise.
Seeing as you’ve never noticed this at all.”


“Look at the skirt.
That dress is hand-washing, but it’s left with wine marks…”

She sighed, eyeing Ezet’s dress stained with dark red.
The ladies standing next to her also glanced at Ezet’s dress and said, ‘Oh, my!’ in a minor panic.

The elegant tailored dress worn to emphasize the $4.9 billion diamond necklace was Madame LaPromet’s new product at the price of a castle going back and forth.

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Of course, the Duke of Jaxen’s wealth would not be hurt by a dress even if it was broken, but Countess Devon looked envious and was at a loss.

“What do we do about this, Duchess of Jaxen? It must have been the first time in a long time since you’ve worn this dress, but now that it’s stained like this, you can’t wear it anymore.”

Harriet, a relative of the Duchess of Jaxen, was a financially challenged family that could not even run the estate.
No matter how much a member of Jaxen Duke, the pet peeve characteristic wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

The Duchess of Jaxen said that she could not wear an expensive dress and could not help but criticize the poor person who grew up in poverty.

On the contrary, if she tried to gloss over the situation, saying that it was okay to have a stain on it, it would humiliate her by pointing out that there are no cases where she would not be ashamed even after wearing a stained dress to the party.

But Ezet took a look at the hem of her skirt and naturally put the wine glass on the table.

“It’s okay.
It’s not a big deal.”

“Oh, my God, Duchess of Jaxen.
No matter how embarrassed you are, I don’t care that you’re wearing a stained dress here…”

He intended to encourage and encourage Jet, saying he was constantly embarrassed and gain the upper hand.

But Ezet wasn’t at all embarrassed.

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