Accompaniment of a Suspicious Couple (5)

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One must not show their hand until they know the opponent’s hand.
It was difficult for Ezet, who had no relationship in politics or business, to catch the opponent’s desire like Edmond, take out his soul with his flamboyant speech and shake it to the bone.
Ezet’s choice, who cannot deal with people as skillfully as him, was to lower herself until the opponent showed their true feelings.

She was pretending not to know, weak, young.

Indeed, the Duchess of Jaxen was only 21 years old on paper, so pretending to be young and innocent did not cause any doubt.
And this face-to-face was very useful in leading the conversation.

“Duchess of Jaxen, would you like to participate in the bidding for our Ritten meeting next month? We’re going to try a new trade starting this winter…”

“Thanks for the invitation, Countess Ritten.
But he doesn’t like me going outside.”

Ezet spat out words of rejection with a disappointing face, smoothed her lips with her fingertips, and rolled her round eyes.

“The Countess of Ritten has been so kind to me that I may be allowed to say I’m coming to reciprocate, but…”

She refused and gave room.
If she refuses at first, even the person who was about to step down will leave the door open a little, and if she waits, they’ll give it another try.

“He’s so suspicious that I don’t know if he’ll believe me.”

“Even though the Duke of Jaxen loves his wife so much?”

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“Well, Countess Ritten’s business has never had any official contact with our family before, has it? I don’t know how to say we got close.”

The image of Ezet sighing softly with her hand on her left cheek is simply a girl in agony, so Countess Ritten immediately threw caution at the thought of ‘a little more, and she’ll come over.’

“Whoa, Duchess of Jaxen.
What are you worried about? It’s a token of friendship.”

With that said, Countess Ritten pulled out a large sapphire brooch from her chest.
When she sang the jewelry part twice, the lid opened, and a small insignia that seemed to be made of platinum came out.

“Take it, Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Oh, what is this?”

“This is the exclusive invitation to the Opera House, the pride of our Ritten family.”

“Oh, my God, a solo invitation?”

A solo invitation ticket means that a solo performance is held only for customers who have received the invitation.

The usual preferential ticket is a gift of a box seat, so if you can only watch the performance without being disturbed by others, the only invitation ticket is to hold a performance for only one guest.

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County Ritten’s Opera House is the best facility in the Empire.
Many high-profile actors refused to perform at all if the level of visitors was low that they would serve only for the Jaxen couple.

It was a great privilege and a great honor that even the current Emperor had never experienced.

“Oh, my God, a solo invitation to the Ritten Opera House!”

“It’s the first time I’ve actually seen an invitation.
That’s what it looks like.”

“Whoa, I haven’t had an event in 30 years.
It’s the first time since the reign of Emperor Shen.”

“That’s great…….”

When Countess Ritten offered a super-strong offer, the surroundings were agitated.
Following the Emperor and Empress, the south’s leader, Countess Ritten, was added to the Duke of Jaxen.

The nobles, who had been struggling not to talk to Ezet, began to gather one by one.
Before she knew it, Ezet was crowded with ladies, who had to come out to the main hall so that other guests wouldn’t be disturbed from using the table.

“Oh, what do we do, Countess Devon?”

The five ladies watching the scene caught fire.

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“I heard that the Marchioness of Spencer was acquainted with the Duchess of Jaxen.”

“At this rate, it may be this way to be a loner in society.”

“Shouldn’t we go and apologize to the Duchess of Jaxen?”

When the tide turned, Countess Devon frowned at the visibly embarrassed ladies.

“Don’t be so flustered.
What kind of apology can we do?”

“But Countess Devon, at this rate…”

“The Duchess of Jaxen has just come out to the society.
It’s the rule of ball that attracts the attention of a rookie, and there’s no reason to be so fussy.”

The middle-aged Baroness, as well as Countess Devon, was a mid-30 veteran.
Several times, they’ve seen that the attention-grabbing rookie was arrogant and humiliated and ran away in front of them.

‘A woman of a lowly mercenary and no reputation from her own family.
Isn’t she just over twenty now?’

Considering the fact that fox fur was extorted in front of the Emperor, her teeth are still grinding.
The Countess of Devon calmly peered at the opportunity.
The Duchess of Jaxen will not be a difficult opponent in any way.

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“Everyone, greetings are important, but this banquet is a celebration of the Crown Prince.
Why don’t we make a toast?”

“Oh, my God, you’re right.
We’re so busy that we forgot the toast.”

“You can’t do that.
Here, have a glass.”

At the words of Countess Devon, the ladies gathered around Ezet and managed to get their act together.
When the oldest Marchioness beckoned among the ladies gathered, the maids standing by the wall approached to hand over a toast.

Countess Devon, who had been watching the maids’ movements all the time, slipped on her feet as the maids handed her wine glasses passed by in front of the jet.


The maid caught in Countess Devon’s feet fell with a wine glass tray, smashed the glass with a roar, and splashed red wine, defiling Ezet’s dress.

“Oh, my God!”

“Oh, my God, Duchess of Jaxen!”

The ladies around me called her in surprise.
The maid, who fell at the foot of the Ezet, casually held onto the end of her dress and was startled to realize what she had done

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